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Destiny and Decision

Submitted by UO_Herald on May 31, 2016 at 12:21 PM CDT

Originally posted May 31, 2016 by UO Dev Team on the UO Herald:

With the release of Publish 93, we are pleased to present the next installment of in our journey within Eodon, Destiny and Decision.

By EM Malachi

Months ago…

The Queen’s chamber was never silent. The gnawing and gnashing of the worker-sisters filled the cavern, as they consumed vegetation and meat to produce the royal jelly that sustained the colony.

The drone still remembered the complex taste of the jelly from its hatching. It was given to all larvae to make them strong, but a Myrmidex’s role determined how much was given. Less than a week after hatching, drones and workers were forced to consume lesser foods. Warriors grew large from a month of royal jelly consumption, and the sole queen, mother to all, subsisted entirely on the nutrient mix her entire life.

The Queen sat in the center of the chamber, appraising her latest cache of eggs and deciding which showed promise or defect. Through the membranes, the drone could see the larval forms of the Swarm-Family. When the Queen had decided the fate of each egg, workers carefully carried them down various tunnels to be hatched and developed. When she was finished, the Queen gave her attention, “Drone-child, tell me what you have seen.”

The drone chittered through the details of the Silver Gate and the warrior humans. When it was finished speaking, antennae were touched to share the taste-memory of the incident. If the Queen was doubtful at all, the sour taste of magic confirmed the drone’s story.

The Queen issued several sharp commands, causing workers to scatter down a dozen different tunnels. A worker-sister placed a large membrane filled with royal jelly in front of the drone, and the Queen ordered it to drink. As the drone consumed the rare gift, several workers dragged a giant crystal into the room. The artifact thrummed with power, filling the room with a terrible taste. Beyond bitter magic, there was the scent of insects like the Myrmidex, a thousand variations and mutations removed. The drone backed away from the crystal.

The Queen coaxed the drone back, “Do not be afraid. You are to be rewarded, drone-child. You will lead the Swarm-Family against this new enemy.”

The small drone considered the much larger warrior Myrmidex guarding the chamber and gave the Queen a look of confusion. It was not grown for war.

“The Crystal is of the Oppressors. It is what changed and controlled us. We took it from them when we drove them away. You must leave this carapace behind. You cannot lead as the drone you are, but as the soldier you will become.”



Geoffrey watched as the builders repaired the palisade on Drum Hill. The latest strike by the Myrmidex had come very close to breaching his camp’s defenses. With each attack, the swarm grew both in number and tactical competence, and the situation was desperate.

The Myrmidex were now led by a giant insect warrior that the Barrab called Chizzztl: “the Fury of Eodon.” While the Myrmidex were normally hostile to all humans, Chizzztl seemed to recognize the value of the Barrab as spies and scouts. Too many from the ally tribes had been led into ambushes before this was figured out.

The only good news Geoffrey had had in weeks was of an erratic deployment by the Myrmidex. In the middle of their siege of the Urali settlement, half of their forces had pulled out, all moving toward the same spot in the dense jungle. The scouts sent to investigate had found nothing but charred carapaces. Geoffrey wondered if this was connected to reports of a strange man wreathed in blue fire.

The knight returned to his tent and looked at the map of Eodon. Too many pins radiated from the Myrmidex nest, striking at his camp and the settlements of the ally tribes. Containing the Myrmidex had failed, and if it became a war of attrition, humanity would lose. Nothing could be gained by delay. Geoffrey picked up a quill and wrote a short note to Britain: “Send all that you can spare. We will strike the nest itself.”

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Highland Hunt

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on May 19, 2016 at 9:45 PM CDT

From the office of Tanda Knighthawke, Governor of Minoc:

Eodon Highland Hunt 5-25-16 8pmc

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The Price is Right

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on May 19, 2016 at 4:07 PM CDT

From Queen Mum of

The Price is Right (5-21-16 @9pm C)

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Britain Town Social

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on May 16, 2016 at 6:35 PM CDT

From the Office of Dot Warner, Governor of Britain:

2016 Britain Town Social

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May UO Newsletter

Submitted by UO_Herald on May 12, 2016 at 5:24 PM CDT

Update | May, 2016 View in browser
The UO Team is happy to announce we will be sending out a newsletter periodically so you can stay up to date on the latest in Britannia!

Please encourage your friends to sign up on our web site


Publish 93

Greetings Everyone,

   We are getting to the middle of May and looking forward to getting Publish 93 out the door.  We are deploying Publish 93 to TC1 later today and hope by the end of the month to have it on all production shards.  We will be doing something a little different this publish, we will be deploying to 3 production shards in hope to get more feedback. The shards we are publishing are Origin, Izumo, and Baja.  Make sure you check out all the latest content in Publish 93, including the epic "Myrmidex Threat" quest that brings back popular features like the "Ophidian/Bane" war mechanic, as well as two quest lines that conclude with some great boss encounters against some of the Valley of Eodon's most formidable opponents!

  We are excited to announce we have picked 10 winners for the Spring Contest.  We will be notifying the winners via email to find out what reward you would like. Everyone will be able to see the winning entries on UO.COM here.

  We have already begun working on Halloween, Anniversary Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Vet Rewards and a few new items for Thanksgiving!  One of this year's new Vet Rewards is a new is a hint:  It has more than 4 legs!  Can you guess what it is? *evil grin*

See you in Britannia!

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong



A Halloween of Doom

With Publish 93 getting ready for deployment we look forward to Publish 94.  Even though Summer is just around the corner we're looking forward to Halloween!  This year we are happy to announce that popular events such as Pumpkin Carving and Trick or Treating will be returning with some new additions.  In addition, this Halloween we'll be concluding explorations of Eodon and uncovering the truth behind its mysterious origins in the "Temple of Doom."  This "Treasures of Tokuno" style dungeon crawl is sure to provide fright and surprises around every corner with glorious treasures to be found by those brave enough to explore its depths!


Question & Answer Corner

1. Can we get other protection talismans in the game?

Good idea for some of the Halloween items to be added.

2.  Will UO players ever be able to  search UO.COM for a vendor search?

Yes, this is still in the works to complete the vendor search we have in the game currently.

3.  In the past few Dev Meet and Greets we have been asked about pet AIs and maybe some pet color changes...

Next year we are doing a pet revamp to give new life to some of the original pets that were once more popular in the game such as White Wyrms and Nightmares.  We will be providing ways to make them equal and looking also at having rare spawns in tasteful colors of various pets.  More details will be revealed when we have everything discussed and the plan is developed.

4,  Will you be adding new items to the Cleanup Britannia points and can it be account based instead of character based?

Yes we will be adding new items and we are looking into how difficult it might be to have it account based and not character based so stay tuned for the answer at a later date.

5.  What's with the Wall of Stone? Pet Spellcasting? Thunderstorm? Lower Mana Cost Bugged Chars?  Mortal Strike? Etc?

We've seen a lot of discussion and received a lot of feedback about a host of issues, particularly those related to PvP.  We encourage the community to continue these discussions as well as provide us feedback so we can try to address them in a future publish.  As always, please feel free to provide feedback.

6. Can we get some enhancements to the UI for the seed box?

Yes! This is something that we hope to address in a future publish, as we know how tedious it can be to remove seeds from the seed box. 

7.  Do you ever plan on revisiting some of the High Seas content to make it more appealing? 

A High Seas update has been on our wish list for a while.  Our goals for this update would be to streamline the canon supply crafting and firing processes, as well as make a balance pass on the challenge vs. reward for some of the encounters.  We hope to address this in a future publish.



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