August 2009

Hitchens' Wandering Llama Trading Post

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 30, 2009 at 1:05 AM CDT

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Travel Warning: Skara Brae to Britain Highway

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 30, 2009 at 1:00 AM CDT
Royal Seal

From Skara Brae

Picture of the Two Corpses Found Near the Pass Between Skara Brae and BritainLocal Skara Brae Authorities report that substantial brigand activity has been noted near the Crossroads to Yew & Britain and the Pass to Britain.   It has reportedly culminated in the death of a female civilian and her ranger companion near the Pass.  Wandering Healers were the first upon the scene, but it was too late to be of assistance.  The ranger appeared to have been stabbed while the civilian's skull was cracked clean open from what could indicate the hilt of a sword. 

This follows a week after the Royal Armed Forces reported a missing caravan with no located survivors.  Royal Forces are requesting that all civilian traffic between Skara Brae and Yew or Britain be restricted unless urgent.  There are no leads to the current location of the camp of brigands operating this far south.  Citizens are encourage to be wary and be on the look out for suspicious forces that may not be loyal to the Crown.  If found, please report such activity immediately to the Fortress of Spirituality in Skara Brae.  Royal Armed Forces will be dispatched to handle the matter.

Vivian Fellows, Library of Sosaria

Event This Weekend

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 29, 2009 at 8:33 AM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted August 28th, 2009 by EM Iatu on the Great Lakes EM Site:

An event will be starting this Sunday at 5 PM CST.
Do not worry if you miss the ‘kickoff’, as all the details will be repeated in a book left at the Counselor Hall after, and you will have at least until next Saturday to finish (and I will make sure there is a bit more warning for the ending, as that is the part where it is a little more important that you are available to speak with the invovled character). The only thing you’ll miss out on if you can’t make it is the ability to be the first one to find any of the clues (and maybe an extra monster or two).

I have left details for those who missed it in the Counselor Hall.
I have also left some tips near the rooms in The Just Inn since it seems many had a bit more difficulty than I expected with following the clues.

Hitchens' Wandering Llama Trading Post

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 25, 2009 at 9:37 PM CDT

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The Nature of Shadows

Submitted by DaKaren on August 20, 2009 at 9:44 PM CDT

Originally posted by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

Britannia lay under siege, both from forces without and within. Her borders marred by intrusions by daemonic horde and mortal traitor, her fields in ashes, homes empty, deserted. The great cities still moved on, unheeding the carnage consuming the countryside even as voices rose in protest, only to be cut down by the merciless enforcers stalking the streets.

The agents of the Shadowlords moved freely amongst the common people, subverting their will with insidious guile. Their earliest attacks had taken a toll on the will to fight, and now the very people of Britannia were becoming part of their own downfall. Every day the Shadowlords themselves grew stronger, preparing for the day they could convert the world into yet another dark jewel in their ever expanding collection of conquered shards.

Worlds without number had fallen thus far, and now, this shard too would be stained with the darkness eternal. A few, a precious few, strove to fight back against this dying of the light. Hope had returned in our future leader Dawn, a savior in times beyond saving, who began rallying the faithful for our final stand.
Unlikely allies appeared, and pieces moved across the great, unknowable battlefield of fate. Even then we were helped and hindered by forces beyond our reckoning.
Amongst the chaos one man had sought out the secrets of the Shadowlords, willing to sacrifice anything to discern their true nature: to learn how to defeat them once and for all.

I, Dexter, write the following account of the Elder Mage, Sutek, a man I was proud to call my mentor, and in those days in hiding, my only friend. These are his words, the words that taught us how to defeat the monstrosities by our own hand.

“A bargain has been struck… we shall know what must be known.”

Sutek’s eyes stared into the pool of liquid light, I remember his face, blank, serene, his eyes piercing through the very ether.

“There are three, as we have known, and they are Astaroth, Faulinei, and Nosfentor. They are creatures of Hate, of Falsehood, and Cowardice.”

“Yet they are not… creatures, they simply… are. Hate, Falsehood, and Cowardice.”

“They are the very embodiment of the Anti-Virtue, they are everything… that the Virtues are not.”

“They are… not eternal, they have been created, as an… archetype, a shadow of a greater… danger. One which has not yet turned towards us, not yet…”

“Their mortal hosts… live, and yet live no longer.”

“Slaves they shall become… these agents of chaos.”

“Beware them, for though pawns they are yet power…”

“The Murderer, the Betrayer, the Fool.”

“Beware their masters greater, their shadows of shadows.”

“Our world was shielded from… their influence, their power. The great rift, in Moonglow, allowed them to pierce the veil.”

“Yes, it was then that the Lord of Time attempted to thwart them…”

“And is now cut off from the ethereal void as are they. That is why they are weak, all of them! They are all trapped here, in our world, without…”

He sagged, yet kept speaking, possessed of a stranger’s will.

“They feed on us… they grow stronger while the Time Lord weakens.”

“The rift must be re-opened so they can be cast out…”

“In another world there was One who was known, one, who, who fought them, and defeated them. For that world was saved.”

“It is at once another world, and our own world. My mind… cannot…”

“They are the antithesis of everything the Virtues are… and thus, they too have an opposite.”

“This… Avatar, he is destined to defeat the greater… power. While we in our worlds…”

“Yet we are aided, still.”

His eyes tightened, as through blinded by an unseen brilliance. After this, his voice changed, the meaning of his words shifted as though another were speaking through him, and no longer merely to him. They echoed in rhythm, filling my mind with images.

