June 2009

Cascan Injustice

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 30, 2009 at 12:30 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Yesterday evening the trial of Tomas Savos, Captain of the Britannian Royal Guard, began in a secret location. A source, who shall remain nameless, managed to sneak a com crystal into the proceedings so those gathered in the Britain Counselor's Hall could hear. The secrecy surrounding the trial disturbed those gathered, as Justice administered in stealth is rarely fair or honest.

Trial listeners

For those unfamiliar with what led Captain Savos to his current predicament, I shall recap: The farms west of Britain suffered due to the poisoning of the crops grown there. Many animals perished, and several humans became sick due to mysterious green flecks that had been scattered about the fields. Through the twists and turns of the investigation, it was learned that the orcs in the mine southeast of Yew had also fallen prey to the poison.

After a truce was reached with the orcs, owing to their having been cleared as the architects behind the poisoning, the investigation stalled. Unfortunately for Tomas, several notes were found scattered around Britain that pointed to his being directly involved as one of the perpetrators. His accomplice, or master, appeared to be a once-though-dead nox mage named Imperus Noxum.

Due to the evidence found, Tomas was placed under house arrest and the Royal Guards went without a leader. Eventually, it was learned that Imperus Noxum was in fact quite alive, and he vehemently denied any involvement in the poisonings. His words were not easily accepted, owing to the fact he had transformed himself into a rather surly poison elemental.

Noxum asked the Volunteer Royal Guards to end the life of the one masquerading as him, and in the process discover further evidence against Tomas. Further evidence was indeed discovered: a note allegedly written by Tomas. This note was given along with a sample of the Captain's handwriting to a Lycaeum scribe for comparison.

The note in question reads:

Instructions from Above


I have some new orders from the Empress.

First, we need to keep an eye on Casca better. His actions have slowed us down too much. Second, we need to get
Magnus Grey distracted more.

Third, the orcs have learned a little too much, and news might spread to Britannia about what we're doing. We need to work towards getting rid of some of their headache.

Good luck, and keep me informed.

- TS

The trial itself was held in front of Justice Verina, the same judge who presided over Ricardo's fiasco..er..trial. The prosecution was carried out by Douglass Edwards, someone of which nothing is known. Tomas' defense counsel, one George Palmer, is also an unknown - it is unknown if the man was chosen by, or forced upon, Captain Savos. A secret trial, conducted by unknown personnel ...

Savos stood accused of conspiracy in the poisoning of Britannian crops, and treason in the use of Britannian Royal Guard resources to incite orcish attacks. The defendant pled not guilty to each charge against him, and the trial proceeded. Note: Remember Casca's vile Justice law...

The witnesses against Tomas included Gregor Corosi the scribe, Carina the farmer, a member of the Royal Guard, and allegedly, Casca himself - the com crystal cut out during the testimony of the guard and Casca, and it is unknown what exactly they said.

The key piece of evidence during the trial was the scribe's testimony regarding his handwriting analysis of the note that was found, "To the best of my abilities," he said, "I found nothing to indicate that either note was a forgery." This damning statement was supplemented by the shorter notes which had been discovered earlier in Britain.
Captain Tomas Savos

Tomas' defense counsel provided no evidence of his own, and his only witness was a no-show - once again it is unknown who this witness was to be. Tomas denied the accusations when he took the stand, but overall it was a lackluster defense by all accounts.

After closing arguments, and a brief recess for the jury to deliberate, the verdict was announced. Tomas Savos, Captain of the Britannian Royal Guard, was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to be executed.

While I am uncertain of the guilt or innocence of Captain Savos, having played a part in the collection of the evidence against him, I find this trial to be a mockery of Justice. This is Cascan Justice indeed... secret... hidden... treacherous. Much like the farce of a trial against Ricardo, the prosecution presented minimal evidence with no conclusive proof of guilt.

The High Court of Britannia, part of the High Council of Britannia, acting in the best interests of Justice and the citizens of the kingdom has issued a stay of execution. It has also ruled that Justice Verina is in contempt of the previous ruling in which the High Court deemed Casca's Virtue Laws illegal. (These rulings may be found on the High Court forum at gl.uorpc.net)

Casca's twisted regime has once again perverted an integral facet of Britannian culture and government. Justice must be applied fairly and openly to all citizens, not hidden behind closed doors with secret juries and no accountability.

As a member of the press, and a citizen of Britannia, I request - nay, I demand - that Casca vacate the throne and return rule of the Kingdom to those chosen by the people. His attacks on the Virtues must end. I demand a new, honest, public trial for Captain Savos!

I do not expect a response from his Lordship of course, as I believe him too much a coward to dare lower his vaunted personage to the people's level. Or rather, raise his slime-like being high enough to soil our boots with his bilious reply.



Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria ~ Wanted Criminal

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Pie Fight June 26th at 7pm CST!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 26, 2009 at 1:13 AM CDT
Royal Seal

This just in from EM Malachi:

Pie Fight on Friday June 26th at 7pm CST at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall. Come and get your pie and join in!

Mesanna's Cream Pies

Lets see how big of a mess we can make out of the Counselor’s Hall with Mesanna's Cream Pies! Maybe all the noise will lure Lord Casca off his treacherous...behind and we can all show him how we feel about his rule.

