Sun - Oct 22
6:00 PM
Spider Squishing
Sun - Oct 22
7:00 PM
Frog Pool
Sun - Oct 22
7:00 PM
Haunted House Spooktacular
Sun - Oct 22
8:00 PM
Turtle Spawn
Mon - Oct 23
8:00 PM
Alliance Auction
Tue - Oct 24
8:00 PM
Royal Britannian Guard Mission
Wed - Oct 25
8:00 PM
9th Samhain Festival
Thu - Oct 26
8:00 PM
Majestic Oaks Auction
Sun - Oct 29
6:00 PM
Spider Squishing
Sun - Oct 29
7:00 PM
Frog Pool
Sun - Oct 29
8:00 PM
Turtle Spawn
Mon - Oct 30
8:00 PM
High Council Meeting
Tue - Oct 31
Tue - Oct 31
8:00 PM
Royal Spy Mission
Thu - Nov 02
8:00 PM
Majestic Oaks Auction
(See the Calendar for more info)
(All times listed are Central)
News for Saturday, October 21st, 2017, 2:11 PM CDT
Early September, BY 541

9th Annual Samhain Festival -- October 16, 6:27 PM
Haunted House Spooktacular -- October 1, 2:42 PM
The Lost Vale -- September 28, 1:54 PM
Victory At Last! Britannians Rejoice as Titans Defeated! -- September 28, 1:50 PM
A Huge Thank You -- September 26, 6:01 PM

9th Annual Samhain Festival
Great Lakes, Trammel
Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on October 16, 2017 at 6:27 PM CDT

From the desk of Willa of the Yew-wood, Governor of Yew:
9th Annual Samhain Festival, 10-25 @ 8pmC

Haunted House Spooktacular
Great Lakes,
Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on October 1, 2017 at 2:42 PM CDT

From the office of Farrah, Governor of Skara Brae:
GL Haunted House Spooktacular

The Lost Vale
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 28, 2017 at 1:54 PM CDT

Originally posted September 28, 2017 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

By EM Malachi

As they waited for the parade to start, an old man and a mouse shared a plate of cookies. Mythran carefully bit into the sweets and considered the crowd around him. The sun warmed his face, and he felt more happiness than he had in years. He began laughing.

The small mouse looked up, startled, her whiskers covered with crumbs. Are you all right?

Mythran smiled at her. Just remembering a story my mother told me long ago.

Sherry nibbled on a chocolate chip. Would you tell it to me?

Mythran sat back in his chair. When I was young and just starting to be interested in magic, I asked my mother what spell was the most powerful. Was it a spell that made a great inferno, or summoned storms, or turned everything to gold? She told me this story:

Long ago high in their cloud city, the god of grief and the goddess of fear were arguing, while a third deity watched in amusement. The two bickering gods each believed their powers greater, and it was proposed they would each empower an army to prove their might. The third, the goddess Felicitar, asked if she could join the game. Seeing no threat, the other two agreed. Each set out to build their forces, and the contest would take place in a year and a day.

Doloras, the Weeping Torax, collected twisted and horrible beasts; he trained them by lash and grief for the year. Timyra, the Lady of Screams, recruited the cruelest mages and taught them to summon nightmares. Laughing Felicitar found a simple village situated between the other two forces and gave them a good harvest. She danced with the people during their festivals and sang their songs.

When the final day came, all the other deities came to watch the contest. Doloras and Timyra sent their armies to converge on the village. As the other two armies approached, Felicitar spoke to her people, and the villagers scattered and fled.

Doloras and Timyra laughed and ignored the flight of Felicitars folk, focusing their attention on the others army. It was a terrible battle, filled with blood and cacophony. When each side had nearly destroyed the other, the people of Felicitars village returned to the ruins of their home and drove off the broken remains of each army. They then set to rebuilding.

The other deities were confused by these events and asked the laughing goddess what she had told her people. Felicitar explained that she had told them not to lose hope as they would see their friends and families again.