The dawn of hope comes; a light to fill the void,
and with her ride legions forgotten.
The cold of platinum against crimson fire,
elder ones return to the world of men.
She shall take in hand the icons of power,
The Book, the Candle, and the Flame.
She shall pledge herself to Virtue,
She shall descend into the darkness, and with her,
all the chosen kingdom, and there,

At this point, Sutek collapsed, and struck his head against the table as he fell into a crumpled heap atop the dirty floor. The scrying pool went dark as I rushed to his side. Only time would tell if he had said all he had hoped to say…

He awoke some minutes after, barely remembering his ordeal, or his breakthrough. He seemed a bit muddled, but quickly took command, and soon enough we were on our way to meet up with the resistance movement.

It was with this message I had written that we met our new leader, Dawn. And as she meditated upon these words a strange thing occurred, something we have never forgotten. A beautiful light seemed to enshroud her, transfiguring her before us into the very embodiment of our hopes. It was as though, in that moment, we all had a moment of perfect clarity, of what must be done, and the assurance we would succeed.

And that’s when the Dragons came.

Elsewhere, a filthy figure clawed at scraps in the gutter of the street, clutching a chewed apple core greedily. Grime was combed through her hair, her fingernails black with the detritus of a hundred nights without a warm bed or shower. She was dressed in a ragged kimono, out of place in the Britannia city, but uncaring.

Inu the Crone’s eyes focused. She straightened, lifted her head slowly, and with a newly clear voice and unburdened eyes stared into the heavens. She had only two words, two words she had longed to say for many years, that now spilled out so humbly.

“It’s gone.”

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Blackrock Mining Investigation

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 19, 2009 at 6:23 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Blackrock Bomb

A Royal Demolisher arms the bomb outside the High CouncilBlackrock has once against been the rage of news reports across Britannia ever since a Royal Demolisher showed up on the doorstep of the High Council planted a rather large bomb near the Chambers. Fortunately, thanks to the work of the Britannian Armed Forces and citizens of Britannia, the bombs have been dismantled and moved to a secure location. However, it was not the startling appearance of the bombs, nor the sensational adventure to disarm them that gave us warning that those loyal to Casca were dabbling with Blackrock. A report submitted earlier from Whispering Winds had noted the appearance of mine shafts said to be hauling Blackrock from the depths of a rich vein that runs beneath the hamlet. It was just after the appearance of a second shaft, evidence of ramped up production, that the Blackrock bombs appeared. Wanting answers, I headed to the Council Chambers after hearing word that the Armed Forces had confiscated one of the bombs for studying.

I unfortunately arrived too late to partake in the discussions, but Forrest was there and appeared to have some knowledge of the potent rock. He was locking up the bomb they had captured the night before, but said he had time to answer my questions.The southern and largest of the two mine shafts

Vivian Fellows (VF): So I am clear, this is the bomb that was found outside the Council Hall?
Forrest (F): It is, and we must be careful because it is indeed a live bomb, but we can rest easy it is only on a timer now that Lady Silverbrook has disabled the remote triggers.

VF: You seem to know some about Blackrock, can you give Britannians an idea of just how powerful this bomb is?
F: Phew, if this thing had gone off? It would have certainly taken out all of Compassion Grove. It may have even taken out the guard post on the road to the west. That was a large quantity that was densely concentrated.

VF: Densely concentrated, I notice you stress that part, why...
F: Because it is unusual. The amount of deposits that produce the large veins that could produce this amount are very rare...
VF: How rare?
F: Rare enough that the only deposits I know of are in the Lost Lands.

VF: How about the mines that have been reported in Whispering Winds?
F: I don't have any experience with those mines, however I have read of them in the Tribune. If it is indeed true and there is a large deposit, on Britannian ground... Well I must say, that would be a find.

I thanked Forrest for taking the time to answer my questions and caught a glimpse of a crest bearing the Silver Serpent beneath his coat as he recalled away. Another question for another time. It was time to go to the source. After a short ride and a ferry crossing, I found myself in Whispering Winds. The village was largely deserted. Pamphlets announcing the evacuation were still posted for all to see. The rafters of an extensive system of rope and pulley's stood rearing against the skyline. This mine was fully functional. I noticed a pile of Blackrock and moved towards the ladder to climb up and inspect when I found a notice posted for all to see.

Citizens of Whispering Winds, you are to immediately cease and desist all harassment of the Minoc Consortium's contract to mine Blackrock from this site for the King's army. Forces loyal to the King will patrol this site to maintain law and order. Citizens are expected to remember the Virtue of Humility as passed by our Lord and King, Casca. Know your role in society and mind your place. Be subservent to the classes above you.

Any citizen not attached to the Minoc Consortium or Armed Force caught on the premises will be arrested and held without bail or trial. Justice will be swift.

Viktor Price
Serpent Major of the Fortress of Spirituality

After inspecting the note and stockpile of Blackrock, I tried to find Lord Lore Denin, Commander of True Britannian Forces and a local Lord of Whispering Winds. However, he was not in the town at the time, most likely due to having to assist with the evacuated citizenry. I will not be deterred though, look to see an interview with Lord Denin in the next Politics! Britannia!

Vivian Fellows, Library of Sosaria

Evacuation Order Rescinded

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 19, 2009 at 12:54 PM CDT
GL High Council

From the High Council's Office of Britannian Public Safety:

The Office of Britannian Public Safety is pleased to report that the evacuation order issued yesterday has been rescinded. Due to the heroic actions of many brave citizens the issues threatening Compassion Grove, Empath Abbey, the Lycaeum, the Isle of Deeds, Whispering Winds, and the city of Trinsic have been neutralized.

Residents and business owners may freely return to these areas and go about their normal routine. The High Council of Britannia does ask, however, that any suspicious activities similar to the reports of the last few days be communicated to your City Councilor or any member of the Britannian Armed Forces.

From the Desk of Lore Denin-

Although the bombs have been diffused throughout Britannia, the mines located within Whispering Winds remain a danger. The Order of Evacuation remains in effect for Whispering Winds until the mines can be shut down and the large quantities of blackrock safely removed.

