July 2009

Fallen Fiend, Friend Found

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 29, 2009 at 6:10 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

The King Pro-tempore has proven himself a callous and honorless piece of filth, operating secret prisons for his twisted version of 'Justice,' and filling them with those loyal to traditional Britannian ideals. His foul Enforcers roam the kingdom imposing the loathsome 'Virtue Laws' on any citizen daring enough to oppose them. These violations of the Britannian legal system should make every citizen's blood run cold...

Last night, a group of heroic citizens discovered the whereabouts of one of Casca's secret prisons - one of three such illegal detention centers. Casca used black marketeers to obfuscate their construction, and to keep the citizenry in the dark. He even contracted with daemons to torture the prisoners for information.

The Nightmare Shaper's Lair.The secret prison lay under Wrong, an ironic place to hide it - Wrong having once been a prison in antiquity before the injustices committed there made the walls ooze with evil. An altar located in the lair of the Sicarii granted access to the newly carved deep level which held the active prison. There, a daemon called the Nightmare Shaper attacked the group - its journal detailed its perverse love of torture.

Fighting the Enforcer Morton.Continuing deeper into the prison, they slew its many vile creature-guards until they neared the end of the northern tunnel. There they found none other but Enforcer Morton, Casca's chief toady, wielding his halberd. A rather long and brutal fight ensued, ultimately ending with Morton's final breath. As the celebratory cheer's echoed faded, the group rushed to the only occupied cell. Lord Magnus Grey, Minister of Agriculture, stood mute behind magically silenced bars. He was quickly released and informed of the last five weeks worth of events he missed during his captivity.

Lord Magnus Grey in his magical cell.In a pile of Morton's belongings lay a log of the prison. It detailed his recent activities, including the attacks against the High Council, Skara Brae, and Tokuno, as well as the 'purchase' of the Nightmare Shaper.

Casca has tried to blame 'Anarchists' for terrorizing the realm in a vain attempt to cover his own misdeeds as Pauper, tool of the Shadowlords. He has fabricated a lie to blame them for his counterfeit Bell of Courage - the real Bell is safely hidden away from his evil hands. He has put out yet another worthless piece of propaganda:

It is my sad duty to inform the citizens of Britannian that one of our best has fallen. Enforcer Morton, loyal and valiant, was cut down last night in a sneak attack by the group of anarchists that have troubled our land in recent weeks. The dangerous criminals he was guarding are now free and are a threat to all of us. I ask brave citizens to hear my call and join the Royal Enforcers! Keep Britannia safe!
- Lord Casca

When I informed the Chancellor of Enforcer Morton's demise, he stated: "Couldn't have happened to a more worthy man." Then he looked toward Britain and amended his comment, "Wait, aye, I can think of one..." A sentiment held by many.

At the last session of the High Council of Britannia, Decree 442-A - The Cascan Resolution was voted in unanimously. This decree, as well as 441-A - Blackrock Safety Act and 441-B - Virtue Law Denouncement, was written by High Chancellor DaKaren:

442-A : The Cascan Resolution

The High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia hereby demands that the King Pro-tempore, Lord Casca, immediately step down from the throne of Britannia for arrest and trial. The governing of the Kingdom of Britannia will henceforth return to the people.

The High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia demands this based on the following grounds:

That Lord Casca, aka 'Pauper,' has knowingly and willfully committed High Treason:

1) Plotted to lay siege to Britain as the entity known as 'Pauper'
2) Consorted with known Enemies of State, i.e. the Shadowlords, the Crimson Dragons, the Followers of Armageddon, Melissa, and Andrew
3) Trafficked in blackrock for use against Britannia and her people
4) Murder of the entire Ruling Royal Council, Clainin, Joseph Wainwright, and Danth the Meer
5) Attempted murder of Sherry the Mouse
6) Kidnapping of Captain Avery, Michael of Moonglow, Lord Magnus Grey
7) Creation of a secret prison system for political prisoners
8) Creation of a secret court system in violation of the spirit of Justice and Truth
9) Issued the repugnant 'Virtue Law' edicts
10) Nullified a valid Treaty of Peace with the Yew Orc Clan
11) Appointed of 'Paragons of Morality' whose warped views endanger Britannian unity
12) Illegally shipped weapons to a cyclopean clan during 'relocation efforts'
13) Misappropriated Royal Guard and Kingdom funds, people, and materiel
14) Endangered diplomatic relations with the sovereign Empire of Tokuno
15) Illegally shipped weapons, armor, and trainers to the Terathans
16) Perpetuated the conflict between the Terathans and the Ophidians
17) Attempted to infuse Mt. Sho with dangerously unstable blackrock infused crystals
18) Endangered the whole of Sosaria and associated facets, peoples, and creatures
19) Attempted to cover his evil deeds with intimidation, bribery, theft, and lies