As Mythran finished, Sherry rested a paw on her friends hand. I think I would have liked your mother. Thank you.

Mythran nodded, You are most welcome. I believe my mother would have liked you too. She was right. Hope is a most powerful thing to fight for. I have you and all of Britannia to thank for giving it back to me.

As the parade began, Sherry asked Mythran, What will you do now?

Mythran considered for a moment before responding, Many of my people were scattered and lost when our world fell. I heard rumors that some found a hiding place, safe from the Titans. If they are still out there, I will find them and bring them home. Then, I hope, we too can rebuild.


Across the Ethereal Void, in a place of great power, a being wrapped in shadow sensed the defeat of its pawns and turned its attention toward Britannia.

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Victory At Last! Britannians Rejoice as Titans Defeated!
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 28, 2017 at 1:50 PM CDT
UO Community News

Originally posted September 28, 2017 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

After many great battles The Shattered Obelisk draws to a close as Britannians celebrate their hard fought victory with a parade in Britain! As we celebrate we are also pleased to release the conclusion of the official fiction, The Lost Vale.

Please note: Parade preparations are currently underway and will be completed as His Majestys artisans move parade floats and steeds into position. Citizens are encouraged to walk the parade route and visit King Blackthorn.

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A Huge Thank You
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 26, 2017 at 6:01 PM CDT
UO Community News

Originally posted September 26, 2017 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:


On behalf of the entire UO Team, we want to extend a very special thank you to all of our players, past and present, for your continued support of Ultima Online as we celebrate 20 years of UO!

The Anniversary party was a huge success and it was such a pleasure to meet everyone. We have over 700 photos to sift through and will post those here and on social media so you can check them out!

For all of the winners of the castle raffle, I have emailed everyone with a valid email address. If you have not received an email and you were a winner, please contact me.

We were also very excited to announce the next major stage in Ultima Onlines history with Endless Journey coming Spring of 2018. You can check our preliminary FAQ page about the Endless Journey here. We look forward to sharing more information about the Endless Journey and whats next in Britannia in the coming weeks and months.

We also want give a very special thanks to In10se BBQ for an amazing meal and a very big thank you to the Spawn family for making the amazing mugs and decals. We also want to thank Larpers Lounge for donating the prizes for the costume contest.

As a special treat, one of the attendees at the party brought a drone and took this amazing photo of the BBQ on Saturday. Thanks again for everyone who attended.

See you in Britannia,

Bonnie Mesanna Armstrong

20th Anniversary BBQ Drone Photo

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Battle of the Shattered Obelisk
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 26, 2017 at 5:48 PM CDT

Originally posted September 26, 2017 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

By EM Malachi

Any requests? asked the bard as he tuned the strings on his lute. Even at the bustling war camp in East Side Park, enough were off duty that Iolo had drawn a crowd. A young recruit requested the song Stones, and Iolo frowned slightly but nodded. Testing his lute one final time, he settled into the tune and started singing:

Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
And the heart and the will and the power:
They moved earth; they carved stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire.

Dupre understood his friends reluctance. While a favorite of the former king, it was a somber and sobering piece. He took his mug and moved away from the crowd. A gargoyle dressed in heavy armor walked up to him and stood at attention. Troop Leader Bolesh, reporting for duty!

Dupre waved the gargoyle over to his tent. Inside, he grabbed a second goblet and filled it. The paladin offered it to the other warrior, and surprisingly, Bolesh accepted and raised the drink, To the health of your king!

To the success of your queen! Dupre finished the toast with a smile. They each took a few sips while listening to Iolos song:

Now men asked who they were, how they built and wonder why
That they wrought standing stones of such size.
What was done neath our shade? What was prayed neath our skies
As we stood on the wyrd plains of Wiltshire.

Dupre moved over to a map table with the current deployments around Britannia. Each city has its own fighting force ready for its defense. With the bulk of our forces here in Britain, we can bolster any city we need to. May I ask how many from Ter Mur we can expect to be part of this operation?