I am also issuing a travel advisory for any seeking passage to or from Skara by way of the main road, We recommend using a detoured route though the Fairgrounds to by pass the mines in Whispering Winds.

-Lore Denin, Lord of Whispering Winds

Explosive Situation Defused

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 19, 2009 at 1:10 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Blackrock Bomb.

Tonight, a rather large group of concerned citizens gathered at the Counselor's Hall in northwestern Britain to discuss the distressing blackrock bomb situation. The head of the Britannian intelligence community stepped forth to guide the group to those people who might be of aide in locating the hidden detonators.

Several informants, who shall remain nameless, led us to Eldroth the Royal Guard under the lighthouse in the Lost Lands. Eldroth led us to an elite royal guard in Britain who in turn pointed us toward five maps he had used to deliver 'magic panels.'

Blackrock Bomb Detonator.These maps led to the detonator for each of the five blackrock bombs. The detonator for the bomb located just south of the High Council of Britannia's chambers was located in the brigand fort farther to the south. The detonator for the bomb placed at Empath Abbey was found at the Yew Crypts. The detonator for the bomb at the Lycaeum was located in the Moonglow graveyard. The detonator for the bomb in Serpent's Hold was found in the evil mage tower in Fire Dungeon. Lastly, the detonator for Trinsic's bomb was found in the hidden valley to the west.

Lady Silverbrook poses with a defused Blackrock Bomb.Each detonator was guarded by a powerful Elite Enforcer and a few mechanized henchmen. While the bulk of the group distracted the Enforcers to death, Lady Silverbrook of Magincia managed to be the one to successfully dismantle all five detonators. The entire world can breathe a sigh of relief.

Each detonator site also had an identical note resting by the trigger panel:

by Enforcer Xavier

Install the controls. When I return we will blow up the targets. If the low-level grunts did their jobs well, no one will suspect anything. If it looks like the bomb is noticed, detonate.
- X

Unsurprisingly, Enforcer Xavier planned to destroy these five sites all along. Yet another piece of direct evidence for the case against the Cascan Regime, and five more charges of High Treason. Justicar Ra'Dian Fl'Gith of the High Court of Britannia has already put out a warrant for Enforcer Xavier's arrest, and amended the warrant against Casca to include these heinous crimes.

How Casca dared to think that these weapons of mass destruction would go unnoticed, let alone unchallenged, is beyond reason. He has placed the citizens of Britannia in harm's way innumerable times, while labeling those who stand against him as anarchists - rebels who would see Britannia in ruins. Yet he is the one plotting acts of mass murder and destruction. Casca must be ripped off the throne he stole from the Virtuous People of Britannia and held to account for his wicked actions..

Rise up Britannia! Cast off the yolk of madness that burdens our fair land. Rally behind one who will lead us to victory over Casca and his Shadowlord masters, one who has previously slain a great evil of yore: Lady Dawn!



Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Evacuations Ordered

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 18, 2009 at 8:28 AM CDT
GL High Council

From the High Council's Office of Britannian Public Safety:

It is hereby ordered that the areas surrounding Compassion Grove, Empath Abbey, the Lycaeum (northwestern Verity Isle), the entire Isle of Deeds, Whispering Winds, and the city of Trinsic be immediately evacuated by all citizens and foreign nationals.

The Britannian Armed Forces will assist you in exiting these areas in a safe and orderly fashion. Please take only those belongings deemed essential. You will be allowed to return after the situation has been contained.

Refugee stations have been established in Skara Brae, Vesper, Jhelom, and Luna.

Cascan Regime Endangers Entire World!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 18, 2009 at 1:33 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

319th Session of the High Council of Britannia.As tonight's session of the High Council of Britannia wound down its discussion on what to do about High Chancellor's DaKaren's abduction by forces loyal to Casca, a massive murder of crows surrounded the Civic Center in Compassion Grove. Knowing these birds to be portends of doom, we all ran outside to end their spying.

Royal Demolisher, dressed like an Enforcer.As the crows fell to arrow, blade, and spell alike, a darkly armored man was spied through the trees. Wanting to quickly put down any potential Enforcer attack, the man was quickly surrounded. He claimed to be a Royal Demolisher sent there to set up a weapon capable of thwarting a future invasion. The weapon sat innocently next to a tree, its ebon casing belying its sinister construction. This was no mere explosive, no dear readers, it was a blackrock bomb - one of five 'casually' strewn about fair Britannia.

Blackrock Bomb.

The shock that such a device existed was palpable; the anger that it be placed within spitting distance of the only legitimate government left in the kingdom was downright electric. The man claimed that these weapons had been ordered by Casca himself, and that they could be detonated remotely from an undisclosed location. He said there were four others that were being placed, and that they were of identical construction. He had only the skill to place and activate the devices, but could not disarm them.

The Royal Demolisher obtained his orders from Enforcer Xavier:

by Enforcer Xavier

You are to setup the following high-power magical explosive in the location provided to you. We will be using these explosives in the case of invasion to stop armies. The detonation centers will be setup separatly. Do not tell anyone about this as it is a matter of kingdom security.


Fortunately, he seemed concerned that he had been ordered to place his device so near the High Council chambers and acknowledged that the Cascan Regime had been acting suspiciously. After he left to bring the Council's concerns to his superior's attention, a leading member of the Britannian intelligence community appeared to spread warning about the movements of large explosives.

When he saw the bomb, and fathomed the true scope of the destruction just one such device could unleash, his face went ashen. He knew that five large explosives had been moved across the realm to unknown locations. He bade us to discern their location to facilitate future endeavors...

A systematic search of the Kingdom commenced. Knowing that Casca works directly for the Shadowlord Faulinei, and ultimately for all three, we focused on the Principles they opposed.

