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2015 Jhelom Valor Tournament Winners

New Haven ArenaLOCATION: New Haven Arena

The City of Jhelom will be hosting a Tournament of Valor on March 28, 2015 at 1pm CDT in the New Haven Arena on the Trammel Facet. Are you the best of the best? Come and prove it in the Tournament of Valor!

First Place: Valorite trophy and 20 million gold
Second Place: Verite trophy and 10 million gold
Third Place: Agapite trophy and 5 million gold

Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the last bout.

NOTE: Tournament may be cancelled or rescheduled if there are less than six registrants.

Registerd Contenders

Archange [YoLo]John [CMC]NightStriker [ENVY]
RaGe [#AmF]Holy Moses [UOD*]Tonto Rodriguez [#AmF]
A Blood Ninja [EPIC]Zindool [CREW]Halen [UOD*]
Leif [YM]

Tournament Rules
Contestants MUST register via this page 30 minutes prior to the tournament. Unregistered combatants who show up at the tournament WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE!
Contenders MUST report to the arena FIFTEEN MINUTES before the tournament is set to begin or face disqualification.
The tournament will follow a double elimination bracketing system. IF there are more than twelve registrants, the tournament will follow a single elimination bracket.
Official bouts of the tournament will be ten minute one verses one, no mounts/flying, no pets or summons, no field spells. If a bout ends in a draw, those contenders will immediatly fight an untimered rematch. Should a second draw somehow occur, combatants will be asked to choose a random number between 1 and 100 to determine the winner (Winning number will be determed by a Lucky Dealer rolling a 1d100, closest combatant wins)
The use of the invisibility spell or invisibility-causing items is limited to brief periods of time. Should a contender spend the majority of a bout hidden from view, they will be disqualified.
The Herald will announce the combatants prior to each fight. Only fights announced by the Herald will count. (Herald: Gov. Dot Warner)


Wagering Guide
Wagering services may be provided by Bucís Den Bookies.

Four Finger FredFour Finger Fred will be setup on the arena docks. Before each bout is about to begin, he will open the betting by announcing the initial odds. Players are expected to shout their bets. Fred will take the first bet on a first seen, first serve basis (his journal is law).

The person placing the wager (gambler) will hand their check(s) to Fred after being acknowledged. After taking the wager, Fred will then choose if he will update the odds. If so, he will announce the new odds before continuing to take wagers; if not, he will reopen wagering. Wagering will reopen by Fred yelling the phrase "Next Wager." It will resume on a first seen, first serve basis (his journal is law). Fred will close the wagering at his decision before the round begins.

Fred should be able to pay out to all winners before opening wagering on the next round. However, Fred's timing is at the discretion of the Marshal and Governor of Jhelom. Should the next bout be close to starting, the pay outs will stop and wagering on the next round will begin; pay outs will be resumed to completion at the beginning of the next bout. Come prepared with multiple checks in case of high volume.

Odds will initially be set on perceived favorites, but will be adjusted based on how many wagers are placed and the amounts placed. Fred will be maintaining books with all of the wagers and the odds they placed at in order to maintain proper payouts.

Wagers placed on bouts which result in a draw will be returned to the gambler.

Champion Wager - Players will be able to place a wager at the beginning of the tournament as to who they think will ultimately win the entire tournament. Wagering on the Champion will close shortly before wagering on the first bout opens. Max Wager - 1,000,000 Million Gold.

Round Wager - Players will be able to place a wager at the beginning of each round as to who they think will win the bout. Wagering will open shortly after payouts are completed from the previous round and close shortly before the next. Max Wager - To be determined by the bookie before fight.

The First and Second place combatants will receive an automatic invite to the King's Cup Tournament in September where they have the chance to win a 100 million gold winner-take-all purse. King's Cup Tournament

2014 Jhelom Valor Tournament Winners

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