Any individual or group may be declared an Enemy of State due to hostile actions against Britannian citizens upon the recommendation of the Chief Justicar, a High Justicar, the Grand Marshal of Valor and his War Cabinet, or from a hearing of the Defense Committee, ratified by a majority vote of the High Council. A declared War automatically makes the enemy combatant entities an Enemy of State.
- The Sixth Royal Constitution of the Kingdom of Britannia

Enemies of State are to be arrested on sight and taken to the nearest jail, the use of deadly force is authorized.

Current Enemies of State
These entities and organizations have been declared Enemies of State by the High Council of Britannia. To end their status on this list, these entities and organizations are requited to sue for peace under flag of truce.

The Hythloth Conclave - Currently led by Balinor, this association of daemonic entities has declared war against Britannia
Exodus (aka 'The Sleeper') - [All associated biological and/or technological subordinates are considered part of Exodus - [Trapped in the crater that was Ver Lor Reg]
VirtueBane (aka 'IxaKaz,' 'Ben-Tas Jux-Lem') - [The archdaemon is currently exiled in Shadowguard in Eodon]
The An-Kal-Lem
Qu'ellar d'Viaxus
The Temple of Mondain
The Crimson Dragons (aka: 'The Strangers,' 'The Six')
Astaroth, Nosfentor, and Faulinei (aka: 'The Shadowlords') - [The Shadowlords are currently imprisoned in the wreck of the BMV Ararat; Gravewater Lake, Malas]
Minax the Enchantress - [Currently magically exiled in Shadowguard in Eodon]

Historical Enemies of State
These entities and organizations are either deceased, defunct, or otherwise inactive. They are listed here for historical purposes

Lord Ecgweard Byrthfert Kendal of Britain (Deceased)
General Gideon of Jhelom (Deceased)
Apex [Criminal Organization] (Defunct) - Confirmed Members: "Captain" Eccelston, Margareta of Trinsic (Both Deceased)
The Bane Chosen [Virtuebane's army] (Deceased/Defunct) - Primarily destroyed during the liberation of the Isle of Magincia
The Vanguard and the Army of Shadows (Deceased/Defunct)
The Blue Lotus Clan (Inactive)
The Triad of Evil (Defunct)
The Atalan (Inactive)
Bloodrock Clan (Inactive)