September 19th, 2015
2015 Winners

Lost Lands ArenaLOCATION: Lost Lands Arena

The Colonial Challenge - An annual friendly between the best colonial warriors of Delucia and Papau has now turned into a tournament that sees some of the best fighters from Britannia travel to the Lost Lands for a shot at glory.

Only the toughest survive in the colonies of the Lost Land. All others get tossed the frak out. Do you have what it takes to survive and win? The last person standing will get the Frontier Axe*, a trophy in honor of the inital settlers.

First Place: Frontier Axe and 20 million gold
Second Place: Verite trophy and 10 million gold
Third Place: Agapite trophy and 5 million gold

Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the last bout.

* This is a player crafted weapon.

NOTE: Tournament may be cancelled or rescheduled if there are less than six registrants.

Registerd Contenders

Blazing InfernO [GOD?]Leif [YM]NightStriker [ENVY]
Tonto Rodriguez [AMF]John [CMC]Narcissistic Kin [AMF]

Tournament Rules
Contestants MUST register via this page 30 minutes prior to the tournament. Unregistered combatants who show up at the tournament WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE!
Contenders MUST report to the arena FIFTEEN MINUTES before the tournament is set to begin or face disqualification.
The tournament will follow a double elimination bracketing system. IF there are more than twelve registrants, the tournament will follow a single elimination bracket.
Official bouts of the tournament will be ten minute one verses one, no mounts/flying, no pets or summons, no field spells. If a bout ends in a draw, those contenders will immediatly fight an untimered rematch. Should a second draw somehow occur, combatants will be asked to choose a random number between 1 and 100 to determine the winner (Winning number will be determed by a Lucky Dealer rolling a 1d100, closest combatant wins)
The use of the invisibility spell or invisibility-causing items is limited to brief periods of time. Should a contender spend the majority of a bout hidden from view, they will be disqualified.
The Herald will announce the combatants prior to each fight. Only fights announced by the Herald will count. (Herald: Gov. Dot Warner)


2014 Winners

The First and Second place combatants will receive an automatic invite to the King's Cup Tournament in September where they have the chance to win a 100 million gold winner-take-all purse.King's Cup Tournament

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