The High Council of the Kingdom of Britannia was created in BY 365 by Lord British to lead the citizenry when he left for the Void. Lord British entrusted the administration of the Kingdom to the new High Council.

The High Council of Britannia serves as advocate for the needs of Britannia's citizens, upholds and supports the rule of the King, and promotes the eight Virtues. The Council assists the Ruling Council in their daily management of the realm. Jerred Ghyss Civic Center

The power of the High Council derives directly from the Throne of Britannia. As advisors to the King, the Council is answerable to his person and his laws, and is expected and authorized to speak on his behalf when he is unavailable. Specifically, the council is authorized to pass laws that do not contradict the basic tenets set forth by Lord British. Additionally, the Council may authorize and oversee the operation of local governments in any of the cities represented by its councilors. The Council is also expected to preserve, promote, and enhance the unique cultural heritage and identity of the realm.

The Royal Constitution of the Kingdom of Britannia outlines the powers and responsibilities of this elected Council and its branches.

The High Council is authorized to create a citizen military organization to defend the Kingdom from threats both domestic and foreign. The Britannian Armed Forces shall support the Royal Guard in times of War, and help lead independent warriors to victory over the enemies of Virtue.

The High Council is also authorized to convene sessions of the High Court to facilitate the fair administration of Justice. The High Court has its own Charter, must follow the Codex of Laws and lawful decrees of the High Council and of the Ruling Council.

The High Council currently meets alternating Monday nights in the Jerred Ghyss Civic Center in Compassion Grove (12o 24'N 37o 58'W)

Chancellor of Virtue
Lord DaKaren
Lord DaKaren
Order of the Etheral Ankh

Chancellor's Cabinet
Minister of Virtue Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Defense
Position Vacant Minister Earlhad Todie Position Vacant

Earlhad Todie
Bod's INC

Town Councilors
Britain Cove Jhelom Moonglow
Councilor Dot Warner Position Vacant Councilor Farrah Councilor Kittie
Gov. Dot Warner
City-State of Britain

Gov. Farrah
Great Lakes Alliance
Gov. Kittie
Moonglow Magicks
& Artisans
Defense Committee Chairperson
Justice Committee

Minoc Newcastle Township New Magincia Serpent's Hold
Councilor Tanda Knighthawke Councilor Guntur Kivlov Councilor Goldie Position Vacant
Tanda Knighthawke
Crescent Mountain
Guntur Kivlov
Royal Knights
of Redemption
Gov. Goldie
Greater Than One
Justice Committee ChairpersonDefense Committee Confirmation Committee Chairperson Justice Committee
John Knighthawke
Crescent Mountain Coven

Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Yew
Councilor Destinie Moon Councilor Conner Councilor Qualark Ventes Councilor Pab
Gov. Destinie Moon
Trammie Squad
Gov. Conner
Merry Fkn Christmas
Gov. Qualark Ventes
House DeSule
Yew Town Council
Confirmation Committee Defense Committee
Trammie Squad

Ariel Thorne
Yew Town Council
Committee Legend
Committee Chair Confirmation Committee Defense Committee Justice Committee
Confirmation Defense Justice