B.A.F. Headquarters"We are the watchers on the walls to witness. Should we fail to witness, we are the shield in the day to protect. Should we fail to protect, we are the sword in the darkness to avenge. Succeed or fail we always try."

The Britannian Ministry of Armed Forces, known as B.A.F., is the civilian militia of the High Council of Britannia and acts as a peacekeeping force in defense of the Kingdom, its territories, and its allies. Led by the Grand Marshal of Virtue, the B.A.F. is an organization which can react to imminent and ongoing threats with agility and efficiency.

Headquartered in Compassion Grove, between the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center and the High Court of Britannia, the B.A.F. is poised to engage the common criminal and national menace alike.

The B.A.F. is comprised of individuals and guilds which have pledged their support toward its noble goals.

B.A.F. Member Guilds
Guild Name Abbreviation
City-state of Britain [Brit]
City of Yew [Yew]
Cult of the Azure Dragon [CAD]
Dragons of Honor [DOH!]
Forest Wardens of Yew [YM ]
Friends of Yew [Foy]
Lands of Skara Brae [Brae]
Legacy of the Fallen [LotF]
Library of Sosaria [LofS]
Moonglow Magicks and Artisans Guild [MM&A]
Newcastle Township [NcT]
Order of the Etheral Ankh [OEA]
Order of the Silver Serpent [OSS]
Red Ankh Society [RAS]
Royal Britannian Kilted Police [RBKP]
Royal Britannian Navy [Navy]
Royal Knights of Redemption [RKR]
Squires of Redemption [SoR]
Yew Militia [YM]

Grand Marshal of Virtue
Grand Marshal Malag-aste Hla'ate
Malag-aste Hla'ate
Royal Knights
of Redemption


The B.A.F. Alliance is not strictly a military institution and membership in it does not imply that you must fight in any RPvP battles or that you will be randomly attacked by enemy guilds. The Alliance exists to promote community, maintain efficient lines of in-game communication, and make it easy to visually identify other RPers quickly.

Enemy guilds must abide by the same Rules of Engagement as any B.A.F. member and are subject to being peaced for any breach.

Current Enemy Guilds
Guild Name Abbreviation
Brigands [Brig]
Cult of the Black Dragon [Cult]
Evil Roleplay [ERPC]
Kult'ressinen d'Ra'Dashan [KdR]
Light Horse Mercenaries [_LH_]
Order of the Silver Serpent [0SS]
Shades of Felucca [SoF]
Temple of Mondain [ToM]