September 2010

Library of Sosaria hosts Scavenger Hunt!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 30, 2010 at 5:19 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Scavenger Hunt!

The Library of Sosaria invites you to a scavenger hunt on Wednesday, October 13th at 8pm under the central stars. The hunt will be held at the Library Complex banner which lies directly in front of the Nameless Rune Library at 70o 9'N 40o 13'W - due south of the Yew moongate.

Map of Nameless Rune

Scavenger Hunt!Each contestant will be given a book containing 20 clues to items they must collect and return to the banner. The first three people to gather all 20 correct items and return to the Library banner will be named the winners. (Those with incorrect items will be sent back out to gather the correct ones until there are three winners)


First place - Two Million Gold
Second Place - One Million Gold
Third Place - Five-hundred Thousand Gold

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Halloween Limerick Contest at Magincia Library and Museum on Nujel’m

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 30, 2010 at 3:04 AM CDT
Isle of Nujel'm

From Lady Silverbrook of the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs:

There will be a ‘Halloween’ themed contest on Monday, October 18th at 8pm cst. It will be held at the Magincia Library and Museum, which currently resides in the old Councilor’s Guild in Nujel’m. This month, all those wishing to enter should dress in a themed costume. Halloween masks, Polymorphs, Animal Form spells are all welcome, as are  dressing up in costume. Every person wishing to enter should prepare a limerick style poem that somehow ties into their chosen costume.

All entries should be written in a book that will be presented before the audience as well as passed on for judging. Winners will be decided on technique, creativity and best use of costume with limerick by Lady Silverbrook and Justicar Ra’Dian Fl’Gith. First place will take home 2 million, Second place 1 million and Third place 500,000 gold. There will also be ‘Monster’- themed trivia during the night for attendees, and each question answered will be worth 100,000 gold.

It is our hope to see you there for a most spooktacular night!

(As always, please remember that funding for events on the Great Lakes shard can be assisted by use of the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs! If you wish to hold an event for the public, please ask how this is possible.)

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Red Egg & Ginger Banquet

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 22, 2010 at 9:34 PM CDT
Royal Seal

You receive an engraved invitation. Your name has been written on the blank line in beautiful lady-in-waiting calligraphy. The invitation reads:


The Lord Chamberlain is Commanded by The Queen to invite
to a Red Egg and Ginger Banquet at Castle British
Saturday, 25th September 2010
at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Central Daylight Time


Baby Platinum DragonYou recall hearing about this ancient Tokuno tradition. On, or shortly after, a baby’s thirtieth day of life, the parents throw a Red Egg and Ginger party to celebrate the infant’s health and to formally announce the name.

The party site is usually decorated with red eggs (symbols of renewal and harmony) and ginger (for strength and balance, and to ward off evil spirits). Red represents happiness and good luck.

To the Tokunese, names are very important. The entire family helps to select an auspicious name for the baby, with the final choice formally announced at the Red Egg and Ginger party. The name is inscribed on a scroll, which is placed next to the baby. The baby is then told her name.

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Preliminary High Court Docket

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 22, 2010 at 8:29 AM CDT
GL High Court

Upcoming inquiries at the High Court of Britannia:

Wednesday, September 22, 7:00 PM CST
Hearing regarding the rights of orcs under Britannian law.
Hearing regarding the rights of goblins under Britannian law.
Hearing regarding the rights of demons under Britannian law.
{These hearings are likely to be conducted together.}

Friday, September 24, 8:00 PM CST
Hearing regarding arrest orders from a seated Chancellor outside of the context of the High Council of Britannia.

Saturday, September 25, 7:00 PM CST
Trial of Setatabon (pending)
Charges: Violating the rights of Britannian prisoners, Intentional intimidation while acting as an official of Britannia

Wednesday, September 29, 7:00 PM CST
Trial of Cidur Klomp (pending)
Charges: Espionage, Assault on the High Council of Britannia
Trial of Zox Greatsnapper (pending)
Charges: Attempted jailbreak of Cidur Klomp (Britannian prisoner)

As always, if you wish to make a statement for any hearing or trial, and cannot otherwise attend, contact the High Court to arrange for a sworn statement to be entered into the court record.

