September 2009

Queen's Meeting

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 22, 2009 at 12:36 AM CDT
Royal Seal

From the Royal Courtier:

The Meeting between Queen Dawn and Queen Zhah will be Wednesday, September 23rd at 8pm CST. Gates will be provided from the West Britain Counselor’s Hall.

Meeting with Magnus Grey, Sunday 9/20 at 8pm CST

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 20, 2009 at 3:04 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted September 19th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Royal Spies are asked to meet with Magnus Grey at 8pm CST this Sunday at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall for a short meeting. – Magnus

(This meeting will most likely be short and give details related to Tuesday’s mission and future events)

Coronation Planning

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 20, 2009 at 3:03 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted September 19th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:


One clarification: we will determine who speaks at the coronation based on the submitted entries. We have made a few changes below since

The following portions will be provided by the players:

1. Several speeches, written by the players and given by the players representing various player groups (governments, towns, businesses, professions, or guilds). These speeches should welcome Lady Dawn into the roll of queen. They should be no more than 300 words.

2. One poem, song, or story, written by a player and given by that player, that relates to the coronation or the war or Lady Dawn. Again, the length should be no more than 300 words.

3. Oath of Office. Lord British set the tradition that even king was not above law or Virtue, and Lady Dawn wishes to keep this tradition by having such a swearing in.

If you wish to submit an entry for any or all of these, write them up and email before midnight CST on September 25th. If you have any questions or comments, please email or reply to this post.

Also, since the players want on of the EM’s characters to crown Dawn, we have a new poll to figure out which one:

Current poll figues as of 9/20/2009 have Magnus Grey ahead by 16 votes.

First Contact

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 18, 2009 at 3:40 PM CDT

Originally posted September 18, 2009 by Sakkarah on the UO Herald:

Queen Zhah took the scroll her royal guard was presenting her. Their eyes met for a brief second as she silently thanked him with a slight nod. The guard lowered his eyes respectfully and with a slow bow of the head, as he quietly exited the room.

The Queen ran her fingers over the seal that bound the exquisite parchment the message was written on. She had seen such a seal before in the archives… a seal not of this world. The room was filled with tension as her Council stood staring at her intently, no doubt as curious as she was about the content of the missive. But were they as concerned?

She broke the seal and began to read. When she finished, she exhaled loudly and realized she had been holding her breath. She hoped it didn’t reveal the extent of the relief she was feeling. She lifted her eyes from the parchment and offered a restrained smile to Surnem, her Minister of Magic.

“Her name is Dawn.” she said calmly, then looked around the room at Hon-Aur, her Minister of Commerce and Uskadesh, her Minister of War, observing their reaction.

“Dawn?” repeated Surnem, with curiosity. “Yes. She’s the leader of our… visitors. Their Queen.” replied Queen Zhah. “She sends her respects and requests the pleasure of meeting with the leader of the magnificent world her people recently discovered.”

“She wants to come here?” inquired Hon-Aur. “No. This is an invitation to come visit her palace in the lands beyond the Abyss.” said Queen Zhah. Uskadesh stretched his wings nervously and said much louder than he had intended “This could be a trap!”  He winced and lowered his eyes in shame at the scolding look the Queen gave him. He thought to himself “Control, you fool... Control!”

Surnem suppressed the disdainful smile that threatened to blossom on her lips as she shifted her gaze from the chastised Minister of War to her regal Queen. “This could be good for us, my Queen. Since the Elves and the Humans have entered our realm, our battle against the void creatures has been far more successful. The number of new refugees has diminished by almost half!” Hon-Aur walked over to Surnem and stood by her side in sign of support as he declared “Commerce has also exploded everywhere in Ter Mur. Even the Holy City has reported a huge increase in sales and trades. The people are regaining a sense of hope!”

Hope… Queen Zhah wouldn’t let Hon-Aur see how his innocent comment stung her. That the mere appearance of these strangers and rumors of a foreign Queen would give her people more hope than she has despite all her sacrifices and all her struggle to protect them…

She walked off to one of the terraces of her palace and her Council followed her quietly. Down below, Humans, Elves and Gargoyles were noisily going about their business. It had been a long time since there had been such joyous activity in the City. “Passion and Diligence, Zhah… for the people” she thought to herself. She resolutely turned to Uskadesh and in a tone that suffered no arguments she said “Prepare my royal escort. We leave in the morning. Surnem, round up your Mystics and find a way to rebuild the gate.” She turned her back to them again to face the city. Dismissed, they left without another word.