Compassion Grove Blackrock Bomb.The first bomb is located at 10o 49'N 38o 6'W, just to the south of the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center and Compassion Grove, seat of the High Council of Britannia.
At 67o 41'N 50o 50'W, the second bomb was located in the vineyard to the east of Empath Abbey. This weapon would obliterate the Abbey, and the Candle of Love in the cavern beneath.Empath Abbey Blackrock Bomb.
Lycaeum Blackrock Bomb.At 60o 55'N 149o 38'W, the third bomb was located near the apartments north of the Lycaeum. A detonation here would destroy both a great center of learning and the Book of Truth secured beneath.
At 157o 35'S 115o 31'E, the fourth bomb was located between the Dog and Lion Pub and the Broken Arrow Inn in Serpent's Hold. This device would devastate the Fortress of Courage, home of the Bell of Courage, and cut the head from the Order of the Silver Serpent who remains loyal to the Virtues.Serpent's Hold Blackrock Bomb.
Trinsic Blackrock Bomb.At 100o 16'S 40o 13'E, the fifth bomb was located in the park south of the Trinsic Meeting Hall. This weapon would tear the heart out of Trinsic, ending the lives of many a Paladin. The City of Honor destroyed by one who cannot comprehend the meaning of the Virtue.

It is unknown if these devices are related to the two blackrock mineshafts which have been dug on either side of the road leading to Skara Brae from Whispering Winds. However, it is known that these mines are controlled by Order of the Silver Serpent garrisons which are loyal to Casca.

Blackrock Mines in Whispering Winds.

We have seen the dangers of blackrock revealed in the catastrophe in Haven and the temporal rift in Moonglow. With explosives of this size, the damage to our world could be sufficient to crack it like an egg, or shatter our reality forever. These weapons must be disarmed and destroyed. The men responsible for their creation and placement must stand trial for crimes against the entire shard.

Casca's insanity must be brought to an end.


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Peering into the Past

Submitted by UO_Herald on August 13, 2009 at 3:47 PM CDT

Originally posted 12 Aug 2009 17:54:23 by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

Dexter’s brow creased in worry.

Across from him sat the elder mage Sutek, his constant companion in their self-imposed exile from Britannia. Not exile, he thought, bitterness welling up, but their flight. After Moonglow’s devastating events Sutek had latched onto the younger mage and the injured stranger, rushing them into hiding.

But why?

Sutek let out a soft groan – he had been hunched over the scrying pool for hours now, eyes unblinking, locked in an endless stare with nothing. It had given Dexter plenty of time to consider their plight, and the recent freedom they had found in the resistance movement.

The “why” had become obvious when Casca’s men had come for him: not guards, he remembered, no, these were people who ended… threats. He shivered, recalling their dark armor as they surrounded him in the small, cramped home. He remembered slamming into a chair, rocking back, the knife at his throat, the questions –
Sutek had gotten him out then, and they hadn’t looked back.

The third member of their trio, Sutek called him Hawkwind, was still unconscious. Then again, Dexter wasn’t sure the word applied to… him. He looked human, but the vision of the glorious personage he had seen inside the rift persisted in his mind. He could still see the white robe, the burning eyes, and the pillars of fire he had unleashed on the Shadowlords so long ago.

Yet this was no immortal, at least, not anymore. All Dexter saw was the husk of a mortal man laid across a stained bed, propped up by pillows smuggled to them by loyal sympathizers.

Dexter turned back towards the bowl just in time. It came on quickly, without forewarning, as magic flowed into the bowl and out from it, enveloping the tent in a diffused glow. A light blossomed beneath the surface of the rippling liquid mirror.

And then Sutek could see.

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Whispering Winds Public Safety Announcement

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 13, 2009 at 3:36 PM CDT
Whispering Winds

From the desk of Lore Denin, Lord of Whispering Winds:

A Report of a blackrock mining operation being conducted within the Whispering Winds town limits has been brought to the attention of the Whispering Winds Town Council. 

Black Rock Mining in Whispering WindsThe building in question is a Blackrock Mining Facility registered to a Brother Cephas. Although mining blackrock is not illegal (as far as we are aware) conducting a Blackrock Mining operation in close proximity to the Whispering Wind’s central square where residents live, gather and conduct business has been deemed "an extreme danger to the Residents of Whispering Winds, Citizens of Britannia and Visitors to the area as well as a danger to town property including but not limited to private homes, public roads and community facilities". 

Therefore, the Mining of Blackrock within The Town of Whispering Winds without an approved mining permit has been deemed ILLEGAL. All Blackrock mining facilities are ordered to cease operation immediately. Any individuals who operate, oversee or facilitate blackrock mining within Whispering Winds are subject to arrest and will be persecuted to the full extent of the law.

A Blackrock Mining Permit MAY be granted to a mining company that demonstrates their facility and its operation posses "no reasonable threat to the safety of the citizens and physical structure of the town". Each permit is evaluated on a case by case basis and is subject to approval by the Whispering Winds Town Council.

All business permits should be submitted in writing to Duke Greenspan, Whispering Winds Minister of Finance and Business, either in person at the Whispering Winds Town Hall or by carrier pigeon [ICQ: 82049051].

-Lore Denin, Lord of Whispering Winds

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Armed Forces Quartermaster Found Dead in Trinsic

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 11, 2009 at 11:53 PM CDT
Royal Seal

From Trinsic:

The corpse of Quartermaster LenaLocale Trinsic Authorities report that the Second Army Quartermaster attached to Trinsic was found dead in the Meeting Hall early this morning. The report indicates that her body was stripped of all belongings as well as clothing in the southwestern room. Second Army officials specify that Quartermaster Lena was supposed to be on duty towards the dock. Witnesses vouch that she was seen on station for much of the evening.