High Justicar Ra'Dian Fl'Gith
High Court of Britannia

The High Court of Britannia is located in Compassion Grove, 12o 8' N 35o 34' W

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PvP Tournament More Info

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 17, 2010 at 6:04 PM CDT
EM Updates

Originally posted September 17th, 2010 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Hmm, we only have five pre-registrations and Cetric may have won the mage class by default (I’m still waiting to find out which division Cara would like to be in). There were 22 sign-ups for the January tournament and other recent Felucca events have been well-attended, so I’m puzzled. After the event, I hope we can all chat about what types of events Felucca would like :-)



Format: When your name is called, go down into the hallway by the teleporters. If you are blue, flag gray by hitting the healer posted in the hallway. You will be pulled into the fighting pit on opposite sides. I will then return to the middle and say “Ready”, “SET”, “START!”. When you hear “START!”, you may immediately begin battle.

Edited to add: Congrats and apologies to Cetric. Cetric, if you have a warrior you’d like to substitute, that would be fine.

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Submitted by UO_Herald on September 17, 2010 at 5:49 PM CDT

Originally posted 17 Sep 2010 15:42:02 by Dan Youakim on the UO Herald:

The warm Sosarian sun radiated its energy across the deck of the sloop as it planed effortlessly over the waves. Mist, aloft in the sweet salty air, gently caressed Avery's face as he reminisced of much more innocent times. Seagull paced his vessel, squawking in delight as they occasionally dove into the water; snatching one of the many sardine formed into a bait ball by the dolphin below.

It had been so many years since the former Captain of the Guard could enjoy the perfection of a calm sea. The absolute paradise and freedom that came with it. It was out here that he could truly feel at peace. Away from the politicians, the militants, the wanting people. Away from his jailors…

To read the full article on the forums, click HERE.

Zox Greatsnapper Arrested!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 14, 2010 at 3:08 AM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Tonight's meeting of the High Council of Britannia was preceded by rather strange series of events.

Zox Greatsnapper the goblin.As many sat within the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center waiting for the 446th session of the High Council of Britannia to commence, Lord Galen and Councilor Beauvina encountered the much-adored goblin lass known as Zox Greatsnapper. (Zox is known for sponsoring fishing competitions and most recently for writing haiku.)

Zox said she had heard crying emanating from somewhere in Compassion Grove, eventually narrowing it down to the Headquarters of the Britannian Armed Forces (B.A.F.). The little goblin zeroed in on the cellblock on the second floor, the current home of the alleged spy Cidur Klomp.

Cidur Klomp the alleged spy.Cidur Klomp had been arrested by order of Grand Marshal Polynikes of the B.A.F after an attack on the 340th session of the High Council by orcish warriors in the employ of the Hythloth Conclave. A daemon by the name of Reo Uro had been recruiting orcs as fodder in the Conclave's campaign against Britannia. Fortunately, the forces of the Security Ministry have since dealt with this particular problem and slew Reo Uro shortly after the attack on Britain several weeks ago.

Ariakas of the Royal Knights of Virtue informed the High Council of Zox's interest in the orcish prisoner and they postponed their session. When they arrived at the cellblock, they found Councilor Beauvina with Zox outside Cidur Klomp's cell. Strangely, Zox was trying to pick the lock on the cell door with a carrot.

The goblin claimed that the orc was sad and scared, all of which Cidur readily agreed with. Apparently, the orc was frightened by the feather pillow on the bed in his cell. He believed it was a warning that he would one day be killed and plucked.

Cidur Klomp & Zox Greatsnapper in their cells after Setatabon's arrest.Chancellor DaKaren assured Cidur that this wasn't the case and that Justicar Fl'Gith would ensure that a hearing was held at the next available opportunity. Unfortunately, Zox somehow managed to open the cell door and the duo attempted to escape the cellblock. The impromptu prison break ended with Zox's swift capture and arrest. Residing in the cell adjacent to Cidur Klomp, she is also awaiting a hearing before the Justicar.