“Hope…” she whispered.

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Coronation Planning

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 9, 2009 at 12:28 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted September 9th, 2009 by an EM on the Great Lakes EM Site:

While Lady Dawn has already taken charge and will act as the official leader of Britannia, we want Great Lakes to have an official coronation. We also want all of you to figure out the details. We will be posting more formal rules and details soon, but start thinking what this coronation should be like. How will the Virtues factor in? Who will crown Lady Dawn? What needs to be said?

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Long Live the Queen

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 9, 2009 at 11:50 AM CDT

Originally posted September 8, 2009 by Sherry the Mouse on the UO Herald:

Let it be known upon every isle of the Great and Illustrious Kingdom of Britannia that our own shining jewel, that radiant Star of Hope, our own Lady Dawn has been crowned Queen of the Realm by the common consent of Her people. 

In turn, let the works of Casca – the usurper, the murderer, the fraud and betrayer – be forgotten and driven into the dust beneath our heels even as we turn our eyes towards our new Queen. 

The False King is dead. Long Live the Queen!

-Sherry the Mouse

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Tuesday Spy Event Postponed

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 8, 2009 at 3:14 AM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted September 7th, 2009 by EM Malachi on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Tuesday’s Royal Spy Mission must be postponed due to the new expansion release. The mission will take place this weekend, day and time to be determined. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the new content!

– EM Malachi

Final Battle, Part II: Shadows Fall

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 6, 2009 at 1:13 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

As Lord Grey promised, Lady Dawn appeared at the Counselor's Hall in northwestern Britain tonight and opened a gate to the Daemon Temple on Fire Isle. She ordered that the Temple must be taken at all costs, and the remnants of the Shadow Army cut down.

A brutal battle to gain entry to the Temple grounds ensued - shadowfiends, shadow wyrms, and Pauper's Agents fell before the mighty Britannian forces. Fighting up the Temple steps, they found that the Shadowlord's servants had the beginnings of a ritual in place.

Daemon Temple ritual site.Red crystals surrounded the bloody pentagram, each engraved differently:

'Hythloth for the daemons'
'Shame for the Enforcers'
'Covetous for the Pauper'
'Shame for unjust laws'
'Destard for Melissa'
'Despise for Andrew'
'Deceit for Casca'
'One left out for the dungeon that is lost'

On the nearby altar lay a note written by Casca:

by Lord Casca

My Masters,

I have placed the focus crystals at the spots you requested. They are symbols of the dark spell you have cast in the past year. May your ritual to reform the Gem of Immortality on this shard be a success. I will wait for your shadow to cover the land in the place you ordered me to go.
--Lord Casca

Engraved red dungeon crystals.Lady Dawn took out the True Shrieking Grotesque in an attempt to gain insight from the mystic statue, but it instantly turned red in color and began to scream. Fortunately, it was quickly determined that the inscriptions were clues. Each dungeon mentioned contained another red crystal engraved with a letter just inside the entrance. Together they spelled T-R-I-U-M-P-H.

Potential Gem of ImmortalitySaying 'Triumph' in the center of the pentagram whisked the speaker to the underworld where the Shadowlords lay in wait. Upon an ebon pedestal surrounded by ether sat a large ruby - soon to become another Gem of Immortality bound to our world, dooming us all.

A Shadowlord.With spell, sword, arrow, and claw the Britannian forces descended on the Shadowlords true forms. Weakened by the frighteningly beneficial use of the Armageddon spell, the devourers of worlds fell one by one, their evil purged.

As Lady Lava reported earlier, three shards of the original Gem of Immortality slipped into the packs of three members of the Dragon Clan: Ra'Dian Fl'Gith, Pickle, and Gowain. These small blue gems appear to contain a tiny world inside, one which seems to react to the karmic aura of its holder. May they never fall into the hands of evil, for the sake of those living within...

The Ruby Gem.

Once victory was confirmed, Lady Dawn took possession of the oversized ruby and ordered we regroup in the throne room of Castle British. Taking the dais, she began to speak:

Lady Dawn speaks.
"We have defeated the Shadowlords and prevented them from making a Gem of Immortality. And if the information I have is correct, their servants will have died with them. However, in the coming days, we will need to find and confirm Casca's death.