The High Council of Britannia hereby declares that the entirety of the Cascan Regime is hereby null and void. Casca, his agents, and anyone found willingly serving them in acts against Britannia are henceforth declared Enemies of the State. No treaties, agreements, edicts, writs, warrants, or document of any kind written during Casca's administration is to be considered binding on the Kingdom of Britannia, her territories or outposts, or her citizens. All those arrested and tried for crimes of treason are to be retried by the High Court. All those arrested for violation of 'Virtue Law' are to be immediately set free and the charges expunged.

No citizen of Britannia is to give Casca or his allies any succor in any endeavor, and shall instead arrest them on sight. Those found to be actively participating in the continuance of this regime may find themselves subject to arrest for treason.

Once again I urge the citizens and patriots of Britannia to actively resist the scourge which falsely reigns over the kingdom. Join with the High Council (the Anarchists!) and help to overthrow Casca! Take back Britannia in the name of the true Virtues!


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 29, 2009 at 4:21 PM CDT

There is an ICQ scam going around the last few days. 

Several ICQs have been hacked and the perpetrator is messaging from the hacked accounts in an attempt to get those responding to reveal the answer to their security question(s).

The hacker has also tricked a few trusting souls into giving their account information outright which is used to dry loot all characters and houses.  This hacker has been active on Great Lakes!

Do not give ANY account information to ANYONE at ANY TIME!  Just like EA Mythic will NEVER ask you for your passwords, nor should your 'friends.'

Change your passwords frequently, keep your antivirus and antispyware programs updated, and trust no one with your account.

Great Lakes Shard

Submitted by UO_Herald on July 28, 2009 at 3:21 PM CDT
UO News

Originally posted 28 Jul 2009 11:13:37 by Chrissay Zeeman on the UO Herald:

On Great Lakes we will be doing a revert back to Monday morning maintenance. While the decision to do a revert is never an easy one, this is the only way to resolve an issue that caused items to disappear out of player's homes on Great Lakes. This revert will restore the items players have lost. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank the players for their understanding.

Great Lakes will be down for approximately 1 hour to perform the revert.

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Traitor Discovered, Anarchist Group Subverts Justice!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 27, 2009 at 12:52 AM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted July 25th, 2009 by EM Iatu on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Last Evening, the vile mage Imperus Noxum intercepted a message from a diplomat that revealed the identity of a traitor in Britain. Imperus, however, left a clue to recovering the message, which the fine men of “Fat Kids Love Candy” assisted in deciphering. A special thanks to Charles, for gathering enough details so Enforcer Xavier could learn that Sam Oxley was a traitor to Britain.

Unfortunately, it seems news reached Traitor Oxley before Enforcer Xavier was able to arrest him. If Oxley is found, arrest him immediately and notify an Enforcer. The same holds true for Imperus Noxum, who was last known to have transformed himself into a Poison Elemental. The mage Imperus Noxum, and the Sam Oxley are wanted, dead or alive.

It is believed that the Anarchists were responsible for this subversion of Justice.

Help find the anarchists! Help save Britannia!

- Lord Casca

OOC Notes:
Unfortunately, a power outage during the event caused Malachi to be MIA for the end of the event, so we decided to consider it a draw. Sam Oxley would have died if Tess were available the entire time, but Xavier still learned the identity of the traitor first.

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Anarchist Group Attacks Royal Enforcers!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 20, 2009 at 8:16 AM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted July 19th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

It is my sad responsibility to report several incidents that affect all of us:

1. Castle Blackthorne was attacked by a group of anarchists. While the castle guard was able to repel the attack, the Bell of Courage was stolen by these villains and replaced with a counterfeit copy. We ask for all citizens with information related to the current location of the Bell to please contact the authorities. This symbol of our nation’s valor and bravery should not remain in the hands of these cowardly assassins.

2. This Saturday, the Royal Enforcers were on maneuvers at the newly constructed Royal Guard base. These training exercises turned deadly when the same group of anarchists ambushed our loyal patriots. Many fine Britannian men and women lost their lives during this cowardly attack. We will be holding a memorial for these heroes at a future date. Keep vigilant and help the Royal Enforcers learn the identities and location of these brigands!

3. There have been several attacks on our county’s roads and merchant routes by allies of these anarchists. We urge caution when traveling between cities.

Help find the anarchists! Help save Britannia!

