September 2012

The Awakening Act VIII - Part 2

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 28, 2012 at 5:10 PM CDT

Originally posted 28 Sep 2012 17:43:08 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:

Written by the EM Team

Looking out over the water from his balcony, Lord Blackthorn steepled his fingers in front of his face. It had been a long time since he’d seen these waters and had the chance to enjoy the gentle movements caused by the current, and he savored it. Heckles had certainly done a good job of having the place repaired, and even had it furnished the way that he himself likely would have. Looking to the left, he glanced at the travel chess set he’d carried with him all this time, and once again his thoughts started to drift back towards simpler days…though this thought brought a bit of a wry grin to his face. They only seemed like simpler days in retrospect, of course…at the time they were every bit as complex and difficult as these days were.

Rising, he began to stroll through the castle, taking stock of the place and its vast array of rooms. There was no doubt that he’d need to hire on some of the townspeople to staff the place; he chuckled to himself and hoped that Heckles hadn’t completely emptied his treasury for the castle. It felt good to once again be in the city of Britain…and it felt even better that finally, things seemed to be on the road to redemption. The Honor moongate had been fixed, the rioters almost all quelled, the nobles sated, and Exodus routed…despite the progress though, there had always been one person that Lord Blackthorn had hoped against hope he’d have had a chance to see again.

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Memorable Moments from Anthony Castoro

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 28, 2012 at 1:37 PM CDT

Originally posted 28 Sep 2012 13:21:38 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:

Another Memorable Moment comes from Anthony Castoro, Producer for Ultima Online from 2002 to 2005.

"So, I thought a lot about different stories I could tell about UO, the people, the players, the game itself. I've decided to stick with this one story.

The first time I worked on UO, I became co-lead designer with Todd "MadToad" Bailey. We encountered a problem on several of the servers where the forests had become completely barren. For some reason, not enough creatures and monsters were spawning, but we couldn't figure out an obvious cause. We tweaked the spawner settings on the live server, trying to see if there was a tuning problem. We eventually did an index of every creature type and discovered something really odd. There were a lot of birds. I mean A LOT of birds. More birds than any other creature in the game, by a significant factor. But where the heck were all these birds? Well, as it turns out, because some of the "dynamic ecology" code was never fully removed, we had this strange problem where birds would fly into an area of the map where they couldn't get out and there were no predators to kill them. So every time some creature died in the game, there was a chance that the game would spawn a bird. And every once in a while, that bird would get stuck. This went on for YEARS until some servers (maybe Lake Superior?) had no deer, no wolves and no rabbits. Just a TON of birds that no one could see or hear. Unfortunately, soon after this was discovered, if you played UO that day, you may have heard a great many birds cry out all at once. A little while later, you may have noticed the forest got a lot more interesting. That's the kind of thing that makes UO so interesting and so challenging all at the same time.

- Anthony Castoro

Thank you, Anthony.

Have you read the previous stories from Bonnie Armstrong and Richard Garriot? So many memories...

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Zox’s Monthly Fishing Contest! (October 2012)

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 27, 2012 at 2:31 PM CDT
Zox's Monthly Fishing Contest

Originally posted September 27th, 2012 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Congratulations to Lady of the Mist for again catching the winning fish! It is on display in the house next to the Britain Counselor Hall.


This month, Zox Greatsnapper is looking forward to a kingfish. It must be caught sometime between September 25th and October 22nd. Please leave the fish in the mailbox by October 22nd. at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

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Memorable Moments from Richard Garriot

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 27, 2012 at 2:11 PM CDT

Originally posted 27 Sep 2012 11:07:40 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:

In line with the writing contest and the Memorable Moments Bonnie gave us at the beginning of this week, we asked Richard Garriot to shared some of his memories with us. He was kind enough to come up with two stories:

The Thief

One day, early in the life of UO, I was participating as a GM and going to the aid of people who requested it. A note flashed across my screen from a woman, who said something like “Today is my first day trying to play UO, and every time I try to leave town a thief steals all my stuff, so I have to restart, and he does the same. If this continues I will quit and never come back to this game.” So I arrived in her presence as Lord British, not that she cared, she did not know or care who I was, and only wanted her problem fixed. I felt I was up to the seemingly simple task. I told her to come with me, and I would escort her out of town. As we left town, suddenly *ZIP* a thief flew across the screen at speeds I could hardly understand, and stole her gear and disappeared! I told her to wait here, as I teleported to try and get in advance of the speedy ruffian. When I finally froze him with a GM command, I revealed myself as Lord British, and told him to leave this poor woman alone, that this would drive away potential new players which we could not allow. Stop or else I would ban him from the game! He begged for forgiveness, and pledged to never do it to her again.

