Sun - Jul 21
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Spider Squishing
Sun - Jul 21
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Frog Pool
Sun - Jul 21
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Turtle Spawn
Tue - Jul 23
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Royal Britannian Guard Mission
Thu - Jul 25
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Majestic Oaks Auction
Sat - Jul 27
8:00 PM
Moonglow Archery Tournament
Sun - Jul 28
6:00 PM
Spider Squishing
Sun - Jul 28
7:00 PM
Frog Pool
Sun - Jul 28
8:00 PM
Turtle Spawn
Mon - Jul 29
8:00 PM
High Council Meeting
Tue - Jul 30
8:00 PM
Royal Spy Mission
Thu - Aug 01
Thu - Aug 01
8:00 PM
Majestic Oaks Auction
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News for Sunday, July 21st, 2019, 10:21 AM CDT
Early September, BY 562

Happy Summer! A Special Gift For You! -- July 9, 5:20 PM
Trust Thy Brother -- July 1, 5:11 PM
Worthiness Precedes Reward -- June 20, 7:04 PM
Strive for Unity -- June 3, 7:39 PM
Britain Town Social -- May 27, 10:24 PM

Happy Summer! A Special Gift For You!
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on July 9, 2019 at 5:20 PM CDT
UO Community News

Originally posted July 9, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

Have you ever wanted to sit and relax by the gentle crackle of a bonfire? Now you can!

Whether you are looking to roast some fish steaks or want to cook some ribs by the fire this bonfire is sure to please!

Visit the Britain Commons to claim yours today!

The dispensers are being built manually and we appreciate your patience as we place the dispenser on each shard.

See you in Britannia,
UO Team

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Trust Thy Brother
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on July 1, 2019 at 5:11 PM CDT

Originally posted July 1, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

We invite you to sit back and enjoy Trust Thy Brother,

By EM Malachi

The lamb looked at the shepherdess and gave a confused bleat. With the new smells, the small animal had grown shy. Katrina gently guided the lamb into the pen. Feridwyn, the animals owner, had sold the rest of his flock, but he had wanted her to have this one. Why Britain? Why cant you do their work here? she asked.

Feridwyn emptied the oats from his pockets and tossed them into the pen. Its where Im needed. The poor of Britain and Paws are crowded together in that awful city, and the Fellowship goes where their help is needed.

There are poor people here too.

True, but the shepherds take care of our own. When those vultures came for the gold I owed last year, you paid them and prevented them from throwing me out of my home. That is what the Fellowship is trying to do on a larger scale.

Other groups perform charity. That isnt new.

But they havent done enough! For too long, the powers in the gilded houses and castles have made promises, but those at the bottom have only gotten poorer.

You are giving up everything, your whole life here.

I already lost it. Lily and the twins. Ever since I lost them to the pox, there have been many times I didnt think I could go on. When I met the Fellowship envoy, I was in the darkest place I had ever been. She talked me back from the edge.

I didnt know things had gotten so bad. I would have helped.

I didnt want help. I wanted a reason to go on. I needed a purpose again, beyond living another day. I believe in the Fellowships work. For the first time in so long, I feel hope.


With the Pirate Guild wanting him dead, it cost Mole all his gold to bribe a sailor to let him stowaway in the ships hold. It was a week of worry and claustrophobia, followed by a month of sickness, alone in the dark. He arrived in Britain nearly dead.

Those unloading the ship found him when they moved the stacked crates that had been his cell. The sailors drew lots to see who would move him to a convenient alley. The docker with the short straw was surprised Mole was still alive. He helped the wretched stowaway get to the Fellowship House.

For a week, members of the Fellowship brought potions to his bedside and helped him eat. Mole soon regained enough strength to sit by the window and listen to Batlin speak to the people of Britain.

At the end of the week, they came to him with a job. They brought him to a warehouse where people from Paws and refugees from the pirate conflict were working for the Fellowship. A stern woman named Brita showed him how to wrap powder charges for a ships cannons. Mole didnt let on that he had done it before.

Settling down to work, Mole looked at the child next to him who was counting out grapeshot pellets, and muttered, Better than starving.

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Worthiness Precedes Reward
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on June 20, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT

Originally posted June 20, 2019 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

As we close out the chapter on Rising Tide, a new chapter begins with Forgotten Treasures. We invite you to sit back and enjoy, Worthiness Precedes Reward.

By EM Malachi

The tavern smelled of fish guts and dry rot. The barkeep refilled the tumbler of the irate pirate lord, his sole patron. Hook was drunk and swearing when the man and woman entered. Both were finely dressed and had the shared features of siblings; the woman stood a few inches taller than her kin. Seeing them, Hook dropped a handful of doubloons on the counter and motioned for the bartender to scram.

Hook grabbed a bottle and filled two mugs, but the siblings declined. Hook shrugged and drank from one of the mugs. When Hook didnt say anything, the man asked, Why have you requested this meeting?

I need gold, lots of it. The Royal Navy is building ships faster than I can sink them.

The man sat in a chair against the back wall. So Britannia has the will to win the war you started?

His sister sat on a stool on the other side of the pirate. We have already given so much. What of the other allies we introduced you to?

Hook replied, I havent seen the gargoyle since the last job I sent him on, and our mutual friend Rankin is dead.

The mans face darkened, and he closed his eyes for a moment. How did it happen?

Hook shrugged. His dark rituals versus an angry contingent of the Royal Guard, I think. I dont know. I wasnt there.

The woman looked over to her brother. Im sorry. I know he was a dear friend. Do you need a moment outside?

The man gave a sad smile. Ill be fine. At least Rankin died as he lived. If we could all be that lucky.

Hook slammed down his mug in annoyance. Can we get back to my problem? My fleets have suffered heavy losses. Some of my captains are in full revolt. Others just left in the night. Without resources, more will leave my side. Even the bloody orcs are grumbling.

The man shook his head. This is disappointing. You even admit you are not worthy of the trust we placed in you.

Hook looked startled. I thought we were here to discuss how you could help our mutual cause?

The woman laughed. Our causes were never the same. This was a test. We expected so much more, for you to earn your place in our leadership.

The man pulled out a small crossbow and aimed it at Hook. You must have known the price of failure, but you got greedy and expanded your war too far. Now your recklessness will be your end. We will do this without you.

Hook slowly raised his hands, one still holding a liquor bottle. We can discuss this.

There is nothing to discuss.

I guess there isnt. The pirate brought the bottle down hard on a lantern on the counter. There was a flash as the liquor ignited.

Dazzled by the sudden flames, the woman hurled her blades at Hooks head, missing his eye, but slashing across his ear. Hook jumped over the bar as a bolt smashed into bottles behind it.

The woman drew more knives and walked behind the burning bar. Hes gone.

The man reloaded his crossbow and looked as well. There was an open hatch leading down to darkness. Shall we follow?

Motioning at the growing blaze, she shook her head. No, these old crimp tunnels are a maze that run to every wharf and pier. I have no desire to be trapped underground for days. We will get someone else to kill him. Trust your sister.

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