Sadly, this wasn't the only arrest made tonight. Setatabon of Newcastle was arrested by order of Chancellor DaKaren for 'terrorizing the prisoners,' an act frowned upon by a society based on Virtue. He was taken to the prison in the Yew Militia Fort in Rat Valley to await judicial hearing.

Look for updates on the status of these cases in the near future. As always, the High Council meets every other Monday at 8pm CST, in the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center in Compassion Grove (12o 45'N 38o 2'W Trammel).

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

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Format of PvM Tournament

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 10, 2010 at 8:02 PM CDT
EM Updates

Originally posted September 10th, 2010 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Please see the initial announcement for more information.

Register by speaking to Commander Keel at the fighting pit section of the Jollier Fairgrounds (outskirts of Skara Brae, 56°9′ S 36°4′ W), between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. CDT. There will be a gate inside the Brit. Counselor Hall. Please join the chat channel “EM Event”.

The actual event begins at 8 p.m. CDT. I will then call four players at a time into the large enclosure. Enter the large enclosure and stand outside a fighting pit. Do NOT enter your pit yet! Trained (invisible) handlers will be wrangling the monsters into place.

When all four monsters are in place, I will say, in chat, “READY”, “SET”, “START!”. You may then enter your fighting pit and immediately begin battle. If you enter your pit before start is called, I will try to drag you out before you interact with the monster. If I cannot in time or if it is your second false start, you will be disqualified.

The person who kills his/her monster fastest wins that heat. After the first round of heats, the winners, four at a time, will compete. And so on, until the winner of the final heat is declared winner of the PvM Autumn Tournament.

During the match, there will be healers posted equidistant from each pit. If you die, you may res and return to the fight. It’s fastest time to kill the monster that counts, not whether you die a few times on the way. You are, however, responsible for looting your own corpse.

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Sage Wisdom

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 4, 2010 at 9:08 PM CDT
Library of Sosaria

Queen Dawn summoned her subjects to the throne room of Castle Britannia today to partake in an adventure to Ilshenar. A particular form of sage, Salvia pietas, or Compassion sage, was required to aid the Queen's troubled sleep.

Since the rare sage grew in central Ilshenar, the group followed the Queen to meet with a Royal Scout named Cole near the Honor Shrine. Cole suggested gathering seeds from the beasts roaming the swamp near the savage fort and then acquiring a sample of the potion the Exodus Controllers brew from the plant's leaves.

As we galloped towards the swamp, a comment the scout offhandedly made stuck in my mind. He said the "Whole land's been on edge," and implied that that many around central Ilshenar have experienced troubled sleep recently. This struck me as important due to a passage regarding the sage in a tome entitled 'Medicinal Flora,' which could be found in Dexter's lab at the castle:

"The Controllers of Exodus have been known to brew potions from it to protect their minds when interacting with the inhuman sleeper of the fortress."

I had to put the thought out of my mind as we entered the swamp and began the process of collecting seeds from the bog creatures. Queen Dawn wanted a few hundred gather so her agricultural experts to sort through so they may cultivate the sage.

When the seeds were shipped back to the castle, we headed for the Fortress of Exodus where many controllers fell before our might. Eventually, a sample of their potion was recovered and a book containing the brewing instructions was found. With all the items required having been assembled, we returned to Britain where the Queen thanked us for our service.

Able to think again without the distraction of combat, I realized common thread... Queen Dawn is having bad dreams. People and creatures in Ilshenar are having bad dreams. The Controllers drink a potion to protect their mind from Exodus. Exodus was never actually destroyed, only disabled. Could Exodus be reawakening after all these years? Might the angry hellspawn of Mondain and Minax be quietly readying itself for a renewed war on Britannia?

Only time will tell. Vigilance Britannia, vigilance.

Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria

(OOC: The Controllers will now have a chance at spawning a 'Compassion Sage,' which appears as a green bubbling potion. Drinking the potion will cause you to gain in the Virtue of Compassion, limited to once a day.)

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EM Hosted PvP Tournament

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 4, 2010 at 9:04 PM CDT
EM Updates

Originally posted September 4th, 2010 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Announcing an Autumn Tournament, player versus player. You may participate in both the PvM and PvP tournaments.

For the PvP tournament, you must register by September 16th at midnight CDT. Register by emailing me at, or posting a response here or here, or dropping a book off at the EM mailbox (9°9′N 11°44′E Trammel) near the Counselors’ Hall. Your message must contain the name of the character who will be fighting as well as whether s/he will fight as a mage or a warrior.

Only one character per account may sign-up for this tournament. If you bring a second character, s/he will be disqualified. If your character has 90 or higher in magery, you must sign up for the mage ladder.

The tournament will take place place beginning at at 8 P.M. CDT, September 17th. A list of first-round match-ups will be published the day of the event. Your character must be there when your round is called, or you will lose by default.

Gates will be available from these locations in Felucca:
a few steps southeast of the Britain moongate, 33°2′S 1°7′E
a few steps southeast of the Minoc moongate, 81°40′N 97°6′E
a few steps southeast of the Buc’s Den moongate, 53°47′S 97°44′E

If a duel lasts longer than 10 minutes, it will become a sudden death match. You will know that your match has gone into sudden death because an EM will appear on the field and announce it. No healing is allowed after that point. There will be a reasonable, short grace period for already-applied bandages to resolve.

No pets
No mounts
No summons
No summons via talisman
No hiding
No stealthing
No smoke bombs
No wraith form
No pre-casting

During the entire fight, Mages must carry a spellbook and a spell-channeling shield or item.
No potions

No animal form that allows faster movement
No explosion potions
No supernova potions
No greater stamina potions

At the Award Hall, inscribed on a spellbook:
Autumn Tournament 2010, [Player Y], Best PvP Mage

At the Award Hall, inscribed on a weapon:
Autumn Tournament 2010, [Player Z], Best PvP Warrior

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EM Hosted PvM Tournament

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 4, 2010 at 8:54 PM CDT
EM Updates

Originally posted September 4th, 2010 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Announcing an Autumn Tournament, player versus monster. You may participate in both the PvM and PvP tournaments.

For the PvM tournament, register on the day of the event at Skara fields (56°9′S 36°4′W), Trammel, between 7-8 p.m. CDT with the character who will be fighting. The actual event will begin at 8 p.m. CDT. There will be a gate inside the Brit. Counselor Hall.

Only one character per account may sign-up for this tournament. If you bring a second character, s/he will not be allowed to sign up.

No pets
No mounts
No summons via talisman
No pre-casting

At the Award Hall, inscribed on an item appropriate to the winner’s character:
Autumn Tournament 2010, [Player X], Best PvM

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Meeting with Queen Dawn

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 3, 2010 at 4:50 PM CDT
Royal Seal

Originally posted September 3rd, 2010 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Queen Dawn requests that all interested citizens meet with her in her throne room at 4 p.m. CDT on Saturday, September 4th.

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New Fiction - Lullaby

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 3, 2010 at 3:10 PM CDT

Originally posted 03 Sep 2010 14:26:34 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald:


This weekend we will be having special mini events occurring across all shards. Below is new fiction to introduce you to the events story - enjoy, and have fun!


By Calvin Crowner 

Dawn tipped the iron pitcher over her cup, discovering it empty. One of the attendants looked over at her shrugging.   

“I’m sorry M’Lady. We sent someone off hours ago for more water, and she has yet to return.” 

Dawn sighed wondering if there was anything she could rely on these days. “Death and Taxes, “  she mused to herself, “Wait a moment, I control taxes now too.”  She found some comfort in her own private joke.   