Hmm... Better yet, anyone know if Draconi makes a flammable pies?


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Summerfest Event Update: New Beach Location

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 24, 2009 at 6:34 PM CDT
Royal Seal

Late last night it was discovered that some one had placed a house on the beach which the EMs wanted to create the BBQ site.

Due to that, we have the following update from EM Malachi:

We are changing the location of the beach contest to a beach that doesn’t take away housing locations. The new location is 1o 20’n 27o 37’E. For those who have already put work into their old design, feel free to submit them as is, and I will modify it for the new beach if that design wins.

The new beach picture may be found HERE.

New BBQ Beach Spot

Please see my previous article, or the Great Lakes EM Web site for more information.


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Trial of Tomas Savos

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 24, 2009 at 2:43 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted June 24th, 2009 by EM Iatu on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Rumor has it that officials are looking to put Tomas Savos to trial this Sunday. Gather at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall and you’ll be informed where you might go to witness it.

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Casca's Secret Police seek to arrest High Council!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 23, 2009 at 1:56 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

This evening, the High Council of Britannia convened for its 415th session with several important matters to attend to. Firstly, the august body voted on Decree 441-A, the Blackrock Safety Act - a piece of legislation whish deems it is 'henceforth illegal to refine, transport, and store this material (blackrock) for the production of weapons or automations used in any acts of aggression against any peoples of the Kingdom of Britannia or her allies.' It goes on to make the possession of the means to cast the Ritual of Armageddon illegal, as well as restating that 'Any being found to have attempted, found in the process of attempting, or found planning to attempt the casting of the Ritual of Armageddon may be tried for High Treason...'

The decree passed into law with a unanimous vote of the assembled Councilors and Minister per the guidelines outlined in the 5th Royal Constitution of Britannia. It should be noted that Decree 441-A does not outlaw the possession of blackrock, scientific experimentation on blackrock, or the casting of the less-powerful Armageddon Spell when used in the defense of the Kingdom.

The High Council votes

The next order of business was the hotly debated issue raised at the 414th session of the High Council several weeks ago... Casca's contemptible 'Virtue Laws'. Being without enough voting members that eve, the issue was tabled until tonight. Decree 441-B, the Virtue Law Denouncement, was written with the express intent of combating what Chancellor DaKaren thought was an affront to Sosarian civilization.

441-B : Virtue Law Denouncement

The High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia hereby decrees that it cannot and will not subvert the sanctity of the Virtues by enforcing any of the so-called 'Virtue Laws' as ordered by Lord Casca. Furthermore, the High Council rebukes the King Pro-tempore for his perversion of the belief system of the Kingdom of Britannia, and the attempted enforcement of his laws by clearly disturbed individuals.

While the High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia does not condone criminal activity or the violation of law, no cases resulting from the breach of 'Virtue Law' shall be heard or acknowledged as valid by the High Court of Britannia or regional judicial branches.

Furthermore, the High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia stringently affirms its continued advocacy of the Virtues as taught by Lord British, and urges Lord Casca to repeal his edict swiftly and completely.

Again, this decree passed swiftly and unanimously to cheers from the assembled crowd. The High Council officially denounced the 'Virtue Laws' in their entirety, and seeks their rapid retraction.

Acting-Justicar Menion Leah took matters one step further, issuing an official ruling from the High Court stating that the 'Virtue Laws' were illegal along with a warrant for Casca's immediate arrest on the grounds of High Treason against the Kingdom of Britannia. (The full text of these documents may be found in the High Court building in Compassion Grove at 12o 24'N 36o 46'W, or on the High Court's forums on gl.uorpc.net.)

Stunned by this development, but in full agreement, Chancellor DaKaren presciently commented that the High Council would now need additional protection as they would surely be hunted down. Heavy footfalls were heard coming up the Civic Center's stone steps to the High Council Chamber, strange men approached... Councilor Striker of Trinsic met the two men at the threshold and learned that their leader demanded an audience.

Enforcer Morton

The man was called Enforcer Morton, an agent of the corrupt despot feigning to rule Britannia - Casca. The Enforcer claimed he had arrest warrants for the High Council members, and for me as well, on charges of sedition. The Chancellor and Councilors rejected the legitimacy of his claims, resulting in them being beset by a gang of brigands springing from a moongate which opened behind the Enforcer.

The brigands were easily defeated, causing the Enforcer's momentary retreat. However, he returned soon with a squad of Casca's Secret Police - Juka Lords and Executioners. A somewhat pitched battle ensued, but the attacking force was routed by the assembled Council and members of the Britannian Armed Forces.

Enforcer Morton confronts the High Council

The Enforcer, having failed miserably, retreated into the closing gate and was not heard from the rest of the night. The Chancellor adjourned the session prematurely, feeling it was no longer safe for the attending citizens. The High Council plans to continue to hold its usual meetings on alternating Monday nights at the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center in Compassion Grove, 12o 35'N 37' 58'W, in defiance of Casca's warrants. (The next meeting will be Monday, July 6th at 8pm CST.)