-Lord Casca

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Search for the Real Bell of Courage

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 17, 2009 at 7:33 PM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted Friday, July 17th, 2009 by EM Iatu on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Gregor Corosi arrived at the West Britain Counselor Hall this evening with news that he believed could lead to the real Bell of Courage. Those who were gathered followed the clue to the Rock Dungeon, were they met a Gypsy by the name of Lupus Morgan. Lupus claimed to have details on getting to the Bell of Courage, and offered to help in exchange for help getting back his magical ring. After getting his ring back, Lupus guided the adventurers to the Spider Cave and the Blood Dungeon, in search of “Shadow Matriarch Silk” and “Bloodsoaked Blood Moss”. The group encountered quite a bit of resistance along the way, but managed to get the desired reagents.

After returning back to the Counselor Hall, Lupus said he would continue his assistance tomorrow, after he spoke to a few people to narrow down the starting point of the search.Unfortunately for Lupus, he was attacked on his way back home with the reagents, and they were stolen. Thankfully, however, a second group of adventurers was available to help him get more.

Lupus met the adventurers on Saturday as promised. Those gathered traveled to four merchants, following the trail of an unmarked package. In the end, it was learned that the Bell of Truth was now in the dungeon Destard. Those gathered entered the dungeon, fighting many dragon and dragon kin, until they stumbled upon the box. Lupus cracked open the box, emptying the invisible Bell of Courage to the ground. Before he could cast a spell to reveal it, a golden hydra, and two shadow dragons attacked. During the battle, the Bell of Courage was knocked over the nearby stream, but Lupus was able to locate it with a spell.

After revealing the Bell of Courage, Lupus recalled away, storing it in a secure location. Lupus returned to Destard, and gathered the group together once more. He worked out a way of signaling the need for the Bell of Courage, so that Lupus or one of his close friends could bring it to those who needed it. The signal: An alert passed through any news carrier, and the lighting of a purple lantern somewhere in Britain. Lupus also said that he would attempt to keep an eye on events within Britannia, so that he might be able to show even before a signal is given should the need arise.

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The bell tolls for thee, Casca

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 16, 2009 at 12:08 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Another edict from our reigning tyrant regarding the famous Bell of Courage wormed its way out of Blackthorn's Keep yesterday evening...

By Royal Edict, the Bell of Courage has been removed from the secure location it was being kept at. It now rests on a balcony at Castle Blackthorn, ready to inspire and encourage Britannia's armies in the coming days.
-Lord Casca

Traditionally kept in the fortress of Serpent's Hold on the Isle of Deeds, the Bell symbolizes one of the Three Principles which form the Virtues - Courage. The Bell was kept on display until shortly before the first appearance of the Followers of Armageddon when it was used in B.Y. 310 by Sage Humboldt to help defeat the lich twins, Laithari and Kyrnia. Rumor has it that it resurfaced briefly during the creation and exodus to Trammel, but no factual evidence can be found.

In today's era of unrest, one must question the sanity of removing a valuable relic from 'secure storage' to be placed on an easily accessible balcony. The Shadowlords have already gone after the Book of Truth and the Candle of Love. The Bell of Courage is a logical target. However, since Casca is in league with these champions of evil it is little wonder he would want to secure the Bell for his masters...

Fortunately for Britannia, many valiant citizens deemed this state of affairs unacceptable and wished to return the Bell to its proper resting place. Unfortunately, Casca's infinite cowardice has meant that access to Blackthorn's Keep has often been blockaded by magical gates leading to Deceit.

Secret chamber in Deceit.It was deduced that something in Deceit must be the source of these gates, thus an expedition was readied. They learned that an archeologist named Walter Drake had embarked on an expedition to the dungeon and discovered a secret chamber within. He had returned to the dungeon to learn more at the behest of Casca.

Following a notebook which Drake had left in Castle British, Deceit was thoroughly searched for clues. Once the hidden room was breached, they found a blue Moongate Control Crystal guarded by powerful undead creatures. After they fell, the crystal was easily shattered by a powerful spell utilizing several pieces of blackrock. Another notebook written by the Drake was found detailing the torture and starvation he endured by Casca's own hand.

Casca's counterfeit.Since the gates protecting Blackthorn's Keep disappeared with the crystal's destruction, the angry mob stormed up to Casca's bedchamber balcony. The bell resting there was obviously a poorly crafted fake which only the most inept of simpletons might accept as genuine.

Does Casca truly believe the bell on his balcony to be authentic? He may be a cruel despotic scheming coward, but I scarcely believe him an idiot. Where is the real Bell of Courage? We must find this potent symbol before it falls into his hands, and thus the Shadowlord's vile grasp.