A heart chorus of "Aye!" was her response. Smiling, she continued:

"Tonight, we will find those loyal to Casca, those who broke with Virtue and we will arrest them. They will get a fair trial, but we cannot allow them to escape and bother us again!I must go talk to some others, but Magnus Grey will talk to you about making some arrests TONIGHT, If you are willing.

May the Virtues be with you!"

She exited the throne room to the sound of the warriors chanting her name and cheering.

Soon Magnus Grey took the dais and instructed the crowd to seek out Casca's 'Paragons of Virtue' and secure them for arrest. All eight traitors to Virtue were swiftly taken into custody without incident. Lord Grey then turned his attention to the repugnant shield display in central Britain, rendering each one into scrap. The assault on the Virtues has ended, Casca's vile laws placed where they belong: a trash barrel!

With the Shadowlords gone we must shift our focus from warfare to social engineering and the rebuilding of our kingdom. We must repair the years of war damage to our cities, and finally expend the necessary resources to heal Magincia give its restless spirits a long-deserved peace.

Tonight, the war that has waged for the very soul of Sosaria has finally come to an end. The Shadowlords are no more, cast out from our Virtuous world. Virtue has prevailed, you have seen to that. Rejoice Britannia!


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Final Battle, Part I: Draconic Melee

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 4, 2009 at 11:20 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Lady Dawn speaks to the warriors before battle.The first battle for the fate of Sosaria began tonight with Lady Dawn receiving the Bell of Courage from its secret protector. "With the Bell, Book, and Candle," she said proudly, "the platinum dragons have assured our victory!"

Platinums battle the Crimsons.With the three most potent artifacts of Virtue in her possession, Dawn led the gathered warriors through a blood-red gate to Skara Brae in Felucca. There, the Platinum dragons were already engaged in fierce fighting with their Crimson cousins. Bolstered by the influx of warriors, the tide turned against the Crimsons and they began to fall.

Andrew, the Servant of Shadowlord Astaroth, taunting.Andrew, the Servant of Shadowlord Astaroth, crawled from under his rock to taunt anyone who would listen. "Those that kill the Platinums now may be spared in the coming days." As the Crimsons continued to fall, he lamented how "Melissa and the Crimsons failed my masters…"

Soon, the Platinums stood victorious over the last fallen Crimson, having swiftly won the battle against their wayward kin and removing a formidable ally of the Shadowlords. As they moved off into the surrounding woods to ensure all was safe, Lord Magnus Grey appeared and said that he had been on a special mission for Fayaxion.

Lord Grey said that Lady Dawn would be traveling by armada to the Isle of Fire to launch an assault against the Shadowlords themselves tomorrow eve. Gates would be provided at the Counselor's Hall in northwestern Britain for those wishing to join Dawn.

Lord Magnus Grey declares victory.

(Be ready for Part II of the Final Battle for Sosaria - Saturday, September 5th at 7pm CST!)

Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Mondain's Legacy

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 4, 2009 at 8:12 PM CDT

Originally posted September 4, 2009 by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

I, Dexter, continue this work of history by my own hand, writing only that which is known unto me.

Herein I shall expound upon the great legacy of Mondain, the secret that brought the platinum dragons to our aid. For what could compel those most ancient wyrms, avatars of age and power, to help the weak and inferior races of men and elves?

Oh, some shall say, that these great dragons are simply altruistic, the embodiment of good without motive to question. They speak as though these beings, whose intelligence dwarfs our own, could be cast into only one simple mold. This is folly, and an insult to these great immortals who fought so valiantly alongside our own lines to defeat their crimson brethren.

Some shall say the threat was never the Shadowlords, but simply the crimson dragons.

Nay, the threat was real.

For the Shadowlords had not simply feasted upon the suffering of the world for their own gluttony. No, they had discovered a greater power, and in their avarice sought it to the very extinction of all life upon our world.

The Three, those cursed in name, had begun creating a Gem of Immortality even as Mondain had so long ago. They had found, after great effort, a ruby gem capable of harnessing the power of our beautiful sun, and in their vileness corrupted it: feeding it hatred, cowardice, and lies.

This they had done in world after world, binding them time after time, consuming their power and leaving it to wither and perish.

And when those Three were defeated, what was left of their wretched mortal shells but shards of the very same Gem? A Gem forged on a distant world, long dead…

No, the dragons have returned to Britannia, and their claim to this world is as strong, if not stronger, than our own. They fought to save this world, and we, we are but a small part in their plans.