Half a company? Dupre asked with a frown.

No, half of Ter Murs forces. The rest are needed to maintain our borders.

Dupre whistled. That will help tremendously.

Bolesh smiled. My queen is nothing if not bold. She believes it important that this threat be dealt with decisively.

Dupre finished his drink as he let Bolesh study the map and the current state of Britannias war effort. The other warrior asked pointed questions about how best to defend each location and where to best deploy his forces.

Oh what secrets we could tell if youd listen and be still.
Rid the stink and the noise from our skirts.
But you havent got the clue and perhaps you never will.
Mute we stand on the cold plains of Wiltshire.

A messenger ran into the tent and handed a scroll to Dupre. The paladin tore open the seal and quickly read the report. He dismissed the messenger and picked up his sword and helmet. Looks like your people wont get a chance to rest, Bolesh. There has been a major attack on Trinsic, and we are needed there as reinforcements.

As news of the attack started to move through the camp, Iolo finished his song:

Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away
And we say of our folk, they are here!
That they built us and they died and youll not be knowing why
Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire.

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20th Anniversary Costume Contest Winner
Great Lakes,
Submitted by DaKaren on September 24, 2017 at 2:05 PM CDT

Great Lake's own Shandara was the first place winner of the20th Anniversary Costume Contest! Congratulations!
Shandara 20th Anniversary Costume Contest Winner

Pictured: Mesanna, Kyronix & Shandara

September UO Newsletter
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 18, 2017 at 2:42 PM CDT

Update September2017View in browser
The UO Team is happy to announce we will be sending out a newsletter periodically so you can stay up to date on the latest in Britannia!

Please encourage your friends to sign up on ourweb site.

Producer Notes

Greetings everyone,

The team and I are working hard to finish up the second part of Publish 98 which includes Holidaygifts, new Artisan Festival Rewards and new Veteran Rewards as well as several bug fixes. This month, Ultima Online turns twenty years old, which is an incredible milestone! UO could not have ever reached this point without the tireless work of scores of staffand the amazing support and help of the over 1 million people have played UO in its lifetime! Recently, UO was named the 3rd best MMORPG of all time for 2017 by! Again, we could not have attained this distinction without you, so from all of us - a huge thank you to Ultima Online's players past and present! As many of you know, to celebrate this joyous occasion we will be hosting a 20th Anniversary Party and cannot wait to celebrate with the over 200 of you that registered, filling us to capacity in record time! We hope everyone is as excited as we are!

For those attending the party be sure to check the party page often as we will be updating it with the latest information. We are especially excited for Friday evening when we will be hosting a costume contents. The Judges for the contest will be our honored guests Starr "Lord Blackthorn" Long and Richard "Lord British" Garriott. The prizes for this contest were donated by Mr. David Johnson ofLarpers Lounge. They are great people to work with and extremely helpful with your armor needs if you might have any. We can't wait to see what everyone comes dressed as!

For those that are unable to attend the party we will be taking lots of pictures for you guys so you do not feel left out. Speaking of not leaving you guys out, I have the threewinners of the in-game castle rafflethat was on TC1. I will be contacting you via email today so please reply with the shard and character name you will be receiving the castle with.

Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding how the Enhanced Client performs with certain graphical effects that creatures use. In an attempt to provide a solution I stated you could adjust settings to increase performance. It turns out these settings were not functioning as we expected, however we have identified the problem and will be releasing a client patch soon to correct it. Thank you to all those who brought this issue to our attention, and apologize for not addressing this sooner. You can read more about Enhanced Client performance issues below.

You can see September has been a busy month for us! We will not be hosting our normal in-game Meet and Greets this month, and will resume those in October. Keep an eye on for dates, times, and locations for those Meet and Greets.

As a final note from the UO Team, our thoughts and prayersgo out to all that have been affected by Hurricane Irma.
See you in Britannia,

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong

Enhanced Client Performance

Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding how the EC performs with certain particle effects as well as how it performs when opening public monster corpses.