Keep your eyes open friends, the Bell must be found! I fully expect Enforcer Morton to attempt tricking people into locating it for Casca - you must resist his corrupting influence and hamper his efforts in all matters!


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Morton's Fools Fell Fey Freedom Fighters!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 12, 2009 at 7:26 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Enforcer Morton lured many gullible citizens to the Counselor's Hall in northern west Britain today and bad them follow him through a gate to the unfinished Volunteer Royal Guard training facility. Once there, he explained that he wanted them to go through another gate and attack a force deemed threatening to Britannia.

Battle in Isamu-Jima Woods.The gate led to a wooded area on Isamu-Jima in Tokuno where the foolish people began to attack anything that moved. I watched in horror from the shadows as vile acts were committed, spurred on by the demented Morton as the group moved steadily towards a small tea house to the north. They were ruthlessly killing creatures typically aligned with Britannian interests... Ethereal warriors, meer, dryads, satyr, wisps, unicorns, and pixies all fell before their bloodlust.

Tea house massacre.Within the house, unnoticed by most, lay a small book. Its contents prove quite damning for the attackers, for they were not slaying enemies of Britannia - but enemies of evil.

Meeting Notes

by Fae Council

We along with the Meer have noticed a darkness gathering. We do not know its goal, only that it will destroy our way of life if we do nothing. We are gathered today to discuss the role we will play in stopping this future.

Those who did take note of the tome and its contents questioned Morton as to why they were killing allies. He answered by calling them traitors for daring to question Casca's orders.

The group returned to the VRG training facility in the pass north of Shame where Morton was questioned once again. This time, however, he responded by summoning evil creatures to attack them. Morton opened another gate saying he would abandon the 'traitors' to die to his juka and revenant minions.

Traitors!The gate led back to the Counselor's Hall where Morton said he was leaving to 'protect the King.' The crowd followed him towards Blackthorn's Keep but found the northern half of the bride had once more been covered with gates. The gates led to Deceit as before, where dozens of liches appeared to assail his foolish followers.

As before he opened another gate saying he would leave these people to die, and anyone near to him who was loyal should follow. Morton then spoke in the Counselor's Hall, saying that Casca must be obeyed and those questioning him were violating the Humility law.

Jason Drake, the OSS member who harassed the High Chancellor on the bridge during the protest last Wednesday, decried the High Council and pledged to support Morton with troops. Morton said that he had wished that he had been there for the protest, and stated that there would be other Enforcers soon.

Those of you who would follow this srow

These people have willingly participated in Morton's evil schemes and should not be trusted with Britannia's future. May they rot in the Abyss:

Sir Jason Drake, OSS

Exodus, TDR

Alyas Sunclan, G-V

Archie Deadeye, G-V

Godfather, G-V

Halhan, G-V

Lord Sir Knight, G-V

Lynchmob, G-V

Robin, G-V



Grendel the Monk


Little Brittle






Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Protest of a Tyrant

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 9, 2009 at 9:52 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Last evening's protest march drew quite a crowd of like-minded citizens to the First Bank of Britain. Many came dressed in Honor's hue, purple, or were given robes by the protest organizers - The High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia. "DOWN WITH CASCA!" seemed to be the favored phrase.

Bridge to Blackthorn's Keep.Golden Lich Statue in Deceit.Before the protest I investigated the route the march would take from the bank to Blackthorn's Keep, and found that the bridge to the keep had been booby trapped. In an act of unmitigated cowardice, the northern end of the bridge had been blocked by magical gates. Each gate led to a single room in Deceit which had been decorated with Golden Lich Statues. When approached, these statues would come alive and begin casting lethal magicks...

Before the march, High Chancellor DaKaren took a few moments to speak to the purple clad protesters from astride his ethereal polar bear:

"Greetings, citizens, and thank you for coming to this protest march!

Do you all know why the High Council asked you to attend?

Our regent, Casca the King Pro-tempore, has acted with criminal intent against the kingdom and its neighbors. He has sought to further the agenda of the Shadowlords and destabilize the realm. It is good that so many have attended, as I fear we shall not go unchallenged.

As Lady Z'muir stated earlier, we asked you to wear purple to represent Honor... Something Casca and his minions have proven they do not possess.

Let us march on Blackthorn's Keep and show this tyrant that the People shall not be subjugated!

Are you with me?

To the Keep!"

The protestors took off at a gallop for the keep, not quite understanding the intention or impact of a stately march...

At the bridge leading to the keep, the increased guard presence was barely noticed as people shoved past them ignoring their timid cries of "Halt!" Many plunged unthinkingly into the gates and the inevitable fight that waited beyond.

