These rules apply to allies AND enemies.
  1. You will not kill an enemy on sight; instead you shall offer an opportunity to flee or surrender. If you are attacked first, you may defend yourself.  (OOC: Any deviation from this rule, other than rule 9, by either ‘side’ must be immediately reported to your commanding officer, and you must withdraw from all combat.)
  2. You will not loot the enemy for any reason.
  3. You will not strike the spirits of the dead. (OOC: No rez-killing.)
  4. If you are defeated in battle, your spirit will loot your corpse, and you will leave the battlefield immediately, and you shall not return to the field of battle until your spirit has had fifteen minutes to rest. (OOC: A fifteen minute "death time" starts from the moment of your death.  You must wear a death robe and you may not return to battle until that fifteen minutes has expired.)
  5. As a spirit, you shall not speak for any reason. (OOC: You may continue to use guild, alliance, and party chat modes, but you may not speak in-game.)
  6. You will treat all others with respect, whether an enemy or ally.  (OOC: ABSOLUTELY NO TRASH TALKING WILL BE TOLERATED!)
  7. You may kill an enemy’s mount while the enemy is still alive. Killing a mount is a form of aggression and should be treated as such. Should an enemy’s mount attack you after the rider has been slain, you may then kill the mount.
  8. Tamers may use creatures in battle that require two control slots or less (up to three one slot pets or one two slot pet). Hostile tamed creatures brought onto the battlefield may be killed during the course of battle.
  9. Should a stealthed spy be discovered in your territory you must first attempt to talk them into revealing.  If the spy is within one of your buildings and refuses to communicate, you may consider the person a hostile combatant and deal with them accordingly.  (OOC: This is the only exception to rule 1.)

These rules apply to planned battles as well as impromptu skirmishes on both Trammel and Felucca.  Failure to adhere to the RoE may result in your guild’s ejection from the Ministry of Britannian Armed Forces Alliance, for enemy guilds - you will be peaced.

These rules are mandatory for all B.A.F. Alliance members and warred guilds, there will be no exceptions.  Should a violation occur, all combat must cease and the leaders of all the affected parties must meet (OOC) to investigate the violation and determine the best course of action to move forward. (This is to prevent things from snowballing out of control.)

Either you agree to adhere to these terms, or you will not be a party to the B.A.F. Alliance or warred to the Alliance.  This is nonnegotiable.