Yew Militia

Abbreviation: [YM]
Leader: Polynikes of Yew
Location: Yew

The Yew Militia are a group of citizen soldiers who are devoted to the protection of the city of Yew and the virtue of Justice. The Yew Militia have been faithful defenders of Yew for countless years.

During peaceful times our members will be perfecting their crafts and trading their wares all over Britannia. In times of peril these hearty souls gather their armor and weapons and rally to defend their land and loved ones. This is no band of knights or monks, but simple working folk that are willing to accept the call to arms when their beloved city or citizens are in danger.

All Yew citizens of sound mind and body are eligible to join the militia and participate in training.

Royal Knights of Redemption

Abbreviation: [RKR]
Leader: Malag'Aste Hla'Ate, Ludwig von Foltz, Ariakas
Location: Newcastle Township

Crusaders of Virtue

Abbreviation: [C|V]
Leader: Servious
Location: Skara Brae

The Crusader's of Virtue are a Britannian monastic order devoted to the virtue of Spirituality. Unlike many monastic traditions, the Crusader's allow both male and female initiates to join their ranks. Most Crusader's spend their time engaged in meditation, gardening and wine making; seeking out a life of peace.

Crusader's of Virtue are the direct descendants of the Brotherhood of the Rose of Empathy Abbey. We can trace our lineage to the Brotherhood back threw the Order of the Knights Templar, Royal Praetorian Legion, Red Rose Clan, Order of the Rose, and the Crusaders of Hope.

Our mission is to protect the weak and raise alms for the less fortunate. It is our duty to provide protection for the Pilgrims that make the hazardous journey from the port of Skara Brae to the City of Honor, Trinsic not far from the Shrine of Spirituality.