OSS members harass High Chancellor DaKaren.Once High Chancellor had reached the gates, he found two men standing before them dressed in the armor of the Order of the Silver Serpent. They both threatened the Chancellor for 'daring to stand against Lord Casca' and branded all those attending as heretics to the Virtues. The Chancellor merely laughed at them and declared "'Tis better to be declared a heretic by a madman, then to turn your back on Britannia's heritage in the destructive pursuit of power." The two men threatened arrest and 'dire consequences' for the High Council should they continue oppose Casca before they ran away.

Those who hadn't jumped into the gates to Deceit proceeded to the Keep's courtyard via boat or mage-cast gates. The keep itself was empty of all but guards, Casca and his Enforcer having fled before the Britannian People could arrive.

Once more, High Chancellor DaKaren said a few words before the crowd dispersed.

"Do not think we have won a great battle today... There is a long fight ahead to rid the throne of Casca's unfit person.

You must all thwart Casca's plans as they come to light. Actively discourage your friends from going along with Morton's criminal actions...

Trust in the true Virtues. Keep them in your hearts and we shall succeed in ending this tyrant's corruption!"
High Chancellor DaKaren speaks in the courtyard of Casca occupied Blackthorn's Keep.

Casca's poison pen wasted no time in drafting a laughable lie-filled piece of propaganda that even the dimmest of headless would see through easily...

Last evening, a group of anarchists attacked Castle Blackthorne in force. Breaching newly installed security measures, they caused some minor property damage and vandalism. Fortunately, most of the Castle staff was home for the evening, and there were no reported injuries. Since the Royal Enforcers and I were on state business last night, we were unable to arrest or identify this group. Any information the public can provide about these brigands is appreciated.

Because of this and several related incidents, I feel I must take steps to protect the citizens of Britain who seem to be the frequent targets of attacks by such thugs. I am implementing a curfew and putting more Enforcers on the street. Citizens are urged to provide information about possible criminal activity. Remember there is no Honor in protecting criminals, and reporting a crime is a matter of Honesty.

Hopefully we can work together to prevent future incidents.

-Lord Casca

Casca obviously thinks the Britannian People are oblivious sheep for him to herd in any manner his Shadowlord masters desire. The proof that he is the criminal known as Pauper is concrete! His desecration and perversion of the Virtues can be seen across Britain - the very city he wished to see occupied by the forces of evil! The tactics and methods employed by those who enforce his nefarious will are without Honor.

Fellow Britannians, we are past the point of turning a blind eye, or pretending the despicable acts this regime perpetrates do not affect us. Rise up friends! Protect your lands, your family, and your Virtue from the evil Casca represents!



Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Anarchists Attack Castle!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 9, 2009 at 12:00 AM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted Thursday, July 9th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Last evening, a group of anarchists attacked Castle Blackthorne in force. Breaching newly installed security measures, they caused some minor property damage and vandalism. Fortunately, most of the Castle staff was home for the evening, and there were no reported injuries. Since the Royal Enforcers and I were on state business last night, we were unable to arrest or identify this group. Any information the public can provide about these brigands is appreciated.

Because of this and several related incidents, I feel I must take steps to protect the citizens of Britain who seem to be the frequent targets of attacks by such thugs. I am implementing a curfew and putting more Enforcers on the street. Citizens are urged to provide information about possible criminal activity. Remember there is no Honor in protecting criminals, and reporting a crime is a matter of Honesty.

Hopefully we can work together to prevent future incidents.

–Lord Casca


Submitted by DaKaren on July 7, 2009 at 11:57 PM CDT
GL High Council

These men are wanted for crimes against the Britannian People by order of the High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia, and the High Court of Britannia. Assume they are armed and dangerous at all times.

-Chancellor DaKaren

Wanted! Casca of Heartwood, a.k.a. Pauper.Wanted! Enforcer Morton.

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Morton Attacks High Council Again

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 7, 2009 at 1:20 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Once again Enforcer Morton proves just how little Honor he possess by daring to attack the High Council this eve. As if his sound defeat at the 315th session wasn't humiliating enough, for a second time he sent Casca's Secret Police to try and slay the Council and those attending. Their elite ninjitsu failed them as one by one they fell outside the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center in Compassion Grove, their blood turning the grass to slick crimson mire.

Casca's Secret Police attack the 316th High Council session

A note slipped out of the pack of their leader, a Juka Lord dressed in the armor of Pauper's forces, as he lay gasping his last breath. A strange bird not seen since the first stirrings of Pauper rustled in the trees near the bloodshed as the note was rushed to Chancellor DaKaren. The note contained the battalion's orders from Enforcer Morton...


by Enforcer Morton

You are to attack the meeting tonight. Leave none alive, but leave evidence that a third party (brigands, orcs, etc.) was responsible. You will be outnumbered, so use deceit and trickery.