Satisfied, I returned the stolen items to the woman and told her, she should be safe now for at least a while, when *ZIP* the same thief came by again and stole all her items and disappeared. So, I chased him down a second time, and told him, hey, you had been warned, now I am going to ban you. He pleaded and pleaded and exclaimed how exuberance had overtaken him, and that he swore this time he would never do it again! Reluctantly, I believed him, and took the belongings back to the woman, again.

But then, for a third time, the same thief *ZIPPED* by… I froze him to the ground and told him, I was about to ban him! Then for the first time… he broke character, and refered to me out of character as well… “Look Richard Garriott”, he said, “You guys made the rules to this game, the rules include the role of thief, I am playing just as the role would be intended to be played. If the King tells a thief not to steal, of course he will beg for mercy and swear he won’t again. But what do you expect of me… I am a thief!”

After some thought… I agreed with him. So instead of banning him, I teleported him to the far side of the world. Then I gave the items back to the woman who could finally go about her business. After that, I began to think more carefully about the rules we ourselves put in the game, and the inevitable play styles that would come of it.

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Rogues Gallery Exhibit

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 26, 2012 at 1:00 AM CDT

Sherry the MouseOriginally posted September 25th, 2012 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

From the mouse hole of Sherry the Mouse:

Friends, I would like to invite you to a new exhibit at Castle British. With the help of Dexter the Mage, the Royal Guild of Wax Sculptors has created a display of wax sculptures featuring famous villains from the past fifteen years. Come visit me at Castle British, and I will tell you more about it!

Mouse pawprint

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Fundraiser for the Poor of the Cities

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 25, 2012 at 11:37 AM CDT
Britannian Armed Forces

From the desk of Grand Marshal Galen Knighthawke:

This Friday (28 September 2012), at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the High Council's militia, known as the Britannian Armed Forces or BAF, will hold a fundraiser for the Poor of the Cities. Meet at the Skara Brae Moongate in Trammel.

Our target will be Champion Spawns in Ilshenar, which means that in addition to raising funds you will also gain Loyalty in any city you have declared Citizenship to. I anticipate doing at least two complete Champion Spawns. Between the treasure carried by the monsters and the Champions' treasure we should be able to feed many people.

I do not think those who make their livings by the Champion Spawns of Ilshenar will object to use borrowing a few of them for charitable purposes.

Meet at the Skara Brae Moongate in Trammel, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern.

-Galen Knighthawke
Grand Marshal of Virtue,
Ministry of Britannian Armed Forces

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Happy Birthday Ultima Online!!

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 24, 2012 at 3:43 PM CDT

Originally posted 24 Sep 2012 14:58:52 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:

Happy Birthday Ultima Online!!

I wanted to drop you guys a note on this extremely memorable day. Can you believe its 15 years already? I have been reading all your stories, which are great I have to say. Some have made me grin, some I have shared with people not on our team and some I just shook my head thinking yep I know what they are talking about. *grins*

So with that said I want to share a few of my memorable moments that stand out to me, I hope some of you can relate.

Back in September 1997 when I first logged into UO, I was in Skara near the bees at the bank, and these bees started talking to me … I swear I logged out of the game after that thinking ‘ok, talking bees are just too weird for me.’ Of course this was back in the day when you could stay hidden and talk to people. My friend talked me into logging back in after that, so I continued on with my quest of building my first character, man I thought it was a badass cause I could kill a troll…*chokes laughing*. Then I ran into my first PK ... not only did he kill me but he killed my husband. I was sooo upset, I had gathered a lot of liquor and backpacks to make money and he got them all!!! To this day I will never forget my first PK’s name MIM. That name stayed written on a monitor for years and years.

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394th session of the High Council of Britannia Postponed

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 22, 2012 at 4:05 PM CDT
GL High Council

From the desk of Chancellor DaKaren of the High Council of Britannia:

The 394th session of the High Council of Britannia, scheduled for this coming Monday the 24th, has been postponed to Wednesday the 26th so that everyone may participate in the festivities at the Blue Boar in Britain.

Thank you,

Lord DaKaren,
Chancellor of Virtue of the High Council of Britannia
Archmage of the Order of the Etheral Ankh

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Party Like It’s 1997!

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 22, 2012 at 3:37 PM CDT
EM Events

Originally posted September 20th, 2012 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Malachi & Elizabella as newbs

The first half of the party will be at Britain’s Blue Boar Tavern. It will feature a trivia contest, tailoring competition, and a parade of everyone’s newbie costumes.

The second half of the party will feature dirtnaps. Travel back in time to experience life as a new player in 1997.

