January 2009

Interview with Lord Casca, Part II

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on January 30, 2009 at 7:09 PM CST
Library of Sosaria

Please see Part I of my interview with Lord Casca published two days ago…

LC: Sometimes it is necessary for a kingdom to push for a little more from its people, for everyone's sake. Do not worry, I hold myself to the same standards. There will be no lavish Magincian or Nujel'm styles in my court.

It was at this point that the gathered citizens spoke up on the topic of taxes, and how raising them would affect their lives.

LC: Taxes are always a difficult topic. I know that for the poorest of our citizens. Each coin is a portion of a loaf of bread, each ingot is a teapot or skillet, each board a bit of roof. I will do my best to make the taxes fair and no more than they need be, but I don't have the details. Hopefully we will be able to find another way to pay for the war. My Minister of Finance is still going over the Royal budget. The Royal Guard will probably have to wait for salaries until after the war.

Red of DC*: How can the average citizen help in the upcoming war?

LC: The upcoming war. That is a good question. Joining the Royal Guard or joining a faction of Virtue is a good way.

Red of DC*: But a lot of us are not warriors, I alone am but a simple crafter with no fighting skills.

LC: Can you repair the weapons of war? Can you cut cloth into bandages? Can you organize and sort potions, arrows, and other provisions of war?

Red of DC*: Aye, I can try my best.

LC: Then there is your place. In the invaded cities, we don't have enough support personnel. We need people able to gate in and setup healing stations and supply depots in a hurry. I'm not an expert on these, but I do understand their value. Would you be willing to lend your help to such a branch of the guard?

Red of DC*: If they would have me, yes!

LC: Until Tomas returns and we have more formal leadership, it will have to be an informal arrangement... But keep your beetle stocked and ready! When you hear of an attack, be ready to recall in and help setup a station.

MZ: Captain Savos is away?

LC: Captain Savos is visiting the islands to recruit.

Aluriel of C*L: With you as king are we just waiting for British to come back or what? No offense of course...

LC: I am King pro-tempore, temporary king. We need clear leadership in this time of strife. With Lord British unavailable, the Royal Council chose me to fill this temporary role.

Aluriel of C*L: Until? Lord British said he wasn't coming back. I heard him.

LC: He has the support of many, and many of us hope he will find a way to return. He was very likely being humble in his abilities. However, should he never return, I still am only King pro-tempore.

Aluriel of C*L: That would be nice if he came back, of course again no offense.

LC: None taken.

Aluriel of C*L: Do you know what your first action will be as King?

LC: The best way to answer that is with Lady Z'muir's next question...

MZ: How do you plan to end the terror the FoA and the Shadowlords have represented for years?

LC: My first action is to end the terror of the enemies of Britannia. The FoA, the Shadowlords, the vile factions, and all our enemies. We must strengthen our military. We must be able to combat the enemies of Virtue. Lord Savos will recruit for the guard. And most of you will serve some task in this new Guard. Whether as warriors and mages on the front lines, or crafters and healers in supporting roles.

Aluriel of C*L: A draft?

LC: Nothing so formal, as of yet. I trust the people of Britannia value their freedom and Virtues enough to stand up and fight. Your guilds will be useful structures in the Guard, as individual units in the war. Each with their own tasks they do well: Crafter guilds mining ingots for the weapons of war, Mage guilds researching and mastering spells of wall and flame. Warrior guilds standing together against orcs in Trinsic and dragons in Britain. I suspect our enemies have resources we have not yet seen. They may pillage and rob our cities, but we may be forced to take their weapons and resources. Hopefully these potential spoils of war will encourage the more mercenary elements of our people.

MZ: Do you plan to work with the civilian High Council to help bring order to the realm?

LC: The civilian High Council group has provided a useful service over the years. While my resources are limited due to the war, I do encourage their efforts. I hope that despite missing members and resources, they continue to fill this role. I look forward to discussing more details with them in person, and I will arrange a time shortly.