As I, like the High Council, am a wanted criminal, I shall henceforth continue to speak openly against the pretender-to-the-throne. Casca is a self-serving, egomaniacal despot with delusions of adequacy. He seeks not to rule the Kingdom of Britannia with Truth, Love, and Courage - but with lies, hatred, and cowardice!

You, the good people of Britannia - those who fought back the Vanguard, the Six, and the Shadow Army - rise up against the treacherous and fascist regime that seeks to spread its evil from the steps of Blackthorn's Keep. Seek ye the Honor within to Valorously bring Justice and Humility to the Compassionless, dis-Honest, and Spiritually-devoid Lord Casca who has Sacrificed the Virtue of his deranged supporters.

Stand with the High Council of Britannia and the Britannian Armed Forces against his growing tyranny and deceit! Fight for your rights, fight for Britannia, fight for Lord British! Resist!


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

P.S. Casca: a prince can truly become a pauper when the people see that his face is split in twain.

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Stygian Abyss Beta Code Short Story Contest Winners!

Submitted by DaKaren on June 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM CDT

UORPC.NET would like to congratulate the winners of the Stygian Abyss Beta Code Contest! The three lucky winners are Rainfo of Pacific, Octavia of Sonoma, and Malag-aste of Great Lakes. They will each receive one code for the SA Beta test, and the enviable opportunity to help make the next UO expansion the best that it can be.

Arise, Gargoyles

by Rainfo of Pacific

Manuscript Illuminating upon Gargoyle arising, their Virtues and Principles;


A Gargoyle's beliefs in their virtues and principles are the driving mantra of their daily lives, the essence of their mystical spirituality. At least this seems to be the case. Gargoyle's have the appearance of being divine creatures, yet somehow... primal... focused... It must be their virtues...

Whilst adventuring, when a man stumbles upon a Gargoyle, it's like a demon of the underworld, a 10-feet tall, sinewy, awe-inspiring and indeed terror-inspiring as well, with a wingspan to rival even Dragons.

When man witnesses a Gargoyle they appear to be swimming throughout the world like creatures who follow only the one-ness of their own hearts, their Passions, bridled with Control... And always, always going about their life with Diligence.

If someone were to stumble upon such a Gargoyle he'd notice a certain characteristic -- that besides bearing a resemblance akin to overgrown Mongbats mixed with the most ferocious of Demons, Gargoyles have a definite one-ness about them... As if they always know where they're going.

The attunement to their principles brings them great strength:

A Gargoyle adheres, devoutly, to Control, Passion, and Diligence. Above all of the Virtues, these are the three Principles of Gargoyles.

Control - the Gargoyle's nature of seeking the upper hand....

Passion - their emotional fire, It takes them where they go, It keeps them alive... Wanting more...

Diligence - Gargoyle's never give up.

'Tis true. Their Direction is relentless, like the swiftest of arrows, from which there is no possibility of return. Yet they are not only fierce warriors. They have their own spell-casting art, that of Mysticism... An ancient body of magic.

Order arises from Chaos, and when Order is lost, Chaos returns as Gargoyle Berserk.

And again, their virtues drive them: With Feeling they awake with livelyness; During the night, they rule with Persistence; Balance, through thick and thin, because what goes up must come down.

They strive for Achievement... Winning their battles... Attacking with their Bladeweaving with only the swiftest Precision, yes, Precision... They wield the cutting edge of only the most elite powers ever...

And yet, Order and Singularity together, because Order indicates Absence of Control, and Singularity indicates Control over One-self, contradicting one another, yet simultaneously, coexisting as Virtues...

Indeed, they are beings of great principles. Alas, these are not Stone Gargoyles of that man would see stooped upon the ramparts of a castle; Watchful Guardians they may be, the living Breathing Race of Gargoyles is another beast entirely... Soon with the Stygian Abyss.... You will know...

The Gargoyles are gathering... Singularity amassing into Order... The One into Many... Arising... They are coming!


In the dark of night, Rokuno the Gargoyle sips a bitter ale and flexes his wings, contemplating on the routines he will go about in his night... Meditating upon himself, he prepares to go out on a hunt. In the dark of the night, his blades sharpened, the Gargoyle virtues bring him great strength, and his soul at peace; then, he unleashes his fury upon the world, and calls his brethren.

"Arise, Gargoyles!"


by Octavia of Sonoma

Tis I Octavia simple Shepherd herding the lands of Sonoma day in and day out. Shepherding to me is a lot of thankless work, being responsible for such a large herd, getting them around to different food and water sources to keep my herd strong, and protecting them from the fouler things in this land. Tis a job where I don't recieve the Bard's songs of praise for my victories or orders from the Faction Leaders for there next conquest, but a simple person like me needs not those things to know that I am making a difference in this world. A Shepherd does there job because they know if no one else does it that the animals will suffer, and in the end the harmony of the world and the creatures in it determines the success of the fighters, mages, and business men of the land. I do my job for the world I live in because it needs to be done, pure and simple, I never expect to recieve anything for my time, I give because I can.


by Malag-aste of Great Lakes

What follows is the true meaning of Valor. Casca tell us that the Law of Valor - is that Citizens must accept any challenge. What is he thinking? Any challenge? I say no. Not every challenge. The only challenge we face now is how to remove this false king. The True meaning of Valor is based on the principles of Courage, Love and Truth. And Truth will show that Casca is not fit to rule. So first off what is the real meaning of Valor as taught by Lord British?