So Casca no longer wishes the Council simply arrested, he wants them dead! Men and women who were elected to serve the Britannian People. Ah, the ways of the tyrant...

Why bother with the pretense of Justice when death can silence your enemies so much quicker? Especially when the uncomfortable reality is that they know who and what you really are, and they have that annoying truth thing on their side... What is the scheming power-mad despot to do? Poor Casca... or Pauper... whichever mask his blackened soul wears today...

The High Council will continue to be a thorn in Casca's side until the traitor either relinquishes the throne to the Britannian People, or lies in a spreading pool of his own effluence as his Shadowlord masters abandon him.

In fact, after the battle the Council listened to the gathered citizens and agreed to hold a protest march this Wednesday, July 8th at 8pm under the Central Skies.

From the secretary to the High Chancellor:

Join the High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia on a march against the tyranny and oppression of Lord Casca!

We march to show our solidarity to the true Virtues of Lord British in the name of Truth, Love and Courage. Join us and show your support and that you have the Valor to rise up against despotism. Show Britannia that you have the Honor to do what is right!

Do not be swayed by the false promises of a fork-tongued dictator! He, who has taken up arms against his own citizens and orchestrated the murder of the celebrated hero Clainin. He who has plotted to make the citizens of Britain suffer. He, who seeks to make war with our neighbors in Tokuno. He, who served the Shadowlords in their stratagem to consume Sosarian Virtue!

Wednesday night, July 8th at 8pm by the Central Skies we will march from The First Bank of Britain to the gates of Blackthorn's Keep and declare our solidarity against Casca! Show Britannia your Honor by dressing in purple and joining our march!

High Council defiantly announce protest march from the courtyard of Blackthorn's Keep!

Abandon the drudgery of Luna bank for an evening to walk with the High Council and take a stand for Britannia! The peoples of this kingdom are where it's true power and will lies. Let us remind the beastly Casca that he is but a mere man, an evil despicable man, but a man nonetheless.

To those who would follow Casca, or his lackey Morton, and aid them in their illicit ventures - Know you this: you reap what you sow, and the Abyss cometh for you...



Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Enforcers in Tokuno

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 5, 2009 at 7:49 PM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted July 5th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Today, several brave citizens did their civic duty and stopped a dangerous group in Tokuno. Lead by Enforcer Morton, they fought hard despite being outnumbered. While I can’t reveal the full nature of the plot for security reasons, I can tell you that without this important mission, many Britannian lives would be lost. These heroes have my thanks.
– Lord Casca

No Title

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Enforcer Morton shames Britannia

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 5, 2009 at 1:38 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Enforcer MortonOver the last two days, Enforcer Morton has been a busy little minion of the evil tyrant who threatens to corrupt the very foundations of Britannia... The vile Casca apparently sent him to Skara Brae yesterday to 'arrest several brigands who were plotting crimes against our fair land.' I'd wager these poor souls did little more than hold a meeting to voice concerns over Casca's slimy ways.

A piece of propaganda made its way off the King Pro-tempore's desk regarding the incident:

Royal Enforcers Arrest Traitors

Tonight, several loyal citizens broke up a meeting of several brigands who were plotting crimes against our fair land. Lead by Enforcer Morton, they entered the Skara Brae Ranger's Guild and arrested the traitors. They have my thanks. They are paragons of Justice and Honor that should inspire all of us.

- Lord Casca

Galen, who stumbled onto the slaughter and later reported the incident to me, had this to say, "It was a gruesome scene. I have no confidence that any of the victims did anything wrong. Morton is more a monster than a man, hiding behind a brutal army. It's very clear at this point that Casca is a traitor to the realm and to the Virtues. All I can do is pray that the tide turns soon and that, if it does, I'm there when the hammer falls on them both."

Enforcer Morton and four traitors to BritanniaThere is no Justice or Honor in a mob, only chaos and bloodlust. An image depicting those who helped Morton in this despicable act was published with Casca's manure-laden drivel. The four pictured to the right are the true traitors to Britannia, they and Enforcer Morton should be brought up on charges!

Earlier today, Enforcer Morton once again duped a group of people into doing Casca's dirty work. The Enforcer led an attack on the Yomotsu mines to 'recover several stolen items.' A second piece of propaganda trash slithered its way off Casca's desk:

Stolen Items Recovered from Yomotsu

Once again, I would like to thank the citizens of Britannia and Enforcer Morton for a job well done. Coordinating with Tokuno authorities, these valiant warriors were able to recover several stolen items from the Yomotsu Mines.