Red of DC*: How will we be able to tell friend from foe?

LC: Honesty. Honest people tend to know the truth more than dishonest. We must be honest with one another.

Aridas: Ok, easier question do we have friends?

LC: Yes, we do! How much help they will provide is a difficult question, however. The elves and Meer have always been good friends to us. Fae creatures such as pixies love Virtue. Tokuno has an open boarder with us... Nujel'm has always been our friend, as has Occlo's matriarch... Am I forgetting anyone? We are not alone, but we are most likely the most powerful force for good at this time. Another question?

MZ: Sherry the Mouse has appeared recently suggesting caution in embracing your reign and to give you time to settle in your new role. What do you think of her words?

LC: Sherry the Mouse is the most loyal non-human being I've ever met. She was a friend to Lord British. She has been a friend to our people for years. Her words are reasonable. I question my own competence to lead sometimes. However this isn't the time for doubt. This is a time for clear leadership and direction. Sherry is loyal, and I hope in time she understands that we need to focus on the Shadowlords.

MZ: Speaking of Sherry, many citizens are concerned for her safety since the appearance of Lord Grey's mousetraps. There are several within Castle British, mainly around her well-known mouseholes. Citizens are puzzled by these trap placements if they are designed to trap rodents which threaten crops to the west of the city - on the other side of the moat surrounding the castle. Many people find the danger to Sherry unacceptable, and suspect something amiss. Not being one to perpetuate conspiracy theories, but I would like to know your thoughts on this..

LC: Since this was the first I heard of the traps, you must bear with me. One of my servants mentioned there is a mouse problem in Britain. He saw a few during his walks to get fresh fruit for the castle pantry, and he asked me if he could talk to the Minister of Agriculture about it. I gave him permission. I guess Lord Magnus took initiative and placed the traps. If there is some fear that innocent pets and loyal allies will be hurt, I will have the traps removed. Shall I ask Lord Magnus to remove the traps?

A resounding chorus of "AYE!" sealed the mousetrap's fate.

LC: Very well. He returns shortly, I will write him a note... He isn't always the most competent of ministers, so you may need to help him find all the traps for removal. Can I trust you with a note for Lord Magnus?

MZ: Of course, my Lord...

Casca then stood and made a brief stump-speech before the assembled citizens.

LC: Expect the war to continue, and know we will probably try to force a confrontation with the leaders of the Shadowlord army. I can't tell you exact details yet since it depends on military intelligence and various reports. All I can say is be ready.

Aridas: You mean to pick a fight?

LC: Yes! We're going to pick a fight with the Shadowlords before this is done. I think we can win if the Virtues guide us.

MZ: Thank you for your time and candor, Lord Casca!

Lord Casca left us to return to Castle Blackthorn to prepare for meetings later on in the day. On a tip, I went to Yew looking for Lord Magnus Grey, the new Minister of Agriculture, to deliver the King's mousetrap order. Fortunately, my search was brief, as I found him looking somewhat befuddled outside the winery just south of Empath Abbey. Once informed about Lord Casca's order, he was gated to Britain where he began the tedious process of dismantling each trap.

Thankful that Sherry had thus-far avoided a grisly fate, I traveled about the capitol with Lady Silverbrook and Red of DC*as we witnessed each trap's demise. Lord Grey commented on the fact that so far the traps had been completely useless - not a single rodent had been captured or slain. Eventually, Lord Grey had to part company with us as several traps remained in places closed to the general public. However, he said he would meet us at the Salty Dog tavern for a drink when he was finished.

Upon his arrival, Lord Grey said that he wished to get something out in the open before rumors and innuendo about his past began to surface. Apparently, Magnus Grey was once incarcerated for 'forgery and questionable paper pushing'. He says that he served his sentence fully, but that he could not go into the details. I questioned him as to whether this should have disqualified him from holding a Ministerial position, and his response was a simple "Not exactly."