Lord British taught that us that, Valor is derived from Courage. It symbolized by the sword and the color red. Its opposing anti-virtue is to be Dastardly and the opposing dungeon is Destard. The anti-class is the Dragon. Its original class is the fighter. Jhelom is the City of Valor. Which seems to make sense as Jhelom is where many train to fight in the pits. Though merely training in skills of battle do not give one Valor. Anyone may be skilled in battle even those who are dastardly. Speaking the Mantra of Ra activates the power of this shrine. Geoffrey is the companion of Valor. Valor is the courage to take action in support of one's convictions. The tale of Geoffrey's courage is mighty indeed, to face a dragon with naught but his skin and a tiny blade. Such courage indeed Valor is something that indeed I hope to have.

In these coming times of darkness when we are invaded by the likes of the Six, the Vanguad, and the very throne is held by someone who has twisted the laws of Virtue into something evil and indeed almost dastardly, we need Valor. We need people who are willing to stand up against this false self declared King and show true courage. For it will take true courage to overcome such odds. Courage to stand up and do what is right for Britannia and for Lord British and all the convictions that his Kingdom was built upon. I wonder how many have such courage. Courage to oppose the false lord, courage to stand up for Lord British and the True Virtues that he taught us, not the false ones presented by Casca. I know that I as a Knight of Virtue and a member of the High Council of Britannia hope to have such Courage. I pray I am not alone.

Perhaps this book of Valor and its true meaning will spark others to stand up and show courage against the atrocities that Casca has brought to the city of Britain and the Kingdom of Lord British. Perhaps others will find they have Valor and join us in denouncing this false Lord Casca and help to restore the true virtues to the lands. Who better to rise up against this lunacy than the very Citizens who are loyal to Britain? Who will join the ranks of true virtue? Are there others who have the courage to speak out? We can only hope.

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Summerfest Event - Design a BBQ Pit for Great Lakes

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 20, 2009 at 10:53 PM CDT
EM Events

This just in from Great Lake's EM Malachi...

South of Britain, around the bay, there exists a solitary and quiet beach at 21o26'S11o48'E. This summer, that will change...


1. A picture of the beach can be found http://greatlakes.uoem.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/beach.jpg for updates and other event information!

BBQ Beach

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48 Hours until the Stygian Abyss Beta contest ends!

Submitted by DaKaren on June 18, 2009 at 10:01 PM CDT

Time is running out to send in your Virtue related short story for the UORPC.NET Stygian Abyss Beta code contest!

Three talented winners will receive one (1) Stygian Abyss Beta Code!

Rules for the contest are simple:

1) Register on the Forums with a valid email address

2) Write a short story relating to the Virtues (Britannian, Gargoyle, or Anti-Virtue)

3) Email your story (from the email you used to register) to contests AT uorpc.net by Saturday, June 20th at 10pm CST (Please include your character name and shard at the top.)

Stories will be judged on creativity, originality, and how well the story reflects on the core of the Virtue (or Principle) chosen.

Entries will be judged by midnight on Sunday, June 21st. Three winners will be announced on this site on Monday, June 22nd at noon (CST). Each will receive one (1) Stygian Abyss Beta Code and their story will be featured on the main page of UORPC.NET. All entries will posted in the forums after the winners are announced.

Entries recieved after 10pm CST on Saturday, June 20th will NOT be eligable.

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Royal Decree

Submitted by UO_Herald on June 18, 2009 at 4:16 PM CDT

Originally posted June 18, 2009 by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

Aiding the Empire of Tokuno

It is hereby declared by royal decree that the people of Britannia shall assist the Empire of Tokuno with the incursion of hostile beasts that once again have begun roaming their lands, stealing their wealth and spreading destruction.

The Treasures of Tokuno must be redeemed from these foul monsters by any means, be it blade or spell! Speak with Ihara Soko, the Imperial Minister of Trade in Zento, should you recover any lost artifacts of the Empire.

By the hand of your Sovereign and Lord, Casca

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Distracting Decisions

Submitted by UO_Herald on June 17, 2009 at 5:23 PM CDT

Originally posted 17 Jun 2009 18:04:49 by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

Three figures emerged from the darkness, displacing the stagnant air that had long ago settled in the catacombs. Their sudden entrance was unmarked by the usual din of sound and light that accompanies teleportation – unlike the haughty mages of humans and elves they were not bound by tradition, circle, or spell.

Indeed, they defied physical existence, or perhaps even transcended it. Under their hooded visage lay burning coals instead of eyes. Billowing cloaks tossed by an unseen wind held nothingness, yet a nothingness that filled and defined them.

They resembled mankind only because from man’s heart was born the darkness they embodied. They were the antithesis of Virtue, the despoilers of Lord British’s legacy.

The Shadowlords.

“The search continues.”