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The Bell of Courage

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 3, 2009 at 2:54 PM CDT

Originally posted September 3, 2009 by Tim “Draconi” Cotten on the UO Herald:

The dragons had come, and with them, power.

The power to end wars, or begin them anew. Even as the platinum dragons pledged aid to the battered armies of Dawn, behemoths of crimson red had appeared alongside the agents of chaos, fulfilling vows made in the dark recesses of the void.

Distractions and diversions had been tossed aside, strategies abandoned. A veritable army now answered her call, surrounding her beneath the ramparts of Serpent’s Hold.

The dragons sought to pacify the threat of their crimson enemies, in a bid to give Dawn the time she needed to take her army into the Underworld and destroy the Shadowlords in their hiding place.

The greatest of the platinums had spoken to her, telling her of the power each artifact held – that through them she would take on the mantle of virtue and pierce the veil that protected the Shadowlords.

There plan was simple, for time had simply run out. One part of her army would aid the dragons, while the other made their way to the daemon template of Fire Island, and there, confront the Shadowlords deep beneath the earth.

Now she held the last of the sacred treasures. The Bell of Courage was cold in her hands, heavy, as though weighted with the ages, and yet it resonated still – a new magic slowly intertwining with the power of the other two within her. At last, she was assured.

She looked out upon the assemblage below, a sea of faces all now familiar. Her friends, her followers, simply strangers a few weeks before, now bonded together by blood and fire. Beyond the crowd a slow mist rolled in from the shore, and for a moment, in that deepening fog, she could see all who had ever stood beside her, all who were left behind.

Her eyes caught those of her most loyal comrades, among them a master thief, a grizzled soldier, a young mage, and even a tiny mouse.

She lifted the bell forward, holding it aloft, even as the crowd kneeled in reverent awe, quieting to hear her. 


“Today we shall conquer! In Virtue’s name!”

The crowd roared in approval.

“We go not now to die for our kingdom!”
“Nay! We shall live to see her free!”

From the heavens a rushing sound descended upon the fortress city, as shining meteors of silvery light appeared above, in moments the platinum flight had descended upon the parapets, roaring their approval.

Dawn pulled back her hand, and threw it forward with a powerful snap.

The bell rang, a crystal note of righteous fury speeding through the crowd. The dragons roared again, their voices rising in a symphony of ancient song. The mortal throng too began to shout, and this was their refrain:
“Rule, Britannia!”

And so on they sang, even as their ships set out across the ocean towards the Isle of Fire, where at last their struggle could end.

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The Final Battle for Sosaria

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 3, 2009 at 2:17 PM CDT
EM Events

From EM Malachi:

The Shadowlords.

The Final Battle, Part 1 (Felucca)
Friday, September 4th, 9pm CST

This first part will take place in Felucca and almost certainly contain PvP combat and Faction fighting. Gates will be provided from the various Faction strongholds and from the Trammel West Britain Counselor’s Hall.

The Final Battle, Part 2 (Trammel)
Saturday, September 5th, 7pm CST

The second part will start at the Trammel West Britain Counselor’s Hall.

More information will be provided at

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By his own words...

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 2, 2009 at 10:45 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

It is no longer shocking news that the man who claims the Britannian throne is a lying, duplicitous, slimy bastard, nor that he serves the greatest evil our realm has ever faced. I have exposed Casca's vile behavior at every opportunity, stood against him with the High Council and other 'anarchist' groups, and earned an arrest warrant for my trouble.

Casca claimed Lord Blackthorn's keep as his seat of power, penned the repugnant Virtue Laws, ordered the death of Sherry and Dawn, raised an army to besiege Britain, and… well.. let me allow you to read what this monster has done in his own words.