-Lord Casca

Royal Staff removed from Yomotsu mineMy investigation of the mine after the Enforcer bullied his way through revealed that the Royal Staff, which had been given to Yometsu in exchange for his Blade, had been taken away. 'Stolen items' indeed. Casca merely had his lackey clean up evidence of his continued betrayal of the Britannian People!

General Takehiko Yamamoto of the Imperial GuardI spoke with General Takehiko Yamamoto of the Imperial Guard in Zento regarding the raid, and he seemed less than pleased - mainly due to the fact there had been no 'coordinating' at all. In fact, the Empire is most upset with Casca for his unwanted edicts and diplomatic interference. Since the cyclops incident several weeks ago, the Empress has taken a very dim view of Casca - and of Britannians in general.

The High Council was unsurprised by Morton's actions. Since his feeble attempt to arrest them two weeks ago, they have hired Virtuous citizens to help guard Compassion Grove from danger. The High Chancellor reaffirmed that they "will continue to hold session in defiance of Casca's illegal warrants, and serve as a rallying point for those loyal to the true Crown of Britannia." (The next meeting of the High Council of Britannia will be Monday, July 6th at 8pm CST in the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center, 12o 35'N 37o 58'W)

Those who chose to aid Morton in his continued attempts to pervert Virtue and clean up after his two-faced master, I will say this: You are traitors to Britannia, and deserve the same punishment as shall be wrought on Casca. Return to the side of Virtue, or die like the sniveling filth Morton helps you become...



Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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The King Pro-tempore and the Pauper

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 4, 2009 at 8:03 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Casca's favorite book
Over the course of the last few months, a criminal known only as 'Pauper' has carried out a plot to cripple Britannia, and seize control of Britain. His activities have largely been kept quiet, and I have only mentioned this Pauper a few times in my articles as his true identity has largely been a mystery. This has changed....

Before I reveal that, however, I believe a recounting of the villain's fell deeds is in order - as the citizenry should know the full depth of this man's evil.

Pauper kills his pawn
Pauper's first known act was to turn a Royal Intelligence operative stationed in Trinsic, Felucca to his will. This traitor played a small part in Andrew and Melissa's assassination of the Royal Mage Clainin. In a cowardly attempt cover his tracks, Pauper lured his new follower into a lethal trap.

The next time his influence could be felt was during a state dinner held in Castle British where Danth, a Meer dignitary, was poisoned. Pauper's pawn in this act was one Elizabella Prospero, an ambitious mage from Moonglow, who used a new form of blackrock poison. Elizabella's life came to an abrupt end in the Malas pyramid; this would become a running theme for those who aided the Pauper.

Strange blackrock ore
Further activity from Pauper involved the smuggling of a strange blackrock ore. The ore made it into the hands of the orcs who live in the mine southeast of Yew, along with a book detailing the construction of an advanced war machine: a blackrock golem. The threat was swiftly destroyed, as the orcs had only managed to construct one prototype.

Michael of Moonglow's Notebook on Blackrock
Michael of Moonglow, a mage researching the unusual properties of blackrock, was the Pauper's next target. Pauper thought the mage's research could be valuable and had him abducted and taken to the Pass of Karnaugh in Ilshenar. Michael was rescued and went into hiding after his ordeal.

An undercover source learned that Pauper's plans were part of the Shadowlord's greater machinations to despoil Sosaria. Pauper worked with Andrew, the unpleasant man who dwelt in the void accessible briefly in Moonglow. Pauper instantly turned from powerful criminal to instrument of evil.

A part of Pauper's larger plan was revealed in the Central Dungeon in Ilshenar. There, a massive force laid in wait for a siege on Britain. More blackrock golems had been created by his minions, along with a substantial gathering of powerful evil entities. After many great battles, these forces were defeated - or so was thought...

Royal Signal Lantern
Three armies had already been dispatched to Despise, the Hedgemaze, and Buccaneer's Den in preparation for the siege on Britain. Each army had been given explicit instructions to not destroy the city, but to cut it off from the rest of Britannia and make the life of its citizens miserable. Pauper's instructions showed a disturbing degree of familiarity with the functioning of the Royal Guard and the capitol's defenses. Once more, these armies were valiantly defeated before they could launch the attack. Britain was spared. Upon the corpses of the army's leaders, Royal Signal Lanterns were discovered - identical to the one which rests on Casca's balcony.

The next time Pauper's hand could be detected was during an ill-advised diplomatic endeavor conceived of by Casca. The King Pro-tempore ordered that the Diplomatic Corps help to relocate a cyclops tribe from the Lost Lands to a location in Ilshenar. The gate provided to the cyclops for their journey actually opened into the desert north of Zento. Since the cyclops had been foolishly provided with supplies by the Royal Guard, the people of Tokuno saw this as an invasion - an act of Britannian aggression. War was averted when the cyclops' leader was slain.