Red of DC* asked Lord Grey about the red kryss he wields, and about its curious inscription of 'Back Alley Deals'. Lord Grey stated that he found the weapon in the closet he uses as an office on his first day of duty. Regrettably, the Minister of Agriculture soon had to depart so he could complete various reports for the King.

Two weeks ago we were a land in turmoil - only the High Council stood as a governmental entity. Only your martial skills and spells kept the Shadow Army at bay, and our cities defended. Now, we have a new Royal Council, new Ministers...and a new King. Love him, or hate him, Lord Casca leads Britannia.

Will you follow?

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Interview with Lord Casca, Part I

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on January 28, 2009 at 10:22 PM CST
Library of Sosaria

Early this year it was announced that Casca of Heartwood had been chosen to lead Britannia during this dark time as the 'King pro-tempore' as the first official act of a newly selected Royal Council. Many citizens were shocked by the news of his ascension, reactions ranged from bemused to fanatical feelings for or against.

Casca first entered the public eye as the lead prosecuting attorney for the Kingdom of Britannia during the trial of Ricardo the King of Thieves. After winning the case, Casca's career greatly advanced when he was named to the position of Royal Ambassador shortly after the disastrous raid on the Blood dungeon in Ilshenar. When the Royal Council was cowardly massacred by agents of the Followers of Armageddon, Casca found himself their prisoner - secreted away under the Ethereal Fortress. He was swiftly found by many brave adventurers, and eventually rescued by the Royal Guard.

After his recent public address in front of the gates to Castle Blackthorn, many questions still remained on the minds of those in attendance. Fortunately, I happened to be at the Counselor's Guild in northern Britain as he was finishing a tour of the realm and he agreed to allow me to interview him later in the week. After finalizing details with his press liaison, the details were ironed out.

I sat down with the newly-minted Lord Casca in the recently redecorated Counselor's Guild last Saturday with a small group of citizens...

MZ: How do you respond to those who feel that Ricardo was unjustly tried on a trumped-up charge of treason?

LC: I don't believe the charges against Ricardo were trumped-up. I know there is a lot of warm sentiment toward the thief - I don't understand this entirely. Maybe it is the small part of all of us that embraces Chaos. Treason is a difficult charge for some people, but not for me.

MZ: Ah, by 'trumped-up', I meant the manner in which the charge was specially created for him.. As theft has not been considered an act of treason, at least from a foreign entity.

LC: I think anyone whose actions directly harm our security and our people is guilty of treason. I know some like to have more rigid definitions, but that isn't justice to me.

MZ: What of Ricardo's sentence?

LC: Execution is very difficult for many people. And while I appreciate their compassion and respect for life I think there are also criminals who are too dangerous to keep alive. Ricardo is probably the most competent criminal of our generation. To give him a lifetime to escape and cause more problems seems foolish.

MZ: It has been many years since the trial, and as of yet the execution has not been carried out...

LC: That is also part of Justice. Appeals, briefs. The wheels of Justice can be slow. But in the end, it's will is carried out.

MZ: Many believe that Captain Avery is an innocent man wrongfully accused of complicity in your abduction, and that the 'evidence' against him is circumstantial at best. How do you respond?

LC: I have to admit his treachery hurts me deeply. He was one of us, and he betrayed us. While I wasn't involved in his arrest or the building of the case against him, since I was kidnapped at the time, I did look over some of the evidence against him when I returned and recovered. I think some of the journals taken from the members of FoA seem to indicate he worked with them.

MZ: There are those who believe those journals exculpate him as well... Especially the journal of soldier Brian.

LC: I don't have a copy with me, but I'm sure these will be discussed during a future trial. I can't comment more as that is a pending case.

MZ: So there will be a trial?

LC: I don't have the details, but I believe the Court of Justice is working toward that end. Sorry, been so busy with the invasions that I haven't been able to focus on those details.

MZ: Ah, many had wondered about that.. And where he was being held... Both the Yew and Trinsic jails stand empty.

LC: There are safety concerns about those jails.