Meet at the Blue Boar Tavern in Britain, Monday, September 24th, 8:00 p.m. CDT. There will be a gate from the Counselor Hall. This event will take place entirely in Trammel.

Dress as you did when you were a newbie. There will be an intermission to change clothes (or characters) for the combat portion of the party.

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THE YEW TIMES - A Newspaper for Sosaria

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 21, 2012 at 8:24 PM CDT

Originally posted 21 Sep 2012 13:34:38 EST by the YEW TIMES Editoral Office on the UO Herald:

Written by members of the community

Issue 8



Britannia's recently appointed sleuth and oracle, Misk has been looking into the recent bizarre behavior of New Haven citizens offering quests to new adventurers in town. Industrious do-gooders looking to make a quick sack of gold have been oft times led on lengthy goose-chases for very little compensation for the effort. Misk claims that an attempt to create more diversity in the town community with a varied age range, may have affected those individuals' personalities particularly towards the upper limits. In other words, old people are acting like old people. Most complaints include: Being asked for an escort to an elderly woman's home, followed by a request to come inside and massage bunions, clean the oven, rub liniment on aching legs, lowering shelves, and cleaning rain gutters. Questors instead of receiving their usual 500 gold have been compensated with "something better than gold" such as dishes of stewed prunes, coupons, crocheted doilies, and bingo markers. Young adventurers will likely move onto greener pastures until the issue is resolved.

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The Awakening - Act VIII

Submitted by UO_Herald on September 18, 2012 at 4:19 PM CDT

Originally posted 18 Sep 2012 12:32:32 EST by Kai Schober on the UO Herald:

Written by the EM Team

The power was inimitable and without equal or peer; he could feel it flowing through him as he channeled the energies of the shrine itself into the spell that he'd pieced together from his own research and what Gilforn had taught him. Was this how Nystul had felt when he had created Trammel? The rush of power that coursed through Gilforn's hands as he fashioned the gates initially? Or could this perhaps be something else entirely...the power of his friends Virtues at work? He let his wandering thoughts go as he focused on the spell, and felt the power suddenly rush out in an instant. Flames and fury rushed forth along the course of tiles that formed the Honor chalice, as magical energies cascaded along the path before them. It was exhilarating and incredible, and a line of purple flame stood blazing as a testament to the power that was used. He approached the gate slowly and took a breath, looking back at those gathered, and stepped through...and came out the other side into Britain in Trammel. Exactly where he'd wanted to. He stepped back into the gate to speak briefly to those still gathered at Honor, Ilshenar.

To read the full story on the forums, click HERE.

The Grotto Grand Opening

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 10, 2012 at 9:42 PM CDT
The Grotto

From the Grotto:

The Grotto Grand Opening
(Monday Sept 17th, 2012)
8 p.m. Central time 9 p.m. Eastern skies

The Grotto will be providing a banquet style dinner for all members of the High Council and any citizens wishing to attend.

Fresh Bread
Fruit & Wine

Roast Suckling Pig
Steamed Potatoes
Corn or Peas
Assorted regional favorites
Wine or Ale

Apple or pumpkin pie
Assorted Cookies
Assorted Cakes

Post banquet all guests are welcome to adjourn to the garden for an additional assortment of local and specialty wines.

The grotto is located near the northern road between Minoc and Vesper, just east across the river from Mt. Kendall (91o 30N, 97o 27'E).

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Towns of Trammel

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 8, 2012 at 2:10 PM CDT
EM Updates

Originally posted September 7th, 2012 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Malachi and I have written this summary of the status of each city.

Britain – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Assembly of Lords and Guilds, led by Lord Kendal

The capital city of Britannia is politically controlled by nobles and merchants. The day-to-day tasks of governance are handled by an entrenched bureaucracy. Unrest and protests have been used as a rationale for keeping the entire town under curfew. Britain, represented by Lord Kendal, recently signed a non-aggression treaty with Jhelom.

To read the full article on the forums, click HERE.

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Royal Britannian Guard Meeting

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 6, 2012 at 7:05 PM CDT
Royal Britannian Guard

Originally posted September 5th, 2012 by EM Elizabella on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Who is the most powerful mage in Britannia? Is even he skilled enough to heal Honor Moongate?

Meet on the second floor of the Warriors’ Guild in Britain, 9° 40′S, 1° 7′E, September 8th, 8:00 p.m. CDT.

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O.E.A. Buying Rare Seeds

Submitted by Martyna_Zmuir on September 2, 2012 at 2:55 AM CDT

This advertisement is from Dot Warner of the Etheral Emporium IV:

O.E.A. Buying Rare Seeds

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