Primary Contact: Malag-aste Hla-ate


Map of Newcastle Township

Places of Note:

Hall of Virtue -
95o32'N 27o21'E
The Hall of Virtue is the seat of the township. Commissioned by Princess Nikki Ironcraft, it serves as the heart of the town. It is the meeting place for the town as well as a community center. It hosts a small rune library, a library filled with books on everything from how to's of building to the Virtues in great detail as written by many of the Royal Knights Squires. It also has a collection of antiquities acquired by the Knights over the years.

It was the former home of Princess Nikki Ironcraft until she left to pursue more education in other realms after Lord Blackthorn returned and took the Throne in Britain.

Royal Knights Training Center -
89o28'N 31o21'E
Home of Ludwig VanFoltz this building serves as the Knights and Squires training grounds. Here Knights and their Squire hone and train up their fighting and battle skills.

Newcastle Crypts & Royal Mausoleum -
86o18'N 25o56'E
The Crypts and Royal Mausoleum are the home of Setatabon, an Incubus and old friend of Malag-aste. Here is the final resting place of the former leader of the Royal Knights of Redemption, Lord Ren the Conjuerer. As well it is the resting place of many former citizens of both Yew and Newcastle.

Wild Rose Inn -
106o57'N 31o00'E
Located to the north of the town near the coast the Inn provides weary travelers with food and lodging. It is owned by Edgar and Ethelinda Long.

Royal Oaks Tavern -
88o25'N 28o24'E

H^I Tavern -
111o00'N 34o14'E

Wizard Tower & Orrery -
93o36'N 31o38'E

Priory -
94o02'N 33o40'E

Port Royale -
93o46'N 45o54'E
Run by Vincent, a member of the Fishing Council of Britannia, the Port Royale of Newcastle is a fine port along the eastern shores of Newcastle Township. Many supplies and resources are shipped to and from the township thru the port.

Royal Gardens -
107o29'N 32o12'E
The Royal Gardens are the work of Emily Evans, the sister of Ethelinda Long. Emily spends a great deal of time decorating and helping to keep Newcastle Township beautiful. The garden overlooks the northern Bay of Newcastle.

Keep of Lore -
92o27'N 24o07'E
The Keep of Lore is the home of Lord Malag-aste Hla-ate and his wife Servern and their son Talroos. It has a large garden upon its roof as well as a statue devoted to the Goddess Mystra. Lord Malag-aste is one of three Knights who serve as the Triumphirate of the Royal Knights of Redemption. Malag is the Knight of Lore.

Blazefire Keep -
108o11'N 33o49'E

Kivlov Manor -
81o49'N 24o53'E

Hywel's Home -
92o32'N 49o08'E

Mi Amor -
111o31'N 36o37'E