Primary Contacts: Dot Warner, Max von Bayer


Map of Compassion Park

Places of Note:

House of Lords -
30o40'S 0o54'W
The House of Lords serves as the hub of Compassion Park. The lower floor houses the city's Teleport Nexus, while the upper floors house meeting and administrative facilities for the area.

Crux Ansata Acor -
27o25'S 7o18'W
The tower of DaKaren, the current chancellor of the High Council of Britannia. This structure is known around the area as a hub of unusual activity. Strange skyward bursts of light and magical energies, otherworldly sounds and increased wisp activity have been regularly reported.

Warner Estate -
33o2'S 5o58'W
Estate of the current Governor of Britain, Countess Dot Warner and her ailing employee, Morgain.

Ethereal Emporium IV -
30o24'S 0o54'E
The Ethereal Emporium IV is Governor Warner's workshop providing crafting services and wares for clients throughout the realm.

FitzOwen Green -
26o 37'S 4o 55'W
FitzOwen Green is named after two of Britain's most notable citizens: Iolo FitzOwen the bard and his late wife Gwenllian "Gwenno" Gwalch'gaeaf the famed explorer. The Green serves as Compassion Park's largest public gathering space, playing host to the area's annual Harvest Banquet, the Winter Solstice display, as well as the Britain Town Socials and various other events. Under the Green, one may find the Municipal Kitchen and the office of the Director of the Red Ankh Society, Martin Ashburn.

Tokuno War Cherry Blossom Memorial -
26o27'S 6o19'W

EM Meeting Hall -
24o26'S 1o11'E
Large gathering space for events held by the event moderators.