MZ: Oh?

LC: I can't discuss the details of his incarceration more though.

MZ: Hmm. Alright, let's move on. The Royal Mage, and Royal Council member, Clainin has lain in a comatose state in the Healers of New Haven for many months. Are there any plans to bring him to Britain for more extensive care?

LC: I am not a healer, so I don't know the full details of Clainin's medical condition. However with the invasions in many of our towns, New Haven is probably the safest place for his treatment. Britain's healer's shop doesn't have the resources to provide the wonders the City of Compassion is known for. I do believe he is getting the best care possible in New Haven. Of course if you know something different, please share it with me. I would hate to have such an important ally not receive the care he deserves.

MZ: Personally, I do not.. Citizens have just been worried about his health, and the lack of any improvement shown in his condition.

LC: It is problematic to second guess the methods of healers. Time is sometimes the greatest medicine.

MZ: Aye, this I have heard.

LC: I wish him a speedy and safe recovery. If anyone is reading the news to him, tell him he has the good will of all our people.

MZ: Let us continue... In your speech, you mentioned strengthening our laws. How do you intend to do this? Which laws do you think need strengthening? You also mentioned the Virtues several times in your speech, how do you plan to bring them further into the public consciousness?

LC: I think often we think of Justice as just punishment. Hit them after they've hit you. Put them in prison after they have taken something. This is the wrong way to look at it. Justice is Truth tempered by Love if you read Lord British's book. Laws must be fair, but also keep things orderly. I think by bringing the Virtues to people, by teaching them to be better laws may not even be necessary. However, this perfect world of Virtue isn't something easy. Lord British, the greatest king we will ever have, could not make people perfect with just love and respect. He needed the steady hand that comes from the rule of law. There will be new laws or revisions to old laws. These changes will stem from the Virtues.

MZ: 'Stem from the Virtues'? Might you have an example?

LC: I can't explain all of them in detail now since the full legal explanations will take hours. However, one example is crimes of omission. People not helping their fellows. People failing to stop evil. All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, as my father used to say.

MZ: Hmm..

LC: We can't allow Apathy to join Lies, Hatred, and Cowardice. All will be encouraged to work for the public good.

MZ: Aye, no more Shadowlords..However, this sounds as if you wish to codify Compassion as a requirement into law.

LC: To be fair, that is nothing new. Kingdoms have drafts, codifying valor and sacrifice when it is necessary to go to war. Kingdoms codify sacrifice in taxes. Kingdoms codify justice or try to in every legal text.

MZ: Taxes as Sacrifice.. Hmm.. Interesting point.

LC: Sometimes it is necessary for a kingdom to push for a little more from its people, for everyone's sake. Do not worry, I hold myself to the same standards. There will be no lavish Magincian or Nujel'm styles in my court.

Stay tuned for Part II of my Interview with Lord Casca for his response to the crowd's reaction to the possibility of higher taxes, the war against the Shadowlords, and mousetraps. Included will also be information on the new Minister of Agriculture, Lord Magnus Grey.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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A letter from Martyna Z'muir

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on January 27, 2009 at 6:42 PM CST
Library of Sosaria

Greetings Friends,

It has been a while since I set quill to parchment to bring you the news of our realm. For you see, many months ago after my Library was damaged, I was abducted by the Triad (forces of the Shadowlord Nosfentor) and held captive. Apparently, the vile witch had learned that the Library possessed a book containing a ritual capable of banishing her from the body she inhabited - so she had me kidnapped to try and force the High Council to surrender the tome to her...

Virtuously, the High Council refused to negotiate for my release with the book as collateral. I do not blame them, dear readers, as my freedom was a small price to pay to keep such an evil off balance. I do regret, however, my inability to warn the citizenry of the Shadowlord's plans, the wholesale invasion of our beautiful cities. I heard you held firm, and routed the trespassers at every opportunity. Congratulations!