With regard to the particle effects, EMs have been instructed to not use these particle effects or request monsters that use them until we can get a patch out to add additional filtering options for particle effects and fix the issues with the existing filters. Once this patch is deployed you will be able to properly filter out all particle effects in addition to a new option that will allow you to filter out only those particles that are part of an area or location based effect.

When it comes to opening public monster corpses in the enhanced client, the solution becomes a little trickier. The challenge is finding a balance in providing enough loot on the monster to keep the encounter enticing, while not overwhelming the clients with hundreds of items. Recently a video was posted that showed a public monster corpse with over 900 items! This is far too much, and as most players pointed out the majority of the items in these corpses are undesirable. One solution we are investigating is to put a cap on the number of items that end up back in a public corpse from the numerous instanced corpses that are part of large scale encounters. Again, finding a balance between performance and enough items to keep the corpse enticing is key here. In addition to this, we will investigate filtering out certain low-level items to make sure only the higher-end loot is ending up in a public corpse. This will not impact instanced corpses and players would expect to see the full complement of a monster's loot in their instanced corpse. This would only apply once the monster's corpse becomes public. This change will take a little longer to test and implement and we look forward to community discussion and testing of the solution once it is implemented.

We know it is incredibly frustrating to encounter performance issues when trying to play your favorite game and experience the newest encounters and content. The entire team must and will do a better job to keep these performance issues in mind and find a balance between making an encounter visually exciting while still offering peak performance. Thank you to everyone who brought these issues to our attention!

Question & Answer Corner

1. Is there any way to reverse the random resources collection?

This change was made to deter monopolization of high-end resource nodes within the world. While we are open to reverting random resource collection this change requires additional consideration and discussion of all the impacts. We look forward to continued discussion within the community.

2. There are some facings of items that cannot be added to BODs properly, can you fix this?

Yes, we are curating a list of items that need to be fixed. If you have specific items in mind please contact us.

3. Can Axem the Curator give out stacked gems instead of loose ones?

This is something we will investigate and check add for a future publish.

4. Can we have a key ring for the skeleton keys from Treasure maps ?

Yes! Look for this in a future publish.

5. Can you please add Fire Ants and Fire Deamons to the fire slayer list?

Yes, we can add these monster types to the appropriate slayers. If there are creatures you feel should be in a slayer list feel free to contact us.

6. Can you add Gargoyle artifacts in Shadowguard?

This will be fixed in Publish 99.

Customer Service

1. If you have an account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back please contact support here and give them the details and identify the account as yours, depending on the termination we will remove the restriction from your account so you may open it again.

2. All Sovereigns purchased from Origin have to be entered on the Account Management page. You can not enter these in game.

3. Anyone that is trying to reopen an account please make sure you send all the information to so we can have a record of this. In the original request to support if you do not know your secret word please ask for a hint. Give them all the information to identify the account as yours so there will not be a lot of delays.

4. Anyone that does not get their codes from Origin please follow this link to resolve the issue..

5. If you have any in game questions or issues please either page in game or email

6. For any feedback to content put in game please send it to

7. Regarding Origin orders, codes, and third party resellers.

Recently some of the player base may have noticed that an Origin store purchase they have made did not arrive or complete as expected. A confirmation or code email has not been received and you are wondering what may have occurred with your order. The Origin store enacts reviews on all transactions to safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and these reviews may take up to 72 hours. Unfortunately our Billing department is not able to expedite or circumvent this process, however players who have questions or concerns regarding a store purchase can contact Origin support for assistance using the below link:

When prompted for a product, choose Origin. Next choose your platform, and select Orders as the topic. You can further specify your issue in the subsequent fields before speaking with an agent.

We would also like to reiterate that the Origin store is the only guaranteed provider of codes for Ultima Online. The validity of a code purchased from a third-party seller (be it a friend, in-game acquaintance, or recommended site) cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, any codes we find to have be fraudulently obtained will be disabled and an account that applies any of these codes will have that code removed from said account. This can result in the loss of gametime, character slots, expansion access, Sovereigns (and the items purchased with them), in-game items and more. Please be advised that we cannot assist with any issues stemming from codes purchased via non-Origin means; you will be required to contact the vendor from which you purchased the code for further assistance.