The voice was female, soft and alluring, subtle. Any mortal might be ensnared by such a siren voice, lured to do the bidding of Fear and Betrayal incarnate. She was Nosfentor, the Shadowlord of Cowardice.

“It must be found.”

A second voice, this time male, had rejoined her brief statement. The words seeped through the air on hidden currents, circling and twisting amongst each other; convincing words, sincere words. He was Faulinei, the Shadowlord of Falsehood.


The third and final of the three spoke. The terse response penetrated the depths of the catacombs like steel, carried onward without echo and then lost. He was Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hatred.

Nosfentor stretched forth her voice again, motioning as she did so. Beneath her Sosaria appeared, like a map being unrolled upon a table.

“We are interfered with.” She pointed to the capital city of Britain and a glow overtook the slumbering town. “There.”

The other two regarded the pinprick of light below.

“Yet our servants have performed… adequately,” began Faulinei.

“Have they?” Astaroth interrupted, daring the other two to contradict.

The Eight Cities of Virtue had been besieged, their peoples slaughtered, the barriers between Felucca and Trammel weakened – Trammel itself invaded, then lost and sealed off again.

This had been foreseen, as the Shadowlords were not prepared to begin their dark work in earnest until the last artifact binding their powers was found. Yet their search had been in vain, none of the cities had held it, and so their methods changed.

“Britannia, old and new alike, is all but ours,” replied Faulinei.

“What of the rest?”

“There are too many… complications,” Nosfentor replied quietly; a hint of complaint.

“Agreed,” the others replied.

For a time they regarded the world below.

“Let us distract them. That our agents become free to pursue their tasks, and end this interference.”

“It must be something small, lest our hand is discovered early.”

“Let me, then.”

This time it was Faulinei who reached out, speaking into the mind of his chosen servant, commanding him to make… arrangements.

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Stygian Abyss Beta Code Contest!

Submitted by DaKaren on June 12, 2009 at 1:57 PM CDT

The Ultima Online Roleplaying Community site would like to announce a Virtue Short Story Contest! Three talented winners will receive one (1) Stygian Abyss Beta Code!

Rules for the contest are simple:

1) Register on the Forums with a valid email address

2) Write a short story relating to the Virtues (Britannian, Gargoyle, or Anti-Virtue)

3) Email your story (from the email you used to register) to contests AT uorpc.net by Saturday, June 20th at 10pm CST (Please include your character name and shard at the top.)

Stories will be judged on creativity, originality, and how well the story reflects on the core of the Virtue (or Principle) chosen.

Entries will be judged by midnight on Sunday, June 21st. Three winners will be announced on this site on Monday, June 22nd at noon (CST). Each will receive one (1) Stygian Abyss Beta Code and their story will be featured on the main page of UORPC.NET. All entries will posted in the forums after the winners are announced.

Good luck!

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Boat Race Sunday June 14th

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 11, 2009 at 9:57 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted June 11th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Boat Race Sunday June 14th at 12pm CST/ 1pm EST

1. Please meet at the Trammel West Britain Counselor’s Hall for rules and course information.

2. The race will take place in Tokuno.

3. May form teams of 2-3 people.

4. The winning person or team will have their names engraved on a trophy to be displayed a the Reward Hall and on a lantern on Britain’s docks.

5. More information to be explained the day of the race.

Paragons of Fascism

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 7, 2009 at 3:56 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Virtue Law exhibit

The King Pro-tempore, Lord Casca, recently enacted eight 'Virtue Laws' which twist and pervert the very foundations of Britannia. His extreme views assumed a new threatening aspect two days ago when this delightful missive escaped his addled brain and made it onto parchment...

"I have chosen several talented individuals to help implement my new Virtue edicts. I have given them great latitude and authority to help guide people to the Virtues. While we face uncertain times, I believe these paragons of morality will help lead us into a new age of prosperity and goodness. Thank you, good citizens, for your loyalty and hard work.

-Lord Casca"

Paragons! Of morality no less! Oh, rapturous day! The citizens of Britannia may now learn from wizened monks of the subtleties and wonders of the virtues!

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, I forgot who the King was momentarily. This is not the act of a benevolent Lord British wanting to enlighten his kingdom... It is Casca, the two-faced power-mad despot with delusions of grandeur.

I took to the streets of Britain and tracked down these 'Paragons of Morality.' Eight in all, scattered about the city seemingly at random. I spoke to each one in turn, finding them most repetitive and wooden. That is, until you press the subject of their assigned roles and discover the dark truth of their twisted morals.

The butcher knife wielding Royal Interrogator stands like a thug in the Cat's Lair Tavern, ready to enforce Honesty on the people. "I question those who are rumored to be dishonest." he states blithely, "Most people are honest, so most rumors are true." I backed away slowly.

The Royal Benefactor loiters outside the Good Eats bakery ready to demand a donation to the poor. "Poverty is just another enemy, and fighting it demands stern measures." A noble sentiment, but what does she define as stern?

Outside the Cavalry Guard in east Britain stands the Royal Duel Referee, wielding a bloodstained sword and shield. "There is no Valor without risk of injury." He seems a tad too eager for a brawl, and claims he will supervise challenges.