Foul play is suspected, however the authorities have no leads at this time. The report notes that muddy foot prints left by a canine littered the crime scene. Officials dismiss them as a likely stray dog wandering in from the park at the smell of raw flesh.

Local citizens are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for suspicious looking activities. Report non-locale, non-Armed Forces people seen loitering around the town. Your nearest Second Army soldier or Serpent Knight can assist. Otherwise, civilians should go about their business as overall security remains high.

Chancellor Arrest & Wild Rose Inn Monday Night!

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 10, 2009 at 2:40 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Britannian Armed Forces inspect Council ChambersIt has been almost a week since Chancellor DaKaren was arrested at the Council Chambers. No word has been heard or any lead uncovered as to the location of the Chancellor. Patrols have scoured for locations of suspicion. Several trips to Serpent's Hold have swept the city clean, but there has been no luck finding the Order the of the Silver Serpents, the alledged agents of Casca. The arrest seems out of character for the Silver Serpents and hopefully they can perhaps explain what has happened. May his holders show Compassion and see true Justice to spare this innocent man. For one can only worry what has happened to him in this span of time. However, the Armed Forces have managed to fight off Casca's invading forces in Luna, turning the tide with other Britannians alongside the Lady Dawn.

The victory in Luna could be a turning point in unseating Casca from the throne. To celebrate, the Wild Rose Inn will be open this Monday (8 PM CST). The Wild Rose is located in Newcastle, just north of Castle Redemption by the sea. A rune can be found at the Nameless Rune Library next to Library of Sosaria, directly south of the Yew Moongate. There will be drinks, choices of liquor, ale, and wine. Attenders are encourage to reveal any tips or rumors they may have heard of Casca's forces or Chancellor DaKaren's location.

Wild Rose Inn

Britannian Armed Forces are encouraged to come and provide security for the Wild Rose Inn. Casca's agents are regularly on the move and may attempt to harm or arrest civilians seeking to expose the King.

Alliance Dawning

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 8, 2009 at 11:25 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Last evening Lady Dawn was scheduled to lead a party destined for a meeting with the mysterious silver-robed seers. Unfortunately, she never arrived at the Britain Counselor's Hall. The strange bird seen scavenging the corpses after the Shadow Army's unsuccessful attempts to conquer Luna flew into the building and directed attention to a letter laying on a display case.

Strange BirdDawn left a letter asking that we meet her 'at the place mentioned in Sherry's story.' The story she references is not Sherry's well-known My Story, but a lesser-known work called Cat and the Mongbat. However, the copy which had been left for the group to read had been pilfered by the vile avian. It forced the crowd to chase it all the way to The Cleaver butchershop before relinquishing the tome.

Sherry's tale told of her day at a fair in mainland Skara Brae and her outsmarting a hungry tabby. A mad stampede to the Jollier Fairgrounds ensued, causing many to rush headlong into a battalion of the Shadow Army.

In the center of the chaos at the Fairgrounds stood Dawn, motionless as a statue - because she was one. Surrounding her current form were golden statues similar to the ones found in Deceit when Casca was using the Moongate Control Crystal in the secret chamber.

Statuesque Dawn at the Jollier Fairgrounds

True Shrieking GrotesqueAfter the army's defeat, a statue called the True Shrieking Grotesque cried out to those gathered that a lich named Pygmalion had turned Lady Dawn into statue, and that he currently resided in the dungeon of Covetous where he practiced necroartistry.

Pygmalion the Insane ArtistWe found Pygmalion in the crypts deep in Covetous, surrounded by many lich lords and skeletal warriors. The lich's demise came following a protracted battle, but eventually it was safe enough to peruse a book he had written about his passion. It described his work, and the foul act he perpetrated on Lady Dawn:

Lady Dawn Statue
Excerpt from My Art, My Genius
by Pygmalion

This current masterpiece was a request. I don't usually lower my art to the whims of others, but these Shadowlords understand my vision. Each one is singularly devoted to an artistic metaphor. Even the people they choose to associate with fit this theme. Astaroth has his hatred and his thug Andrew. A beautiful motion of aggression and despise. Nosfentor uses his kitten Melissa to kill from the shadows, a performance piece of cowardice. Faulinei's lies are poetry. I wish I could paint the many faces of his man, the Pauper, the Prince. The masterpiece they want shows their vision.

While petrification isn't my usual route, I understand why they want this heroine's curse to be temporary. They want to wake the stone of her form after they have won, to gloat and show the mastery of their vice. They need a paragon of virtue to juxtapose with their own metaphors. To follow their goals, I have cast a simple petrification spell on this Dawn. When the time comes, I will deliver the three mallet and chisel sets I have made to seal the curse. Each Shadowlord will take hold of a set and strike against the stone human, passing the magic to her stone form to reawaken it. A few spell words are necessary as well Vas An Ort Rel Ylem In Mani. Beautiful. Such artistry if I do say so myself. Now where in my studio did I put those mallets?

Somehow, I was fortunate enough to retrieve one of the mallet and chisels myself from the putrid corpse of the necroartist. A similar mallet had been located by Thanatos Angelos of the Legacy of the Fallen, and the third was retrieved by an unknown individual. We returned to the Fairgrounds to free Lady Dawn of her condition before she began to attract pigeons.

Unfortunately, this is where things went began to go awry. Several misguided citizens decided to take it upon themselves to be as juvenile and disruptive as possible, causing it to take far longer to revive Dawn then necessary. Once back amongst the flesh and blood, she urged us onward to the Shrine of Spirituality where the meeting with the mysterious seer was overdue.

Unsurprisingly, the Shrine was guarded by minions of the Shadowlords intent on preventing access. Once their corpses rested peacefully on the forest floor, Dawn chanted the Mantra of Spirituality triggering the magic which would allow us to access the seer's location.