This notebook was discovered in a secret complex under Dungeon Deceit last night; I present it in an unabridged, unadulterated version. Let Lord Casca pound the final nail into his own coffin with his own treasonous words:

The vile, lying, duplicitous, slimy bastard: Casca.
By Casca

I write the following words to document the great task before me. A game of chess requires aggression, subterfuge, and precision. Aggression will be handled by others, the Servant of Astaroth on one side and the citizens of Britannia on the other. There are two sides, and I pretend to be the king for the side I play against. Subterfuge is the nature of my role. To insure precision, I take these notes.
. . .
I put aside all the duties of a proper king, handing these tasks to the hands of those I know to be incompetent and foolish. I have no desire to govern properly what will be laid to waste. Going through the notes, I will weaken the system by replacing competence with mediocrity. I see a scribe who will make a most amusing choice as a general. I see a spy who was left to rot. I see a saboteur as a trade minister.
. . .
A mouse stands against me? Amusing. I suggested to my idiot aid that I saw a few rats in town, and he was quick to find someone to place traps.
. . .
Unfortunately, public opinion sits with the rat. I have removed the traps in hopes of appearing benevolent.
. . .
I am allowing the Spymaster to train a new group of spies in hopes of finding recruits for my true master. I also believe if will keep him saw a few rats in town, and he was quick to find someone to place traps.
. . .
Unfortunately, public opinion sits with the rat. I have removed the traps in hopes of appearing benevolent.
. . .
I am allowing the Spymaster to train a new group of spies in hopes of finding recruits for my true master. I also believe if will keep him distracted while I work on some other plans. I have created a secondary persona, the Pauper, to work on the criminal underworld and gather more allies to my master's cause.
. . .
It is very helpful having access to the personal files of every criminal incarcerated in Britannia's prison, every spy who can be turned. Joseph Wainwright has his price. He will keep silent about what will happen shortly in Trinsic. Melissa will do her job without interruption, so any failure will be on her part.
. . .
I had to kill Joseph because apparently Magnus Grey actually has some competent people working for him. I must keep greater track of these new spies. I have asked James to give me a complete list of these new spies and summaries of their activities. He seemed confused by this request, but a few comments about "making sure I, at least, know these heroes' names" helped persuade him.
. . .
Blackrock hurt my Masters in the shadow of Moonglow. The material is powerful and must be looked into. Beyond a few works to "steal" the material from my own Royal stockpiles, I have people spying on blackrock researchers and mining more of the stuff south of Britain.
. . .
I have no real problem with the meer, but I wanted to see this new blackrock poison in action. Adding an impediment to Magnus Grey's work and mentoring a promising new necromancer were added benefits.
. . .
The orcs were failures. They lost their blackrock toys and a few chieftains. I despise incompetence. I heard the crop problem has spread to their foods. I hope they all starve for failing me.
. . .
I tried to deal with a few loose ends related to Michael of Moonglow, a promising blackrock researcher I have borrowed from.

Unfortunatly, the Royal Spies are starting to become a problem.
. . .
I gave Andrew the list as soon as I heard of Magnus Grey's desperate plan to infiltrate my group and learn the identity of "the Pauper."
. . .
Andrew only managed to kill a few spies with his inattention. Pathetic. Oh well, his roll is secondary with the invasions "pushed back."
. . .
One of the plans I've been working on lately is gathering a few large groups of malcontents and miscreants and turning them into Pauper's army. While I can misuse the Royal Guard and the Shadowlords have much greater armies, I want to insure an exit strategy should my true motives be discovered.
. . .
My armies are gone, killed in secret by some powerful group. Since Magnus Grey's reports are getting shorter and shorter, maybe the Royal Spies?
. . .
The Royal Guard commander was so incompetent he either broke the law in a pointless way or got himself framed. Either way, I can start moving other people into place.
. . .
I love the variety of tools I can misuse as king. Diplomacy is one incredible one. I have a Cyclops tribe bothering Tokuno now. Since my master's eyes will turn to these islands soon, best to be ready.
. . .
I have started changing laws and hiring new people to enforce my "vision" for the Virtues. I am curious who will be too timid to move against me, and who will show they need to be removed. Morton and Xavier show a certain level of brutality I can respect.
. . .
Blackrock is so useful. Irate monsters rampage across Tokuno thanks to its magic. Wonderful. Now to start the search.
. . .
I have had Magnus Grey arrested. His spies are remarkably competent and hopefully soon dead.
. . .
My efforts at the volcano have been foiled.
. . .
I have sent Morton to clean up a few "loose ends" in Tokuno. He does a remarkable job. It is a pity he failed to capture James though or wipe out the High Council.
. . .
My masters want the Bell of Courage found and destroyed. I think a fake bell will bring the true one out.
. . .
The artifact protecting my castle has been destroyed. It is time to move to another place anyway. Andrew had some trouble with the remaining spies again.
. . .
Magnus Grey has escaped, and Morton has been killed. I underestimated my enemy again. Not a mistake I will repeat.
. . .
Lady Dawn was not killed by that fool pyromancer or the necrosculpter. Now she is talking with platinum dragons and fighting for Luna. My masters want me to look into her destiny. I have had several wisps captured. I hope to torture their knowledge of the future out of them.
. . .
Blackrock bombs against my enemies and their greatest weapons? A simple plan that I'm surprised Melissa did not consider.
. . .
I have lost the means to produce more bombs, but it doesn't matter. I have gotten the answers I need from the wisps and will join my masters. The end of this war is near.