The Royal Prosecutor, Paragon of Justice, paradoxically stands outside the gates of Blackthorn's Keep. When asked about how the edict will affect sentencing, he replied flippantly, "The guilty should have worried about their sentence before they broke the law."

The tellers at the First Bank of Britain cower behind the iron door from the orange clad Royal Tax Collector. He sees the added burden of higher taxes from a position only a tax collector could agree with, "If it isn't a burden, there is no sacrifice. Empty pockets, light hearts."

The staff at the Salty Dog Tavern had asked the Royal Investigator to leave the premises as he was disturbing their special clientele. His views on the matter of privacy are truly disturbed, "Privacy is a hiding place for the dishonorable."

Defiling the sacred Chamber of Virtue is the severe looking Royal Inquisitor. Her job is to monitor what people say, especially about the Virtues - and the heretics who dare espouse a non-approved viewpoint. "Freedom of speech, feh! Such freedom is a disease on society." She is one person I may want to use the Valor law to challenge...or simply knife in the back.

Lastly, the Royal Officer of Arms stands in front of The First Library of Britain. His job is to scour the heraldry records for lineage. "When people get uppity, our leaders and social betters can't do their jobs." Uppity, eh? He hasn't begun to see uppity...

Casca's moronic 'Paragons of Morality' are little more than fascist tools destined to oppress the populace. They do not belong in our society, they do not belong in our capitol city, and they sure as the Abyss do not promote Lord British's Virtues.

The High Council of Britannia will be addressing this issue tomorrow night (Monday) at 8pm CST in Compassion Grove south of Yew. (43o 18'E 88o 20'N) Fascist thugs need not attend.


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Britain Farms Poisonings - An Update

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 7, 2009 at 2:21 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Britain FarmersThe farms west of Britain have not yet returned to normalcy, as the investigation into the ill deeds there continues - albeit slowly. In my previous articles on this topic, I placed the blame for the livestock deaths and crop poisoning squarely at orcish feet. While orcs were indeed involved, they were but pawns in the grand scheme - meant to distract the Volunteer Royal Guard.

After the orcs set up a small camp north of the farms, I discovered a note and a journal in the campsite. The witting for each was a very poor forgery of orcish, and they were dismissed as planted evidence. Sometime later, however, I discovered fragments of a torn page scattered at the camp. When pieced back together, they shed a new light on why the orc camp was there.

"Lat gimb Mojo Wadder ub humies. Majoka try make Mojo Wadder fur orcz. Nub want fuud make sick. Gu tu furt wid Mojo Wadder."


"You find potion of humans. Mages try make potion for orcs. No want food make sick. Go tu fort with potion."

It indicated that the orcs were looking for a potion to counteract poisoned food of their own. Farther northeast of the camp, I chanced upon a bedroll tucked under a fallen log. Ever curious, I poked it will my staff and noticed the corner of a small notebook underneath. Within was a familiar seeming script...


Less important than your other tasks, but find some seeds if you can. If you do, I'll add another two thousand to your pay.


Curious, I thought, iN was the signature used by Imperus Noxum a month prior in the journal recovered from Shame. Noxum had lured the Volunteer Royal Guards there to test his plan for immortality, the binding of his soul to elemental poison. The Guards had soundly defeated the fiend, and presumed him dead.

I presented both pieces of evidence to Captain Savos of the Royal Guard at their next meeting. Tomas agreed that the handwriting on the instructions was very similar to that of the late Imperus Noxum, and it was assumed he had survived and may be causing the current troubles.

The repaired orcish note seemed to fit in with the reports Captain Savos had received from scouts in Yew and Skara Brae. Orcs had been witnessed planting poisoned crops into fields and then returning to their mine. Curious behavior.

Once again, the Guards laid siege to the orc mine to discover just how involved the orcs were with the plot to poison the Britain food supplies. Once inside the mine, the enraged orcs defended their home from the invading Guards. During the fight, several things were discovered.

First, the orc's chief food supply, corpsers, had become infected with the toxin and were now diseased.

Second, a bottle of green dust was located with the orcish mages.

Strange bottle filled with green dust.

Third, three journals written by an orc named Mojon were discovered. Combined, these journals explain that the orc believes humans and elves brought the poison into the mine and made the corpsers sick. The orcs brought the poison back to the farms in retribution, and possibly to obtain the cure from one of the farmers. (Copies of these journals may currently be found in the north Britain Counselor's Hall, or permanently in the Library of Sosaria - just south of the Yew moongate.)

Victorious, the Guards returned to their unfinished Training Hall in the mountains north of Shame. While discussing the new found information, a single orc ran up to the fortified enclosure. His name was Olodagh, and he pleaded with those gathered to spare the orcs and to stop attacking their forts and mine. Eventually, a truce was made between the Royal Guard and the orcs. If they would remove their camp at the farms, the Guard would end its attacks.

The investigation stalled briefly, and no new poisonings or orcish incursions occurred. In fact, the two farmers who had been ill had recovered somewhat. I continued to investigate the matter, feeling the pieces still didn't quite add up.