In reality, the seer turned out to be Fayaxion, a majestic Platinum Dragon. Sadly, the children in the crowd behaved deplorably - swarming the dragon and interfering with its attempt to speak with Dawn.

Fayaxion the Platinum Dragon

Shouting over the stupidity, the pair came to an agreement of alliance to defend the realm from the Shadowlords, Casca, and the Crimson Dragons. Lady Dawn will lead the Virtuous citizens in the crusade against the forces of evil.

Their first joint action will be to end the Shadow Army threat against Luna tomorrow afternoon. Lady Dawn asks that all able bodied warriors and mages assemble by 2:30pm by the Central Skies (2pm CST, August 9th, 2009).

(OOC: Those who disrupted this event and acted like spoiled brats should be ashamed, their guilds should be ashamed, and the shard of Great Lakes should be ashamed. Spamming, crowding, and trash talk have no place at an EM event - or any event for that matter. Grow up.)


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Politics! Britannia! Interview with Chancellor DaKaren

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on August 6, 2009 at 1:30 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

With Vivian Fellows

Welcome to the first edition of 'Politics! Britannia!'. I had hoped that our first edition would be timely, and unfortunately, it has been. Our first edition has the dubious honor of being an interview with Chancellor DaKaren that concluded only hours before his abduction. It has been hard to transcribe the interview while hearing the rumor mill of who has him and why turn. I look back and realize I missed one question. I should have asked him... Do you fear success may end with your death?

Politics Britannia! host Vivian FellowsChancellor DaKaren of the High CouncilThe Chancellor's Office is beneath the Council Chambers in Compassion Grove in a seperate and rather large room. It's walls are the same fine marble that run the length of the Upper Chambers. Elegant wood panels run across the floor beneath me. I sit humbled with my notepad while Chancellor DaKaren sits, not looking a hair's length out of place. We exchanged the usual greetings and pleasantries before we cut to the questions.

Q:Vivian Fellows: My first question is to the protest organized by the Council a few moons ago. At what point was it you felt you could not take it anymore?

A:DaKaren: That is a tricky question... Casca seemed like a capable leader at first, albeit his rise to power was.. unusual. The Virtue Law Edict and their.. er.. paragons.. were the defining moment I believe. There had been reports of strange activity and illicit.. uh.. endeavors.. which Casca had been linked to.

Q:VF: Do you speak of the large parties seen organized in the streets by Morton?

A:DK: No, those came later.. Casca had been linked to criminal goings-on around the capitol and throuought the realm. They quite well documented in Martyna's articles..

The answer bothered me so I decided to press the Chancellor on what he thought of activities. I wanted something more, something concise.

Q:VF: I'm not asking Martyna's opinion. You are the Chancellor of the High Council. What are your thoughts? Your opinion matters in the minds of people.

A:DK: Indeed, but I do not exist in a vacuum... I rely on the insights of others as well, for wisdom does not form from nothingness.

Q:VF: Lets go back to Martyna's articles. The Crown and Enforcer Morton have charged my co-worker, something I must disclose to be fair, with fabricating charges of slaughtering innocents for propaganda. Where do you come down on this? Do you think it possible or is it unquestionable in your mind for Casca not to be guilty?

A:DK: She is meerly a voice who speaks against the regime. There are many eye witnesses to the events she has written about, much in the way of hard evidence. No, I have seen enough myself to know that Casca is not the man he claims to be.

The Interview

Q:VF: Tell me, what is it like being Chancellor in these trying times? Does it ever get to you?

A:DK: I will not pretend that it is not difficult... The Kingdom has been through quite a bit the last few years... But has it gotten to me? Nay, not as such.. I can not allow it to, for the Council must stand as a beacon of light and Virtue in the darkness.

Q:VF: You say it has been difficult. Are there any in paticular that have stood out to you in their help in these dark times?

A:DK: Other than the entirity of the the Council and the Britannian Armed Forces? I believe that Minister Grey and Captain Savos both were instrumental in maintaining order.

Q:VF: What do you see unfolding for Britannia in the coming years? War? Perhaps Peace?

A:DK: Peace would be preferable, after these prolongled battles with the Shadowlords and their.. minions.

Q:VF: Do you see this peace without Casca?

A:DK: Since Casca is one of the aforementioned minions, I would hope so. With what has come to light about his character, he is completely unsuited to hold any public office in the realm.

Q:VF: I notice you don't go as far as to wish him death, but merely question his right to hold office?

At this point, the Chancellor sighed and became visibly uncomfortable with the question.

A:DK: He deserves to stand trial for his many crimes against the Peoples of Britannia and the Empire of Tokuno. Both as the King Pro-tempore, and as the Pauper. What sentence he may recieve is beyond my pervue.

Q:VF: You mention trials... What will the High Council have of those who do not believe the charges against Casca and swear their loyalty to him?

A:DK: One would have to be deranged to follow a man who serves one of the greatest evils this realm has ever faced. How anyone could not find the evidence gathered against him compelling is mind boggling.

Q:VF: One last question for the night. What are your thoughts on the recent reports of arson at Dawn's cottage?

A:DK: As I told Martyna, I suspect the source of the announcement. It is curious that a lone cottage on the outskirts of Yew would rank high on Casca's agenda.... Lest the cottage had been illicit under observation.

The Council meeting was fast approaching and with that answer, the Chancellor stood and it was apparent the interview was concluded. I thanked and bidded the Chancellor well and went to take my position at the back of the Council Chambers.

It is the opinion of this journalist that those who have taken the Chancellor would do well not to harm him. Britannia is on the brink. Subjects to the King are acting in open defiance. Rumored evidence seeks to tar the reputation of the King. Check in next time as we try to address this issue.