To reset your password you must first understand which type of account you are resetting the password for. EA Accounts, Mythic Master Accounts, and Mythic Product Accounts all have separate individual passwords. All of which you can reset at your leisure at our Account Center at Unfortunately, Broadsword Support cannot assist with potential EA Account issues or passwords, please follow the steps below.

To reset your EA Account password:
* Please visit
* At the page enter the email used to log into your EA Account to change its password.
* If you have not received your password or have received an error while trying to reset the password and you have disabled all spam filters, please contact EA Support here,


To update your credit card information, please follow these steps:
  • Login to the Account Center ( with your EA Account email and its password
  • Select the 'Subscriptions' tab
  • Locate the account you would like to update the card for
  • Select the 'Subscribe' button
  • Select the billing cycle you would like to use and continue
  • When you get to the page asking which payment method you would like to use, instead of choosing to add a card, select the 'Manage Accounts' option in the top right corner of the page. This should load a new page that will contain your previous credit card information.
  • Find the card you wish to update and select the 'X' button
  • You can now re-enter your credit card with the updated information by using the 'Add a card' button.


How to create an account or log into my account?

How to manage my accounts after Ive logged into the Account Center with my EA Account credentials?

Additional support links and videos:

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Family Squabbles
Great Lakes,
Submitted by UO_Herald on September 18, 2017 at 2:37 PM CDT

Originally posted September 18, 2017 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

By EM Malachi

Do we have a compact? asked the wind.

The mountain rumbled in disinterest. He had already started playing with the dead things buried on this new world. The remaining two, the fire and the sea, glowered at each other. It was clear that they had some disagreement.

Stratos considered for a moment before asking, What is the problem?

Only the same problem we always have: incompetence. Why dont you ask the Lord of Flame how he failed to capture one human? Hydros scoffed.

The flames on Pyross daemonic face grew hotter. He is lucky to be alive. I meant to kill him.

So you intended to interfere with my plans? You know I like the subtle taste of mage blood. Did the little human scare you?

The great fire elemental exploded in a burst of flame before pulling himself back together. I will not work with her.

Stratos looked to Lithos for help, but the stone face had fallen asleep. She tried to calm both parties, Brother. Sister. The human leader is maimed. We need to make full use of this opportunity and disperse any opposition. We must work together.

Hydros gave a cruel laugh. I can be the ocean and the sea. Why would I need any of you?

Stratos pleaded with her siblings, This world is ours for the taking. I have always admired our power when we work together.

Pyros sneered. You think you can sweet talk me like your little servants? I claw my mark across the faces of worlds, little sister.

Lithos opened an eye. None of us walks unnoticed, brother. Do not forget how I make the ground tremble. The Titan of Earth returned to his nap.

Stratos continued, How about a compromise? Each of us will attack alone, but the strikes will be coordinated against the cities of Britannia. She shaped the air into the globe of Sosaria, marking the location of each major city.

Hydros examined the globe. I will consider helping, but I want something.

What do you need?

I want this island here. What is it called? New Magincia? It is less littered with human vermin than some of the others. I will build my temple there.

Stratos nodded. We can agree to that.

Pyros huffed. If Hydros gets an island, I must as well.

You wish to build a temple? Stratos asked.

No, I simply want my due. It will be something I destroy so she cant have it.

Hydros gave a dismissive wave. Whatever.

Do you have a preference? asked the air elemental.

Pyros turned the illusionary globe, running a claw along the fault lines and tectonic plates. I feel the fire under this one. I will break the Valorian islands with one stroke when I come into my full power.

Stratos looked to Hydros who nodded. Then we are agreed.

Lithos seemed to wake from his nap. When do we discuss which mountain ranges are mine?

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