I found a muddied scroll along the base of the mountains far to the north of the farms; it had been too badly damaged by the elements to read. The scroll has since been retrieved for restoration. I then headed to the home of Carina, the farmer that had originally been a suspect in the poisoning deaths. He informed me that he had seen Captain Savos franticly searching the area around the orc camp for something, and that he didn't trust him.

Curious about what the Captain of the Royal Guard may have been searching for by himself in the woods, I headed to his tiny office within the walls of Castle British. Just outside the main gate, I found a scrap of paper... part of a note. Upon checking the guard houses for a potential owner, I discovered yet another scrap. Two parts of the same note, its contents were disturbing.


From now on I shall write as Imperus Noxum. Put out that journal of his so people can see his writing style... They've probably forgotten him.
iN (Nice forgery. eh?)"

TS... Tomas Savos. This note implied that Captain Savos knew far more than he had told the volunteers, and that he may have had a hand in the foul deeds themselves. I reversed direction and headed for the Counselor's Hall to see what others would make of this discovery. Once again, I spied a slip of paper wrapped around the bottom corner of the memorial there.

It was badly damaged, and I couldn't locate any missing pieces in the area. From what was written on this section, I could tell it was another note to Tomas...


Don't forget

the castle c

row. Don't b

on't forget t

ons you need t

ave so bad news

mperus ive."

Simple deduction indicated two things immediately, something was to be found in Castle British, and that the 'bad news' was that Imperus Noxum was alive. As I rushed back to Castle British, I considered why Noxum's remaining alive would be bad news. Other than the obvious threat to Britannia nearly all immortal mages seem to represent, the only other conclusion I could reach was that someone was indeed forging the missives signed with his mark.

A thorough search of the Castle, wish caused many a nasty look from the nobles, revealed a note hidden behind a bench in the small chapel on the first floor...


"Peace" with the orcs...lovely. I do wish you hadn't gotten my best alchemist killed in the process though.


Another not to Tomas from whoever was pretending to be Imperus Noxum. But who was this alchemist, and how did they die? I could only speculate that it was an orc, killed during the last raid... Or was it someone else, as yet undiscovered?

I waited for the next meeting of the Volunteer Guard, and as they left the Counselor's Hall for the mountain Training Hall, I pulled Lord Magnus Grey aside and briefly told him I had evidence against the Captain. We agreed to wait for the opportune time to present it.

Captain Savos was just taking the dais to speak as we came through the gate. He informed the gathering crowd that a man had been arrested in Trinsic for striking a guard during a drunken bender, and was serving a short sentence in the local jail. The man, one Marcus Lucian, was a trader and had been the one to sell seeds to the farms in Britain. He wished for the Guard to question the man while he met with Lord Casca.

Marcus LucianAfter temporarily releasing Marcus from his cell, he was grilled repeatedly about the seeds and their provenance. He says he received them in trade from a farmer in Skara Brae, and that he sold them to Julie in Britain. The questioning quickly became monotonous, and it became painfully apparent that this man would be of little further help in the investigation.

Returning to the VRG Training Hall, we were soon joined by Captain Savos. He informed us that Lord Casca had chosen to nullify the treaty with the orcs. I immediately questioned the sanity in reneging on one of the few good things to come out of the recent turmoil. No explanation was given for this imbecilic decision.

Accusing TomasAfter being informed of the trader's uselessness the meeting was about to end before I spoke up about what I'd found. Captain Savos denied the allegations that he was involved with the poisoning, the forgery, and that he knew who was behind the plot.

However, as denial is not evidence, Lord Grey placed the Captain under house arrest for the duration of the investigation or until his guilt or innocence could be firmly ascertained. Grey led a crestfallen Savos through a moongate to his confinement.

Imperus NoxumShortly after they left, the already stunned gathering was further surprised by the appearance of a poison elemental. None other than Imperus Noxum himself, coming to give his thanks for having one of the men who had maligned his 'good name' arrested. He continued saying that he wanted the Captain and 'his friend', meaning whoever had been writing the notes, punished - and he wants us to do it!

When he was soundly rebuked by the Guard in the name of Justice, he set his minions on us. A fierce battle ensued as the Hall was flooded with poison elementals, bog things, poison clouds, acid elementals, and a particularly nasty acid serpent. In the end, the Guard triumphed over Noxum's hordes.

Could Captain Savos be a traitor? Who is he working with? Is the master criminal known as 'Pauper' pulling the strings? Keep your eyes open friends, don't let any scraps of paper go unnoticed - you never know what they might reveal...

Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Druids know the way to Skara Brae

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 6, 2009 at 11:15 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Skalin WindLast evening, Clannad Skara held a public ceremony in commemoration of returning to their ancestral lands just northeast of the Isle of Skara Brae from a land called Caledon. The Clan recently petitioned the High Council of Britannia to assume the vacant seat for Skara Brae, a request which was quickly granted. Lady Chelsee Lynn is presently the Councilor for the City of Spirituality.

Placing of the StoneA ship called the Skailn Wind arrived at the docks in Skare Brae carrying a sacred stone which would complete their stone circle. The procession of Clan and guests marched along the shores of the mainland around to the northern side of the cove east of the Isle to where the stone would rest. There, a Clan druid performed the rite of setting the stone.