Towards the end of my imprisonment, I learned that Nosfentor had changed her strategy and now intended to take me as her vessel. Through me, she hoped to usurp my knowledge and my contacts to tear at our society from within. Her malevolence with my face, the mere thought is enough to induce nausea.

Fortunately for me, a bizarre set of circumstances and a rescuer from...well, else when I think... freed me and Woodrow Call, a Justicar long-thought dead. Unfortunately for me, the ancient rune my rescuer used to send me away from the Triad's stronghold led to deep within the bowels of Destard. I was quickly a new kind of captive, the future meal of an ancient wyrm.

My fate now lay in the hands, or rather paws, of two courageous rodents... Early in my captivity I had befriended a young rat that had the misfortune of making the Triad's tower her home. Through elven magic, and her own innate intelligence, I helped give her rudimentary speech. Lotha-abbil she was named, and she soon crept from the tower to send word of my capture. A confusing series of events for my rat friend, and the Royal Council's murder, led to her being forgotten within the catacombs beneath Castle British. Eventually, Sherry the Mouse freed her and led her to Chancellor DaKaren.

He, in turn, mobilized the Britannian Armed Forces, consisting of the Royal Knights of Virtue (formerly the Royal Knights of Redemption) and the Dragons of Honor, valiantly came to my aid and slew the hungry wyrm. Nosfentor briefly made an appearance, little more than an animate corpse. Her badly damaged vessel was quickly put out of its misery, the Shadowlord's shade fled to cower with her brethren. A message from Absu Maal, discovered on the body, spoke of the Triad's being sent somewhere to fight an enemy of the Shadowlord's master, someone called 'Guardian'.

Now you know the abbreviated version or my return, dear readers, and I once again renew my pledge to bring you the multitudinous stories our realm has to offer. My next article will be of the interview I had with our new King, Lord Casca.

If ever you have breaking news to report, or simply wish to read a good book, I can be found in my home above the Library of Sosaria - Directly south of the Yew moongate in Trammel (72* 26'N 39* 18'W)

Britannia is indeed great, my friends - It is you who make it so!

Long live Britannia!

Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

News Item Logos

Submitted by DaKaren on January 26, 2009 at 8:09 PM CST


Each news item on either current page will have an logo associated with it for easy identification of what the story may be about.

These are the current icons. One still needs to be created for the Britannian Armed Forces. Any suggestions?

(And yes, I know about the massive blank space between the text and the icons... It shouldn't be happeneing, but it is.. No idea..)

UORPC LogoBNNGL High Council
R.K.V.H.L.A.Library of Sosaria
Royal Knights
of Virtue
Holy Light AuctionsLibrary of Sosaria
Royal SealDOHBritain
Royal SealDragons of HonorCity of Britain
City of MaginciaOrder of the
Etheral Ankh
Kazola's Treetop
Keg & Winery

By Order of the High Council

Submitted by DaKaren on January 24, 2009 at 10:11 PM CST
GL High Council

I, Chancellor DaKaren of the High Council of Britannia, hereby reaffirm the criminal status of the beings known as the Shadowlords: Astaroth, Nosfentor, and Faulinei.

They are to be captured or killed by any means necessary.

Long Live Britannia!

Great Lakes Tribune now online!

Submitted by DaKaren on January 24, 2009 at 9:35 PM CST

Since Martyna is back, and Great Lakes has news worth reporting about once more, the Great Lakes Tribune has started its presses back up.

The Tribune is the first page for the section devoted strictly to GL, with more to come soon with the updated navigation system.

Please stay tuned!

Vent Server Issue - UPDATED

Submitted by DaKaren on January 13, 2009 at 1:18 PM CST

2:12 PM CST UPDATE: The Vent server is back up.

1:18 PM CST: I recieved this today from the company which hosts the Vent server:

January 13 2:04 PM EST: Denver Data Center Connectivity Issue
Dear Clients,

There is currently a network issue affecting connectivity to our data center located in Denver, Colorado.
Our provider is aware of the problem and are working diligently to remedy the issue.