Armor given to the terathans by Casca
Since the Shadow War had ended so abruptly after the crystal allowing the Crimson Dragons to enter Trammel was destroyed, many questions have remained. Why did daemons and ophidians join in the attacks against Yew and Vesper? Fortunately both questions would be answered... The daemons joined in the attacks because Pauper and Andrew promised that a book significant to their history could be found in Yew. They believed this lie and helped attack the forest town. The ophidians who attacked Vesper were a rogue group who believed Britannia had betrayed the peace treaty after the Scion War. As it turned out, Britannia had indeed betrayed them - or rather its King Pro-tempore had. Evidence has been discovered that Casca sent weapons, armor, and trainers to the terathans to help them in their endless war with the ophidians.

Blackrock experimentation site
Blackrock veined crystals
Rumors of dark goings-on spread from Zento to Britain. Through investigation, it was learned that people had been abducted from Zento and taken to a small island north of Homare-Jima. That island was controlled by many powerful beings loyal to Pauper. A costly battle was waged to wrest it from them; and once secured, it was discovered that experiments with blackrock had been conducted there. Explosive crystals veined with blackrock had already been tested in Mt. Sho, projecting blackrock into the nearby environs. A larger cache of the crystals had been scheduled to enter the volcano in one week's time.

Forces were sent to the volcano to ensure that Pauper's plan would be thwarted, and ensure the safety of the peoples of Tokuno. Waves of creatures duped into serving Pauper's interests marched on the caldera, eager to throw the crystals veined with blackrock into the lava. Fortunately, very few crystals made it to their destination, and nothing dire occurred. However, this is where our story gets truly interesting...

Kapa's reward
Each of the creature groups had been promised something in return for their assistance to Pauper. The kappa were given a feast of gourds, a paltry reward for their aid. The Yama-uba was promised human flesh to quell its undead hunger, a truly beastly payment. When it came to the yomotsu... Well, their words speak for themselves...

The Deal

By Yometsu, High Elder

Tenaga-Ashinaga, our ally and father of death, comes with a man dressed as a king. We do not kill him, despite his form being almost human. He talks to us of our mines and our ways. He offers us new weapons and new methods of war. All he asks is one favor, a small ritual related to the volcano. We will gather crystals from Tenaga-Ashinaga's home south of the moutain and bring them to the lava flow. Tossing them in, a debt will be owed to us. To seal the deal, I have traded weapons with this man. I have his staff; he has my blade.

Kapa's reward

The staff spoken of in the text is a Royal Staff... Curious, no? And what of the blade given to the 'man dressed as a king'? Ah, well, this is the piece I have been waiting for... As I have been questioned about my articles critical of Casca...of not showing the proper deference to our King Pro-tempore. My loyalty to Britannia has been called into question, and even a warrant issued for my arrest by that tonaik srow... I shall no longer hold back all that I know, for the blade of the Yomotsu decorates the bedchamber of Lord Casca in Blackthorn's Keep. Pauper the puppet of the Shadowlords, and Bane of Britain, is none other than Casca himself!

Yomotsu Blade in Casca's Chamber

For those who cling to the false notion that Casca has Britannia's best intentions in mind, I call you fool. Of Casca, I call him TRAITOR!

Again I call on all Britannians loyal to the memory of Lord British to rise up and depose this tyrant, this e'trit who works for the Shadowlords to defile our kingdom. We must end Casca's reign, truly make him the pauper he fancies calling himself.




Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

(To see all the evidence and every book from the EM plotlines, please head to the Library of Sosaria, directly south of the Yew moongate, and look in the three colored boxes stacked on the western wall.)

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Stolen Items Recovered from Yomotsu

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 4, 2009 at 12:00 AM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted July 4th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Once again, I would like to thank the citizens of Britannia and Enforcer Morton for a job well done. Coordinating with Tokuno authorities, these valiant warriors were able to recover several stolen items from the Yomotsu Mines.
–Lord Casca

Battle in the Mines

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From the Desk of Lord Casca – Royal Enforcers Arrest Traitors

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on July 3, 2009 at 12:00 AM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted July 3rd, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Tonight, several loyal citizens broke up a meeting of several brigands who were plotting crimes against our fair land. Lead by Enforcer Morton, they entered the Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild and arrested the traitors. They have my thanks. They are paragons of Justice and Honor that should inspire all of us.
– Lord Casca

The Arrest

The Team

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