Politics! Britannia! is a bi-weekly article that tackles the goings of the High Council and it's many apparatuses, including the High Court and Britannian Armed Forces. Host Vivian Fellows maintains a small cottage north of the city of Britain

Dawn Rising

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 5, 2009 at 5:10 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Seer AdelaisCitizens troubled by the arson at the Yew home of Lady Dawn gathered tonight in Britain. They traveled to her home to discover that there was now someone to speak to concerning the crime. A guard named Lars had been station at the nearby Court of Truth.

However, before they could head there a silver cloaked seer named Adelais revealed himself and stated that he knew this group would be looking for Lady Dawn and that he had message to be delivered to her. His 'order' wished to speak to her about an important matter later in the week, he wished her to meet them at a special location.

Lars the GuardAfter taking down the message, we dashed off to Lars who was located in the first floor courtroom at the Court of Truth. He informed the seekers that the local farmers had seen an 'orange man' fleeing from the scene of the arson towards the moongate. Three pieces of evidence had been discovered around the blazing house: a letter to Dawn from Sherry the mouse, a strange fire horn with the words chaos and fire inscribed on it, and a Montor Lava Stone necklace.

Charbon the PyromancerA rush to the Yew moongate followed, retracing the steps of the man's escape to the ruined city of Montor in Ilshenar. After fighting from the Chaos gate through the fiery denizens of the ruins, Charbon the Pyromancer appeared and led the group on a merry chase. Once cornered, the fire obsessed mage divulged that he had been hired by two men wearing heavy plate armor. The Enforcers immediately came to mind, perhaps a direct link between the arson and the duplicitous Casca?

Running with that hunch, Blackthorn's Keep was the next stop. There, we found damning evidence on the floor of Casca's bedchamber. Within a box engraved with 'Problems to Solve', rests two letters between Dawn and Sherry along with an admission from Enforcer Xavier that he executed a man for a nonexistent crime. Yet another senseless murder in furtherance of Casca's mad scheme to subjugate our realm in the name of the despicable Shadowlords.

by Royal Enforcers

Warrant for Arrest and Execution of Robert of Yew

Crime: Unauthorized Mail Delivery

Lord Casca,
I have captured and executed the scum. I'm sending you all the letters he was carrying.

-Enforcer Xavier

Within the letters lay the current location of both Dawn and Sherry. Dawn had gone on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Justice, while Sherry had set off to hide amongst the tomes of Terort Skitas in Ilshenar.

Dawn at the Shrine of Justice
Terort Skitas
Lady Dawn, Hero of BritanniaHeading to the Shrine, we located Dawn meditating on the mantra of Justice. Recent events had been weighing heavily upon her, and she was once more eager to wield her family sword in defense of Britannia.

Sherry's well being was her first priority, so we headed through the Valor gate and into Ilshenar. We found that Terort Skitas overrun with Pauper's agents, Casca obviously wanted Dawn to walk into a trap and hoped Sherry would be a casualty as well. Fortunately, the group deftly dealt with the agents and determined that Sherry had escaped to a safe location.

A great Hero of the Realm has returned to Britannia's aid, and once more Casca's treachery has been exposed. Dawn helped to rid Sosaria of the last would-be-leader gone rogue; we must rally to her side to help bring down the corrupt Casca.

Queen Dawn, anyone?


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Dawn of Hope

Submitted by UO_Herald on August 4, 2009 at 7:01 PM CDT

Originally posted 04 Aug 2009 18:03:14 by Tim "Draconi" Cotten on the UO Herald:

She kneeled in front of the wooden chest, gently brushing her fingers atop the aged mahogany.  The corner of the house was quiet; her only company the tiny motes of dust spinning in gentle pirouettes down an errant shaft of light.

Pulling the old brass key from her skirt sent a glancing ray around the room to play across the ceiling. She gazed at it for a moment, remembering, and lowered it towards the chest. A sound, suddenly familiar, greeted her efforts with a soft click.

The chest began opening upwards, revealing the treasures she had placed within so long ago. In her mind the familiar refrain of an old song began: a song of strange places, of lost peoples, and of Stones.

The jewels and gold atop the velvet sparkled in the light returned, but her hands slipped beneath them, gently setting them aside. As the tales of her Lord and King awoke within her the humble tune carried on, rising in fervor. She lifted aside the smooth cloth, her fingers grazing against the cherished treasure beneath.

The door crashed inwards.

One hand had already ripped her armor from its resting place within the chest, the lid snapping closed, as the other leveled a sword towards the intruder before she realized this was no foe who had interrupted her impromptu reverie.

“We must go!”

She picked herself up, holding up the iron and oiled leather armor, shining despite the years. The man paused then, her determination, her calmness blunting his message. He realized what she held and turned around, suddenly modest, but spoke on.

“The madman let them loose on Luna,” he moved to make a spitting motion, and frustrated by the indoors, jerked his head to the side instead. “No place is safe, not even here.”

Dawn stepped beside him, cinching a band of leather across her waist, and strapping her sword to her hip.

“Then we ride for Luna.”

After the pair had left the old farmhouse a cloaked figure stepped from the shadows to regard the empty room. They never would have felt his presence, let alone seen him, and yet he had been there throughout. White hair with streaks of platinum spilled from beneath the hood as he pushed it back. He regarded the lonely chest, now emptied of its great charge.

“Such things should not be left to perish,” he mused, waving his hand, “When her work is done she will have need of you again.”

The chest vanished, and then so had he.

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Trying Times

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 4, 2009 at 5:44 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

318th High Council Session.Last evening the Shadow Army's attack on Luna took center stage in the minds of many of the realm's citizens. Heralded by the arrival of a vast murder of crows, the army marched on the city from a camp to the south.

As the army marched northwards, the 318th session of the High Council of Britannia's was underway in Compassion Grove. The town hall-style discussion of recent events was interrupted by a reputable emissary from the intelligence community bearing a message warning of the impending invasion.