There can be no further denials, no heads buried in the sand. By his own words, Casca, the false King Pro-tempore, is the Servant of Faulinei the Shadowlord of Falsehood. He has committed unspeakable crimes against the People of Britannia and her territories, the Empire of Tokuno, and the Virtues themselves.

While I believe strongly in the Virtue of Justice, I Honestly believe that we have passed the point of any sort of civil resolution to Casca's reign. If you see this vile man, if you have the opportunity - aim your weapon well.


Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Noxious Endeavor

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 2, 2009 at 4:29 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Last Sunday, Imperus Noxum, the 'immortal' nox mage, summoned the Volunteer Royal Guard to ask that they locate several spells of great interest to him. Apparently, a now-deceased mage named Surgrim had created new polymorph spells which allow their caster to attain forms unavailable with the current seventh circle spell.

Just in in PapuaSeveral of Surgrim's spells had been located by an expedition out of the Just Inn in Papua. Unfortunately, this group fell victim to a brigand raid on their rooms and two of their tomes were stolen.

A small camp was found to the south of Papua where the thieving brigand met his end. There, two books were found indicating that there were still undiscovered spell scrolls hidden in dungeons.

Just in in PapuaWhile personally I am for the acquisition of knowledge and historical artifacts for the benfit of all, I have to question the wisdom in delivering such items into the hands of someone who has already proven hostile to the Volunteer Royal Guard. Noxum says he simply wishes to use the advanced polymorph spell to regain his human form, lost as a side-effect of his immortality, but rarely do such beings speak the whole truth - if they speak the truth at all...

Should the VRG hand over what has been found or hold back and risk incurring the wrath of an immortal nox mage? Perhaps there is a third option...

Lady Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Hitchens' Wandering Llama Trading Post

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on September 2, 2009 at 12:57 AM CDT

Paid for by Hitchen's Wandering Llama Trading Post

Advertisement for Hitchen's Wandering Llama Trading Post

Views or opinions expressed in an advertisement do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Tribune nor can the Tribune be held liable for false advertising

Travel Warning: Skare Brae Highway Closed

Submitted by Vivian_Fellows on September 1, 2009 at 12:58 AM CDT
Royal Seal

From Skara Brae

Authorities report that brigand activity along the highway stretching from Skara Brae to Britain & Yew has reached such a level that there is no choice but to shut the highway down except for military personnel. A merchant and her merry servant have gone missing and were last seen passing near the major crossroad. Citizens are encouraged to report any sighting of the two immediately to the Fortress of Spirituality in Skara Brae. If found in an unresponsive manner, it is important that you do not approach the servant as the wares he was carrying for his master were of a rare nature and should be handled with care.

From Sir Viktor Price on the Closing:
"Loyal Citizens, it is with regret that the highway servicing Skara Brae to Yew and Britain must be closed for the time being except to authorized military personnel. Over the past few days, an alarming number of merchants and military caravans have come under attack from lawless brigands that seek only to rape and pillage. It has become a daily, grizzly, scene that my patrols have come upon. Men, women, often stripped of their clothing with just their rotting corpses left baking in the sun. This is no way for any citizen of Britannia to meet their end. It is for this reason that the highway has been shut down and will remain so for the foreseeable future."

From Lore Denin, Lord of Whispering Winds, on the Mines & Detours:
"After a thorough investigation, The Whispering Winds Town Council has come to the grim conclusion that the blackrock mines situated along the main road of town connecting Skara Brae to Britain, posse an eminent threat to travelers. A mandatory detour is in place which takes travelers north off the main road at the Mother Tree and then mortheast through the Fairgrounds reconnecting with the road after a few miles bypassing the danger. At this point the town of Whispering Winds is proceeding with great caution in regaurd to closing the mines for fear that a full out raid might result in the very devastation the town hopes to avoid."

Vivian Fellows, Library of Sosaria

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