We will update this news as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon...

Royal Decree

Submitted by DaKaren on January 12, 2009 at 12:00 AM CST

Posted by Draconi

Citizens of Britannia!

Know that the Royal Council, in unanimous and glorious unity, has elected from amongst their noble selves a new man of the people, and for the people. Know that the Royal Ambassador Casca has been raised up to lead the people of Britannia in her times of peril and peace, as King pro-tempore, with all rights, statuses, and honors thereof.
Know that Lord Casca, ruler of the Kingdom of Britannia, shall lead his people with humility and grace, always striving for the greater good, always seeking to honor the Virtues our most just and magnanimous founder, our once and future king.

Know that this decision comes at a time of great uncertainty and trouble for the Kingdom, and that even our Lord Casca has been touched by these events. He hath survived the evil designs of evil men, who sought only to rain chaos down upon fair Britannia. Even as his noble brethren fell to fates most ignominious, he hath been preserved through his own power and prowess, an exemplar for the common man!

All hail Lord Casca, All hail our King!

From Rags to Riches

Submitted by DaKaren on January 9, 2009 at 12:00 AM CST

Posted by Draconi

Ricardo had gotten thinner.

Imprisonment in some forsaken, glorified mine shaft could do that to a man, Avery reflected. Where were they? More importantly, why hadn’t he ever heard of a prison like this? “Well Captain,” Ricardo was interrupted by another spasm of coughs, “Looks… looks like I’ve lost a little weight since ye last saw me? Eh?”

“Gods man, what’ve they done to you?”

The infamous thief’s bony frame shook with mirth – at first Avery feared for the shackled man’s mind, but then the laughter bubbling out became genuine and full of amusement.

A string of hacks and wheezes insinuated themselves throughout the laughs as Ricardo calmed down, gazing at the bruised and beaten man of arms on the floor.

“You’re not looking to good yourself, you know?”

Avery grimaced. “They wanted information.” He spit to the side, pulling himself up. “I didn’t have any to give them.”

Ricardo laughed again, triumph in his eyes: “Then we share a common problem, friend!”

“How so?”

“I’ve been here for, well… mon-, no wait, a yea-, hmm, a long time,” his thoughts trailed off, his eyes lifting gradually to the ceiling, losing focus.

“And?” Avery rejoined.

“Ah, right. A long time, and, obviously, nothin’ to share,” another laugh, “no, ‘intelligence’ I’m supposing.”

“Then why are you still here? What do they want from you… us?”

Ricardo’s chains swung forward as far as they could go, he leaned in, staring right through Avery. “Examples?”

Avery wasn’t a dumb man, but his lips faltered a bit and the thief coughed again, discretely this time. “That is to say, a pair of executions, I’d imagine.”

“I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Uh huh. Let me guess, did you cross the wrong man, by chance?”

“No! One minute I was in the service of mi’lord, the next he, and,” Avery paused here, realizing Ricardo knew nothing of the recent events plaguing Britannia, “and he, and everyone else on the Council, they were dead!”

“Dead?” Ricardo was more quizzical than concerned.

“All murdered in Castle British itself!”


Avery stopped again, considering. “Well, no, Lord Casca was kidnapped by the assailants. We tracked them, rescued…”

Ricardo interrupted, “Lord? I’m sorry, did you say ‘Lord’ Casca?”

“Yes, Royal Ambassador, found him taken prisoner, ended up fighting with some sort of witch – I …” Avery was looking down at his hands, disbelief at the events still evident across his face.

Britannia’s thief thrust a hand forward, motioning him to stop. “A lord. My, my, and Royal Ambassador?” Avery managed half a nod and Ricardo continued, “Why, he’ll be King at this rate!”

Avery looked up, the pieces all finally falling into place for the loyal soldier.

Without warning a third voice broke through the gloom – a high pitched voice, and somehow tiny.

“Excuse me,” Sherry the mouse squeaked, “Need a paw?”

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