The heat and stale air of the castle moved with the grace of an old wrestler, out of condition and wheezing, shambling through the halls.  The walls, designed to offer shade and coolness provided neither, making Dawn more claustrophobic each day.  She heard footsteps approach as she muddled and brooded over the state of her … Queendom?  This is only temporary she told herself hourly. There will be someone proper to come along soon and deal with all this diplomacy nonsense.   

Her sleeplessness didn’t help. The dreams persisted, and there was no answer insight to the terrors that kept her unsettled and anxious. 

Something, she thought to herself. Anything, she almost pleaded in her heart, to break the boredom. 

As if an answer, the footsteps halted in the doorway. “Your Grace, we think we have a solution to your problem.”  The steward harbored a rather significant and impressive tome under his arm.  He was sweating. Dawn was not sure if it was from the weight of the book or the news he had to share. 

Dawn worked her lips into a crooked smile, “"You've invented a golem that can do paperwork and arbitrate petty disputes?" 

Her advisor grimaced, not finding humor in her response. “No, Your Grace. There may be a solution to your sleeplessness.” 

Dawn’s shoulder fell again. “Oh I can find warmth and drowsiness awaiting in any tavern, sir. I don’t need pints of ale to soothe me to bed.” 

The advisor smiled, “Oh no. This solution involves a bit of adventure …” 

Dawn’s eyes lit with promise and hope. She grit her teeth, and her lips pressed into a rare smile. “Continue … and don’t leave out any details …” 

He greeted her smile with one of his own, “What we search for is found in the rarest of virtues. Compassion.” 

He hefted the book open, a pale crooked finger opening to an unworn page. The spine cracked as he rested the book on his forearm, he began: 

“Compassion sage: a rare root found in the region of Ilshenar. Known for its pungent aroma and delicate leaf.  Once incorrectly labeled as “Lover’s Leaf,” in the hands of a capable alchemist has the capacity to induce a sense of well being.  Also used as a cure for night terrors.” 

Dawn quickly wrapped her hair into her signature braid, her fingers twisting with familiarity and fierce urgency. “Well then. Let’s be on our way.” 

She rose from her chair, allowing him to guide her through the corridors, which somehow had lost their sense of confinement.

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Nujel’m's Magincia Library Hosts ‘Autumn’ Poetry Contest

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 3, 2010 at 1:03 PM CDT
Isle of Nujel'm

From Lady Silverbrook of the Magincia Endowment for the Arts and Community Affairs:

The second monthly literary contest at the new Magincia Library and Museum (the former Nujel’m Counselor’s Guild) will be based on the theme of ‘Autumn’. The contest will be held on Monday, September 20th at 8pm cst. Any and all are welcome to participate. Please bring a copy of your poem in a bound, red leafed book for review. Also be prepared to read it in front of those assembled for the event.

If you are unsure where the Library and Museum is, runes will be available at the High Council building in Compassion Grove as well as the estate of Lady Silverbrook on the northern most shores of Magincia. In addition, runes will be available about several banks, notably Britain, the day of the event.

The winner of the contest will win 2 million gold, the second place will win 1 million and the third place will receive 500,000 gold. As always, there will be consolation prizes and door prizes awarded. We hope to see you there, either as spectator or contestant!

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High Council Hosts Britain Walk & 20 Questions at the Newcastle Wild Rose Inn

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 3, 2010 at 12:56 PM CDT

The High Council of Britannia will hold a walk through the city of Britain this coming Monday (September 6th, 2010) starting at the eastern bank at 7pm under the central stars. The Council will head towards Castle Britannia greeting the citizenry and answering questions along the way.

Newcastle's Wild Rose InnAfterwards, at 8pm, they will heat to the Wild Rose Inn (106o 42'N 30o 47'E) in Newcastle Township to enjoy a night out where Lady Silverbrook of Magincia will host a round of ’20 Questions’ related to the history and lore of our lands. Each correct answer will yield 250,000 gold.

Come and join the High Council for a night of fun!

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