High Chancellor DaKaren ordered the crows investigated and the citizenry protected. He remained at the Civic Center to converse with his adoptive daughter Dot Warner, and the previous High Chancellor, Max Von Bayer. The Britannian Armed Forces quickly donned their gear and headed for Luna.

Perched on the sandstone walls, the crows watched the battle unfolding around the city. The Shadow Army tried to overwhelm Luna's defenders with their 'elite' creatures, ultimately they failed. The army was driven back to their camp at the northern end of the bridge south of the city. There, the defenders discovered a book:

by ...

For the Shadow Army:

1. Attack Luna with demoralizing attacks. Surround the city blocking exodus during the attacks.

2. Crush any resistance. 3. The attack must cause maximum damage. Raze the city. Pillage and loot.

4. Fall back when the other side gets organized. Start preparations to repeat this until other side leaves Luna.

Shadow Army Camp.

A strange bird, seen at the Enforcer attacks on the High Council and other criminal actions of the twofaced Casca, had been witnessed pecking at the eyes of the fallen. When cornered or caught it actually spoke, indicating that the army would return again and again.

High Chancellor DakarenAs the bird disappeared into the trees, Max Von Bayer rushed up to the gathered B.A.F. members with troubling news. Two men dressed in the regalia of the Order of the Silver Serpent had appeared at the High Council Chambers in the Civic Center and arrested Chancellor DaKaren in the name of Casca. They shoved him through a hastily cast moongate and disappeared.

A return to the Civic Center yielded no clues as to where the trio went. The B.A.F. searched the traditional stronghold of the Order of the Silver Serpent, Serpent's Hold, without result. The B.A.F. will continue to search for the Chancellor's whereabouts and asks that anyone with information come forward.

Casca has penned yet another piece of drivel attempting to garner false accolades for his Enforcers:

Last night, the city of Luna was attacked by an army of considerable strength. Due to the courage of loyal citizens and the Royal Enforcers, this attacking force was pushed out of the city. We live in a time of strife and chaos, but as these brave heroes have shown, the road to victory requires obedience and sacrifice.
-Lord Casca

Reality, of course, is completely different. The vile Enforcers were not present for any part of the battle, and had absolutely nothing to do with the victory. The defending citizens are the reason the Shadow Army was routed, they deserve the credit. The Enforcers be damned.

Britannia faces a two front war my friends. On one side, we have the external threat of Shadow Army and the creatures they command representing a concrete malevolence. On the other, we have a malignancy on the throne undermining the fabric of our society from within. Both threats want Sosaria beaten and afraid, they want you cowering in your homes while darkness overwhelms the land.

The Shadowlords are the guiding forces on both fronts. Their plans must be thwarted at all costs. The Shadow Army must be resoundingly crushed, and Casca must be forcibly removed from power. You can make the difference!

(OOC: Luna WILL be invaded again, probably multiple times. Go AFK at your own risk.)


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Of Anarchists and Arson

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 2, 2009 at 11:11 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

The latest fecal-smeared page of propaganda penned by Casca to wend its way through the sewers of Britain:

More Sad News: Arson in Yew

Another attack by these anarchists occurred in Yew today. Anyone with information on this group should contact a Royal Guard or Enforcer in your area. Only together can we stop these foul brigands!
-Lord Casca

Knowing that Casca oft confuses 'anarchists' with the Virtuous Peoples of Britannia, and that anything the man says is not worth a tinker's dam, I decided to investigate.

Lady Dawn's home.As I live in Yew, it did not take long to locate the column of dark smoke denoting a fire. I traveled to the western most point in Yew to find a lonely thatched roof cottage, flames licking hungrily at its sides. I attempted to douse the fires, but they seemed magical in origin and refused to be put out. The front door was securely locked, and from what I could see through the windows it appeared to be unoccupied.

Lady DawnI ventured to the Yew City Hall and determined that the plot of land belonged to a long retired Hero of the Realm, Lady Dawn. Dawn gained fame during the Jukan invasion, later landing the killing blow on the half-machine Lord Blackthorn. She served on the Royal Knights for a time, and was the leading candidate to succeed Lord British on the Throne of Britannia after his departure. Those plans never came to fruition, however, and she returned to Yew for an early retirement.

Why would someone wish to set fire to her home, occupied or not? Knowing that Casca has pinned the moniker of 'anarchists' on the High Council of Britannia, I tracked down High Chancellor DaKaren in his tower in Newcastle. His reaction to the news of the fire was one of surprise and suspicion, "The High Council, nor any other entity similarly deemed 'anarchist,' would wish to harm Lady Dawn or her property. I would look to the source of this announcement with a highly critical eye."

My source in another organization considered anarchists by the Cascan Regime asked that the matter be looked into further, and I personally believe they had no involvement in the arson.

The only entity left with something to gain from this crime would be Casca himself. This act may have been perpetrated either by the malevolent Enforcers, or by the creatures he commands as the villainous Pauper.

Keep your eyes not on your fellow citizens, but on the malignant cancer which has spread its foul tendrils out from Blackthorn's Keep. Help find a way to end the reign of this tyrant before he or his Shadowlord masters devastate Sosaria.


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Warning about EM Malachi Armor

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on August 2, 2009 at 11:06 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted August 2nd, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

I noticed today a set of armor bearing the name “EM Malachi” that was dyed with one of the new Tokuno colors. Since I never made this set, I wanted to insure that everyone knew this. Also, I wanted to remind people that while it is mechanically possible to make a character with the name “EM Malachi,” such a name violates the Rules of Conduct:

“You may not impersonate any Ultima Online Customer Support representative or other employee of Electronic Arts, past or present.”

Since rules enforcement is outside my role and abilities, I direct any questions to the following links:

Policies and Rules

Information and tips on avoiding scams

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