Clannad Skara Meeting HouseThe festivities then moved to the Clannad Skara Meeting House for food and refreshments. Discussions amongst attendees ranged from the plight of the Britain farmers and the truce with the orcs, to the distasteful 'Virtue Laws' which Lord Casca imposed recently - Chancellor DaKaren promised the High Council would address those this coming Monday during the scheduled session.

A pleasant time was had by all, and Clannad Skara will be a most welcome addition to Britannia and the Britannian Armed forces.

Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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From the Desk of the King Pro-tempore

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 6, 2009 at 12:00 AM CDT
Royal Seal

I have chosen several talented individuals to help implement my new Virtue edicts. I have given them great latitude and authority to help guide people to the Virtues. While we face uncertain times, I believe these paragons of morality will help lead us into a new age of prosperity and goodness. Thank you, good citizens, for your loyalty and hard work.

-Lord Casca

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Britannian Time

Submitted by DaKaren on June 4, 2009 at 12:00 AM CDT

The Community Times, GL Tribune, and the GL Events Calendar now display the Britannian month and year according to the prevailing 12:1 temporal asynchronicity between Sosaria and Earth. (i.e. Time in Sosaria moves 12 times faster than it does on Earth, leading to 1 year in Britannia for every 1 month on Earth.)

Thanks go to Ra'Dian Fl'Gith for porting the Tomes of Sosaria time conversion code to PHP!

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Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on June 1, 2009 at 8:42 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Strange blue-hued lanterns have been sighted at the north Britain Counselor's Hall this evening. Each one is engraved with a 'Virtue Law' as it were... Though what twisted realm these virtues reflect is not presently known.

Rumor has it these laws are the work of the King Pro-tempore, Lord Casca. During my interview with him after his ascension to the throne back in January, it was implied that there would be changes to Britannian law, and a strengthening of observance of the Virtues.

But I ask you my friends, is the list presented below a reflection of the Virtues as taught to our ancestors by Lord British… Or is something untoward at work here?
Virtue Law lanterns

Virtue Laws:

Law of Honesty - Citizens must answer all questions completely and honestly.

Law of Compassion - Citizens must help those in need.

Law of Valor - Citizens must accept any challenge.

Law of Justice - The Punishment for those who do not plead guilty and confess will be greater.

Law of Sacrifice - Citizens mist sacrifice to higher taxes.

Law of Honor - Those without Honor may not hold public office.

Law of Spirituality - Heresy against the Virtues is a crime.

Law of Humility - Citizens will show respect to those with higher social standing.

I found Malag-aste, the High Council's Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the streets of Britain and showed him the new laws. His reaction was to declare their author "deranged" and to question "exactly which Virtues this person follows..."

I located Chancellor DaKaren of the High Council of Britannia in his tower in Newcastle Township to get his thoughts on the matter of these laws. To put it plainly, he was "abhorred at the idea that the Virtues could be so easily twisted nearly beyond recognition," and vowed to "determine the true meaning behind the implementation these laws." He finished with, "If the author is truly our Lord Casca, we have either seriously misjudged the man, someone has played a cruel joke and changed his intent… Or on the throne sits a madman."

A personal breakdown of each 'Law':

The 'Law of Honesty' would work in a perfect world, and could potentially be very freeing. However, sometimes the answer to questions such as "Do I look plump in this frock?" should remain a marriage-enhancing "No dear,"

The 'Law of Compassion' is the only codification that seems rationally justifiable, though one questions the need to make law what should already dwell in the hearts of the Kingdom's populace.

The 'Law of Valor' will make our streets run red with blood; not with that of an enemy, but of those participating in senseless duels.

The 'Law of Justice' is a complete farce. Those who plead guilty should indeed be guilty, not forced to prevaricate in the hope of a reduced sentence. Justice is blind, but woe be to the Kingdom should it be made deaf and dumb as well.

The 'Law of Sacrifice' shall line the coffers of the Kingdom in gold. But yet, I ask, how will this money be spent? Magincia has lain in ruins for years, its survivors made refugees. Will the poor be fed and clothed? Will the blights of war be mended?

The 'Law of Honor' would be sublime were it even remotely approachable. Honor is a fluid concept, a rigid interpretation is not possible without giving into fascism.

The 'Law of Spirituality' will completely stifle any dialogue regarding the Virtues. As quasi-religious tenets, their very nature gives their follower's ample room to question their beliefs - that is the very basis of Spirituality!

The 'Law of Humility' will draw class boundaries across every city and township. Respect is earned, not based on a quirk of birth or the balance of one's bank box. Respect everyone equally.

I apologize, dear reader, if my editorializing detracts from the seriousness of these 'laws.' If I am branded a heretic and an agitator, then so be it. The role of the media is to inform, to ask questions, and to make the reader think… Please, dear reader, my fellow citizens, think long and hard about the future of our beautiful Britannia. Think about that which you wish to leave behind for future generations, and that which you don't.


It has now been confirmed that the 'Virtue Laws' are royal edicts direct from Lord Casca. A new display has been erected exhibiting the laws just south of the Main Gate in Britain (2o 54'S 10o 41'E).

Virtue Law exhibit

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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